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Is Jeff Harty legit?

Jeff Harty has 13 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Jeff Harty customer care?

You can contact Jeff Harty customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 515-283-8038

Where is Jeff Harty located?

Jeff Harty is located at address 700 WALNUT, STE 1600 DES MOINES, IA.

13 Reviews on Jeff Harty

  1. Shantel Becker
    1 rating

    Forged Signatures and Customer Disregard

    Dec 20, 2023

    Nyemaster Goode's lawyer, Jeff Harty, should be sued or closed. They cost you thousands of cash to send correspondence to creditors on behalf of using your fake signature. It was only discovered after an email from the creditor came to me in the form of a letter that he had sent, which clearly didn't have my signature. If you confront him regarding the issue, they are scathing and say that it's okay because you've signed with us. No, it's not. It's illegal to forge a signature of someone else's in documents without their consent. Avoid this firm and do the work yourself. Make sure you save your money.

  2. Jessica Shaw
    2 rating

    Stressful Mortgage Search Experience

    Oct 20, 2023

    This has been an extremely harrowing ordeal. Despite our lender sending our mortgage offer through every available channel, Jeff Harty and his law firm could not locate it for more than six weeks. We were eventually assigned a new conveyancer to handle our case, and during the transition, vital searches were overlooked, necessitating us to cover the cost of an expedited service.

    The communication with them is abysmal. You'll barely receive a response if you don't schedule a specific call time.

  3. Toni S.
    3 rating

    Fee Adjustment Request

    Oct 17, 2023

    I was impressed with the attorney assigned to me, Jeff Harty. I feel that the fee should be more based on the services provided. Before receiving their services, I had already filed all the necessary paperwork and got the court date. I did not receive benefits to match the fee charged. I believe an adjustment should be warranted instead of the services provided.

  4. Andrew Cremer
    1 rating

    Trouble with Jeff Harty

    Oct 13, 2023

    I want to share my personal experience with Jeff Harty and his firm. It was pretty frustrating to deal with them. It took four weeks to approve my ID, even though my solicitor had sent it in. The communication from their end was abysmal; they rarely replied to my phone calls and emails, and when they did, it sometimes took them a whole week to respond. This lack of communication even managed to irritate the estate agents involved. Now, they're claiming that I'm not even their client. It's been a disheartening and confusing experience.

  5. Annal
    5 rating

    A Brilliant Experience from Start to Finish

    Oct 9, 2023

    I'm Jeff Harty, and my law firm is brilliant. Our eWay portal is designed to keep you updated every step of the way, making it incredibly easy to follow and understand what's happening next. I've moved a couple of times in the last eight years, and I can confidently say that this has been the best experience I've had.

    One incident that highlighted our expertise was when we had to deal with issues from the buyer's solicitors. It made me realize just how good we are at what we do. Howard, our conveyancer, was nothing short of amazing. He was incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and on top of everything throughout the process.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend our services and would not hesitate to use them again if needed. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

  6. Beh Nam
    1 rating

    Slow IP Solicitor Experience

    Oct 5, 2023

    Approximately two and a half months ago, I was introduced to Jeff Harty as my Intellectual Property solicitor. Unfortunately, my experience with him has been less than satisfactory, as he has proven to be one of the slowest solicitors I've ever encountered.

    To begin with, he seemed unfamiliar with obtaining mortgage statements from my previous lender, which resulted in a delay of 2-4 weeks. Subsequently, it came to his attention that he had entered my date of birth incorrectly. This issue has persisted for the past four weeks as he attempts to rectify it.

    Whenever I make inquiries by phone, his receptionist consistently informs me that he is diligently working on my case but cannot connect me with my assigned case worker.

  7. Rebecka Blenntoft
    1 rating

    Navigating the Turbulence

    Sep 28, 2023

    My experience with Jeff Harty and his team has been incredibly frustrating. They promised the world, but I couldn't even reach my "allocated advisor." Instead of receiving answers to my questions, I was continuously fobbed off.

