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14 Reviews on AXS USA

  1. Dawn Newhart
    2 rating
    Jun 6, 2023

    The live chat support was pleasant

    AXS denied my credit card and requested that I call my bank. I called my bank and found nothing was not suitable. It turned out to be the purpose of a "security check." The reason is not valid. This, and I had to purchase my tickets fast. They informed me that I'd have to wait 24 - 48 hours to receive an answer to the problem. The live chat support was pleasant, so I'm giving it two stars. Instead, I went to Ticketmaster.

  2. Mandy Searle
    1 rating
    May 6, 2023

    Worst customer service

    I recently purchased through AXS last week and purchased (4) tickets. The first time I tried was unsuccessful, and I received an error message that read 'Payment Failure' and then asked me to try the transaction again. That's what I did. It was the second time that it ran through. But I then went through my credit card statements and noticed two transactions there. I immediately contacted their customer support phone number to inform them that something had happened and asked for reimbursement. They refused my request. Their platform took more than $300 off me. In addition, they earn revenue from every sale, so whenever I sell them, they'll make even more money. Beware AXS - AXS isn't transparent and has provided me with the worst customer service experience I've ever experienced. Please do not make use of them. Please use a different platform than AXS.

  3. Marlee Winn
    5 rating
    May 6, 2023


    The two of them, Casey K and Sierra H, assisted me this morning and have been amazing! Unfortunately, I was kicked out of the chat with Casey. However, she was fantastic when I was with her. Sierra was the one who assisted me the next time and was attentive and understanding of my problems. If I saw other issues than she was in my case, she redirected me to find an answer. I appreciated your taking the time to resolve my issue and staying in contact with me until a solution was discovered. AXS has a great team. AXS, as well as continuing to be my preferred ticket hub. Thank you, Casey and Sierra!

  4. Jim Pledger
    5 rating
    May 5, 2023

    The agent was extremely attentive

    It was a wonderful time using the mobile chat feature. The agent was extremely attentive and professional and could get everything I needed to accomplish. There aren't many services that can compare to such as this and I'll utilize AXS as long as I possibly can.

  5. Debbie Ross
    5 rating
    May 4, 2023

    Experience exceptional

    Stefan has made my experience exceptional! They listened to my questions, provided the correct answers to my needs, clarified the comparison with fan access and mobile application, and assured me that everything would be connected correctly. My name changed after I sent them some information. Five big gold stars to Stefan! Dominique, however, whom I tried asking for the exact details, was utterly ineffective, did not provide any information or explanations, and made me wish I had utilized Ticketmaster instead.

  6. Meghan Smith
    1 rating
    May 2, 2023

    Impossible to complete

    Support is not available if you encounter issues. If I contact support through live chat (which isn't "live" at all), they request me to make an account for help. It's impossible to complete the transaction. I tried with a variety of cards, however, I haven't had any luck.

  7. Sierra Washington
    4 rating
    Apr 15, 2023

    Very disappointed

    The customer service agent was a whiz Super duper! My low score is because I was frustrated when I reached AXS to obtain ticket details. Being a resident of Canada, I was very disappointed to find out that tickets were only available for calls after having spent USD 7k, which is $10.5k Canadian. And then to not receive specific instructions upon purchase regarding the procedure for calling and where to go, and not being provided with confirmation that payment has been made, was not the best customer service. The agent, Teja, was extremely accommodating and could answer my queries. I want to thank Agent Teja for his assistance.

  8. Jonathon Lutz
    5 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    I'm grateful to Khalil

    Khalil was accommodating and quick to reply. While waiting to receive details of his associates' accounts, the chat he was with me during the conversation, apologizing for the delay, even though it wasn't his responsibility. He resolved the issues I had and ensured that he was able to confirm. Overall, one of the best services I've ever had, and I'm grateful to Khalil.

  9. Jesse Ciccone
    1 rating
    Sep 22, 2022

    It's hard to believe this is a common thing to do

    I created an axis account to buy tickets to Mars Volta's first concert in several years. I also took a road trip to see the show. I received the tickets about three weeks ago and thought it was great. I attempted to sign into the app two days before he shows to ensure that my keys were readily available, only to be unable to log in. I was convinced I had entered my password wrong, so I changed it. After failing to log in the next time, I realized that they claimed I was an automated user and had me locked off of the tickets right before my concert was hundreds of miles away. In the beginning, does this occur to all new customers? Do they love to deny their customers who are first-time customers of their goals? It's hard to believe this is a common thing to do.

  10. Dandy Dogs
    1 rating
    Aug 1, 2022

    Chat is the only way to contact customer service

    I signed up on the app to check my upcoming concert tickets. One ticket was not there. I contacted customer service, and they informed me that it was unavailable. Chat is the only way to contact customer service; it takes a long time to send and receive messages.

    There was no notice or refund. The cash was returned to me. However, it wouldn't have happened had I not contacted them. We are now in the process of getting a ticket. Make sure you monitor your account.

  11. Hector Barocio
    4 rating
    Jul 12, 2022

    I was disappointed that they didn't have an answer

    It was okay. However, I was disappointed that they didn't have an answer. This time-sensitive issue will result in me losing $400 plus costs. I don't have tickets or the email sent by AXS, However. I bought two tickets to the Brandi Carlile at Red Rocks in September. 9th, I received confirmation that my purchase had been confirmed.

    Afterward, I received the following message: Just one second! Please wait until we search for inventory. I'm worried that I've been tricked and am in a state of anger. I'm located on my way to the East Coast and have already bought my tickets for the plane to Denver. Please assist me. This has never happened before.

  12. Paula Cook
    5 rating
    Jul 2, 2022

    GREAT customer service supplied by Kaci along with AXS USA

    The tickets for Bob Dylan did not arrive on time. When I called AXS Customer Service via chat, Kaci C. of AXS USA was beneficial. She provided me with e-tickets I could print at home and resolved my issue. GREAT customer service supplied by Kaci along with AXS USA! Thank you!

  13. Matthias Flick
    1 rating
    May 18, 2022

    Very frustrating

    Ticketmaster purchased concert tickets, and I had to retrieve them through AXS.

    AXS registration was not possible due to an issue with my email verification.

    After two attempts to contact customer service, I was disconnected twice.

    They were unable to resolve my problem. I spent 3 hours trying to retrieve my tickets. It was very frustrating.

  14. Craig
    2 rating
    Apr 22, 2022

    AXS- Physical Address Issues

    AXS incorrectly stored my physical address, which concerns data privacy as I, the account owner, cannot update it. AXS sent paper tickets to me to an outdated address that was more than three years old. It is not visible on my account. To purchase and mail the keys, I used a different address. A customer service representative informed me that they had updated my shipping address but sent a confirmation email with the old address. I could not refer to this email later if the ticket were misdirected.

    Although I have had positive experiences with AXS before, this one was the most confusing and troubling because they did not disclose my personal information. I was not confident that the ticket would arrive in the correct order and on time. The time between the event and shipping (5-10 business days) meant that the options offered by the customer service agent (wait it out, ask the venue for a refund, which could be another five business days) were not helpful. They also did not provide any confirmation email or updated confirmation.

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