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4 Reviews on Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro

  1. Dave Bernhard
    September 22nd, 2022

    the staff was rude

    I paid $59.99 to have them appear in court on my behalf. I inquired before paying them if I was eligible for payment arrangements, and they said that I could. They didn’t mention the additional cost by the court for this. The lawyer told the judge I’d pay the fine in 30 days; I didn’t say. After calling the court to arrange the arrangement and pay an additional 50 dollars, I was told that the next time I receive an infringement, I should contact the court first, as they’ll love the ticket to an actual parking ticket without attorney fees. Thank you for tricking me. !!!!! The customer service is awful, and the staff was rude when I complained to them that they shouldn’t have been honest with me.

  2. Shirley Adkins
    July 22nd, 2022

    The man I paid $50 was able to pay for my speeding ticket

    The man I paid $50 was able to pay for my speeding ticket. I am so thankful for the service. Thank you very much. I only have to pay $775 at the speed end, thank you. I will recommend anyone to these folks.

  3. Julio Nunez
    May 18th, 2022

    Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro is a great option

    After being issued a speeding ticket, I contacted Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro. A team member got me the next day and explained how they would handle my case. I uploaded a copy of the key and my information through their website. It was a great experience.

    After I had paid online for the fees, they would contact me by email to discuss the outcome of my court case. The email I received from them stating how much I was responsible for my ticket noted this. It was quick and easy to complete my ticket online. Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro is a great option.

  4. Anonymous
    April 13th, 2022

    The Lack Of Communication And Updates

    They could improve their communication with clients. My case was delayed by Covid, which resulted in a delay of 10 months. Ticket pros only communicated with me 3-4 times. I tried to contact them a few times, but they would only give me very general and brief answers. This made me very anxious about how my case would be handled. It felt almost like I was being forgotten about and scammed.

    They did an excellent job resolving my case despite the lack of communication and updates. It cost me far less than I had initially expected. Communication is the only reason I deduct one star. The Covid shutdowns could have caused this issue. It may not have been their fault. It was almost as if they didn’t know what was coming. They did a great job.

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