    They caused significant delays in the conveyancing process and attempted to shift the blame onto other solicitors for the holdups. It's been a never-ending headache, even for a straightforward purchase like mine. Even when I complained, nobody in senior management ever contacted me.

    The app they provided didn't update in real-time, and when I asked for confirmation on anything else that was needed, they either couldn't, wouldn't, or didn't care to inform me. Whenever I called in, I encountered a mix of tired staff who tried to help and others who were unprofessional and downright rude.

    I learned the hard way that I needed to scrutinize every invoice they sent, as they would sneak in extra charges "just in case," hoping that the chaos of moving would cause me to forget. Removing these charges required multiple requests and a lot of persistence.

    Looking back, I deeply regret ever instructing this firm.

  8. Ebra Bowles
    1 rating

    A Neglectful Attorney Jeff Harty

    Sep 24, 2023

    I felt neglected by Jeff Harty and his firm, and my case suffered greatly. I hired them in September 2022, but nothing was filed on my behalf until March 2023, ultimately costing me my entire case. Despite proving malpractice on their part, they continued to send me bills. I even offered them a chance to rectify the situation, but it was to no avail. I am in the unfortunate position of hiring another attorney for legal malpractice.

    It seemed like they would shuffle me from one attorney to another while racking up excessive charges. As two different lawyers told me, "They have a huge turnover rate because they don't pay their attorneys enough." This experience has left me with a solid desire to warn others to steer clear of this firm. I want to ensure that no one else has to go through what I did.

  9. Hamed Benlimam
    1 rating

    My LLC Registration Ordeal With An Unpleasant Journey

    Sep 15, 2023

    I paid $260 to register my LLC, and regretfully, it has been a complete letdown. Despite making the payment nine days ago, my LLC registration remains unresolved.

    I initially hoped for a smooth and timely process, but communication has been practically non-existent. My attempts to reach out for updates have been met with vague no response. This lack of communication is unprofessional and shows a disregard for my concerns.

    A week's delay might be understandable, but nine days without any sign of progress or explanation is unacceptable. It has left my business plans limbo and wasted valuable time and resources.

    I expected more professionalism and efficiency from my attorney, Jeff Harty, and his team.

    I strongly advise anyone seeking a reliable attorney to avoid Jeff Harty attorney. There are plenty of other competent professionals out there who can handle your legal needs with more diligence and respect for their clients.

  10. Chris Tansell
    1 rating

    Jeffrey D. Harty and His Team

    Sep 11, 2023

    I recently had the misfortune of working with Jeff Harty and his team, and it was a truly disappointing experience. From the beginning to the end, their service was far from top-notch, and I couldn't have been more dissatisfied with the results.

    Jeffrey D. Harty and his team left me unimpressed with their lack of professionalism, limited knowledge, and poor responsiveness. They were slow to address my inquiries and provided vague and confusing information. Their incompetence in handling trademark matters was evident, and I had little confidence that my brand was in capable hands.

    They barely paid attention to my specific needs and offered generic solutions, leaving me in the dark about essential aspects before moving forward.

    I strongly advise against considering Jeff Harty for anyone needing trademark services. Their unreliability, lack of customer focus, and disregard for detail make them an unreliable partner. I will steer clear of them for all of my future trademark needs.

  11. De La Espriella
    1 rating

    Persistent Sales Tactics

    Sep 7, 2023

    I decided to go with another company to register my Intellectual Property, and Jeff Harty would not take no for an answer. He rang me six times, bugging me to go with his company. This was harassment. HE STARTED GETTING ANGRY when I told him I went with someone else! What a nuisance!

    I have news for him. This is a free country. I have the right to make choices. If I choose to go elsewhere, he should not harass me with phone call after phone call every couple of weeks. He followed up with me six times. I finally told him I would report him to the police. It was horrible; it felt like he believed it was the law for me to go and register with him and only his company.

