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12 Reviews

Zack Goytowski Lawyer

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Is Zack Goytowski Lawyer legit?

Zack Goytowski Lawyer has 12 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.9 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Zack Goytowski Lawyer customer care?

You can contact Zack Goytowski Lawyer customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 509-667-8667

Where is Zack Goytowski Lawyer located?

Zack Goytowski Lawyer is located at address 800 5th Ave Suite 101-800 Seattle, WA, 98104.

12 Reviews on Zack Goytowski Lawyer

  1. Joshua Hopewell
    2 rating

    Unresolved Issues and Communication Woes

    Oct 20, 2023

    I experienced significant challenges when working with Zack Goytowski, my conveyancer. Unfortunately, his responsiveness was entirely lacking, which made the process quite frustrating. Despite my efforts to address this issue by contacting him with my concerns and complaints, I received no response. After completing my mortgage transaction, I find myself dealing with several unresolved issues that require attention from various parties. I regret choosing Zack Goytowski as my conveyancer, as it has caused unnecessary complications in my real estate transaction.

  2. Clemence
    3 rating

    Confusing Scheduling Issue Refunded

    Oct 17, 2023

    Zack Goytowski cancelled my call twice. I reached out to his team to arrange a third call, but I didn't have my schedule then. So, I asked the man I had on the phone if I could change the appointment time. He said, "Yes; if not, I can email him, and he'll make the change for me." Unfortunately, I couldn't modify it, so I emailed a gentleman named Coleman, who never responded.

    Eventually, they called me, but instead of 1 p.m., it was at 6 p.m. I requested a later call, and they agreed, but they never followed through, and I received a refund. It was somewhat perplexing and shady, and I never obtained my sought answers.

  3. Clint Wilkinson
    1 rating

    Losing Faith Disappointing Journey

    Oct 13, 2023

    Unfortunately, I wish I could give this service no stars. I've been dealing with Zack Goytowski for a straightforward no-chain sale, and the communication has been significantly lacking. I've had to chase up the conveyancer; all I get constantly are generic responses with little detail. The delays in responding to the buyer's queries have been unacceptable. I've had to personally communicate with the buyer to address the points that their solicitor has been waiting for responses on, and this has gone on for months after the initial simple queries were raised. I'm at risk of losing the sale because of the poor service I've received from Zack Goytowski, Lawyer.

  4. K. Lambert
    2 rating

    Frustration and Redemption Experience

    Oct 9, 2023

    I had an awful experience with one of the staff there who kept asking for documentation we'd already sent, advising us incorrectly, never updating us, and ultimately causing delays on the sale of the property. I ended up having Zack Goytowski take over for the exchange and completion, and he went above and beyond to repair the damage.

    Zack did an incredible job, and I would happily recommend him to anyone. He's the only reason my rating has two stars (I would give five stars if it were only about his work). However, if using Zack Goytowski means you risk getting the conveyancer we were given, it's not worth it. The stress and delays caused are the last thing needed when selling a property.

  5. Ebastien
    1 rating

    An Unprofessional Lawyer

    Oct 5, 2023

    I have to say, I found Zack Goytowski among the most unprofessional and incompetent lawyers I've ever encountered in Seattle. It was pretty frustrating dealing with many people who didn't seem to communicate with each other and kept asking me the same questions repeatedly or requesting documents they already had on file.

    What baffled me the most was when they repeatedly inquired about how I planned to pay the mortgage shortfall, even though I had provided evidence that I had an excess to cover it. It felt like a total waste of space and, of course, time.

    All these inefficiencies and delays added up, and the whole process was dragged out for several weeks, extending the completion date by over a month from when the bank received the offer. If you value your time, I strongly recommend avoiding them. I'm confident that other companies can provide a more efficient service. This is based on my personal experience, and needless to say, I won't be using their services again.

  6. Kamila Wyszynska
    1 rating

    Negative Experience with Mr. Zack Goytowski

    Sep 28, 2023

    Mr. Zack Goytowski was terrible to work with. The lack of communication and vague explanations were frustrating as we had never been in this situation. He ignored our phone calls and rarely replied to emails. He left us to figure out every step of the process during a very stressful time. He treated us with disrespect and misguided us inappropriately.

  7. Camille Applegate
    1 rating

    Experience With Troublesome Legal Attorney

    Sep 24, 2023

    I would advise avoiding Zack Goytowski, as he took my money, and I lost my case. He even went to the extent of creating his review website on GoDaddy. He overcharged me for everything and assured me that I would win, even though he hadn't given my case a second thought until I had paid him thousands of dollars and years had passed. My experience with this firm has been terrible. They've only been in business briefly, yet they've had numerous issues with their attorneys and clients. I strongly recommend researching and checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before considering their services.

  8. Argaret Scott
    1 rating

    Disastrous Legal Representation

    Sep 15, 2023

    I want to start by saying that I do not appreciate Zachary Goytowski's involvement in my father's DUI case. He is far from thankful and thoroughly disappointed with the outcome you managed to achieve. At the outset, he had high hopes of getting what he wanted, but you did nothing to help him attain his desired result. If anyone needs a competent attorney, I strongly urge you to avoid Zachary. Undoubtedly, he is the worst attorney we have ever come across.

  9. Lauren ogino
    1 rating

    Unfortunate Legal Representation with Attorney Zachary Goytowski

    Sep 12, 2023

    I was acquitted of my 2nd DUI in less than a year and a half, so the odds of it sticking were not in my favor! Zach showed little interest in helping me anyway, and even given the circumstances of the past DUI, he didn't hesitate to refuse to take on my case and defend me. He then went over the police report and the facts of my issue with very little attention to every detail.

    If something in a case is not correct or could potentially help you, he will ignore it! Also, it seemed he never had a backup plan if something didn't go in my favor. He's an attorney that's afraid to take a case to trial. He ended up getting my DUI unchanged despite my prior and given other circumstances not in my favor.

    Long story short, Zach was a terrible attorney and showed little interest in helping and a complete lack of care to do so! I strongly discourage hiring attorney Zachary Goytowski!

  10. Dabroad
    1 rating

    Terrible Legal Support from Zack Goytowski

    Sep 7, 2023

    Zachary Goytowski and his staff were a terrible hindrance during a challenging time. He reviewed my case with sluggishness and inefficiency. Hindered me, with difficulty, to obfuscate my options and rights. He was careless from the very start and persisted in my ruling. Difficult to talk to and get ahold of. I will definitely not be referring others to him!

  11. Thomas Urksa
    5 rating

    Highly Recommend

    Sep 6, 2023

    I hired Zack Goytowski to represent me when facing a DUI, felony assault, and eluding charges. Zach was professional and thorough in everything he did. He was always quick to communicate, and in the end, he did the impossible and had all my felonies removed. Ultimately, I only received a DUI charge. If you are facing a DUI, there is no one else I would recommend.

  12. Daniel
    4 rating

    Exceptional Legal Representation

    Sep 5, 2023

    Zack Goytowski represented me, and I must say he did a fantastic job of keeping me informed and aware of the status of my case right from the beginning. I appreciated how he exuded confidence without coming across as arrogant. His deep knowledge of the specifics of my case was evident, and I felt a sense of pride in having him as my attorney when we stepped into court.

    I found Zach to be an incredibly competent and caring counsel who handled my representation with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Without a doubt, Mr. Goytowski will be the first person I contact whenever I need a lawyer!

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