  12. MK
    2 rating

    Jeff Harty review

    Sep 6, 2023

    I reviewed Mr. Jeffrey D. Harty’s profile while seeking legal counsel. His strong emphasis on intellectual property litigation is clear, but I was left wanting more versatility in legal expertise. His unique, cerebral approach to cases might not align with clients desiring a direct, traditional legal strategy. Additionally, his teaching commitments at the University of Iowa raised questions about his availability for consistent client engagement. While his dedication to the field is evident, these factors could be potential concerns for some clients.

  13. Cheryl Saunders
    4 rating

    Outstanding Legal Support

    Sep 5, 2023

    I want to express my gratitude for Jeff Harty and his team's incredible job handling my case. Jeff is not only highly knowledgeable and professional but also incredibly honest and genuinely cares about his clients. Throughout the process, I felt well-informed and supported, with Jeff and his team patiently walking me through every step and ensuring I understood everything happening. They even reached out before each court date to ensure I was fully prepared. Thanks to their excellent legal care, we achieved the outcome we were hoping for. Thank you so much, Jeff and Nyemaster Goode!

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About Jeff Harty

Jeffrey D. Harty, aka Jeff Harty, is a distinguished attorney associated with Iowa's largest law firm in Des Moines, Ames, and Cedar Rapids. He holds the position of Shareholder at Nyemaster Goode and specializes in Intellectual Property Litigation. For those wishing to get in touch, he can be reached at [email protected] or through the phone at 515-283-8038, based out of the Des Moines Office. A quote encapsulating his professional ethos is, “I like advocating and persuading—trying to represent the client zealously.” Diving deeper into his professional insights, Jeffrey's practice is at the crossroads of science and law, with a keen focus on intellectual property litigation. As a registered patent attorney, he stands as a representative for both companies and inventors embroiled in IP disputes. In the courtroom, Jeffrey places a high emphasis on authenticity and sincerity. He believes that the jury doesn't just listen to the words but also keenly observes the manner of their delivery. Beyond the confines of litigation, Jeffrey wears the hat of a certified mediator. His approach is rooted in understanding the core merits of cases, aiming to reconcile differing parties towards a resolution. His commitment to the field of Intellectual Property doesn't stop at practice; he also shares his vast knowledge with law students at the University of Iowa. Additionally, he hosts a bimonthly podcast, "On Intellectual Property," where he engages in insightful conversations with various professionals in the IP domain. Over the years, Jeffrey's contributions to the legal field have not gone unnoticed. He has been listed in "The Best Lawyers in America" for Litigation—Intellectual Property consecutively from 2020 to 2024. His exceptional work earned him the title "Lawyer of the Year" for Litigation—Intellectual Property in Des Moines in 2022 and 2024. Benchmark Litigation recognized him as a "Local Litigation Star" in Intellectual Property. Furthermore, he was named both a "Patent Star" and "Trademark Star" for the years 2022-2023 by IP Stars. His expertise in Intellectual Property Litigation also led to his feature in "Great Plains Super Lawyers" from 2009 to 2022. He proudly holds an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Jeffrey is affiliated with several esteemed associations, including the Iowa State Bar Association, Polk County Bar Association, American Intellectual Property Law Association, and the Iowa Intellectual Property Law Association, where he served as President in 2001. His notable cases include serving as the lead counsel in trademark infringement and unfair competition cases, notably for Whirlpool Corp. and Unity Health Plans Insurance. He has represented clients in patent infringement cases, such as LMK Enterprises, Inc. vs. Perma-Liner Industries, Inc. He has also been the lead counsel in numerous trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings. On the academic front, Jeffrey co-authored "Protecting Intellectual Property: Key Legal Insights for Businesses in Iowa" in 2022. He also co-wrote “Dare to Innovate: The Corporate Innovator’s Guide to Patents” in 2012. His passion for the subject is evident as he frequently speaks on IP topics in continuing legal education programs.

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