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15 Reviews on Ben Rottenborn

  1. Kendra Sundermeyer
    September 22nd, 2022

    A good lawyer such as his would consider you for a trial

    Mr. Rottenborn fights hard for his clients in the face of difficult odds and is armed with a vast knowledge of the law. The case he has recently defended in Virginia illustrates his courage, determination, tenacity, and wisdom in contrast to the female lawyer. If I were in a spiraling crisis, I would hire him. A good lawyer such as his would consider you for a trial.

  2. matthew
    September 20th, 2022


    Interrupted his own questions answer with an objection.

    Clearly doesnt know his stuff

    Interrupts people on stand stating that thecourts time is valuable and whines about wasting time, but takes ages to find a document and has no problem wasting it himself.

    Dont bother, find someone more reputable and who actually knows their stuff

  3. Paul orchard
    September 11th, 2022


    After watching and looking through several cases and how well he done at the bar and it doesn’t look good , total bully and liar

  4. Beda Amezcua
    August 15th, 2022

    This so called Lawyer makes me sick 😡

    This man is the lowest of the lowest so called lawyer I have ever seen in my entirely life 😡 Unprofessional, Rude, vulgar , bully, disrespectful, Seriously!! Don’t even waste your money nor your time , he doesn’t deserve not even one ☝️ star

  5. Biljana
    August 10th, 2022

    Discusting lawyer and person, avoid

    Avoid this malicious man at all costs, he ia ready to through innocent person into jail just to get money. Hidious, arrogant, just dsicusting. I couldnt decide was it worse to watch him or listen to him

  6. Patricia Carbonara
    July 30th, 2022


    Gut wrenching arrogant bullying..Repetitive quotes. Is this what lawyers do? And behind that lawyer outfit he wears is the real Ben Rottenborn… No Stars.

  7. Katy
    July 28th, 2022


    “Attorney” Ben Rottenborn – that must be hearsay, because there’s no way he has a law degree. Came across very much as a bully – doesn’t even allow anyone to answer his questions. Completely unprepared for court. Wasted a lot of the judge’s and jury’s time.
    I’ll give him 1/2 a star – at least he had enough intelligence to not do a “press tour” after the pitiful job he and Elaine did representing a completely unbelievable “human being”

  8. Ben Chew
    June 17th, 2022

    Make money quick game did not work for him

    Now he is regretting his choice. He just wanted to make some quick money. Not so fast my friend. Nasty closing statements. Bad lawyer

  9. George
    June 12th, 2022


    Watching the trial, I think you would have done better had you allowed Depp to answer questions. After all, you ask a question, so give the person an opportunity to respond. Your questions were designed to force an intended answer and not necessarily get to the truth.

    These are self-evident loaded questions that a Jury would immediately notice. This is feedback, and I’m not interested in rating you as an attorney. Perhaps treat this as lessons learned?

    Best wishes and luck to you moving forward.

  10. Meridian Myrtle
    June 2nd, 2022

    He is not a good attorney

    Hello, the attorney seems to be working on the case but ain’t seems to be doing anything good.

    What should we be doing on this is just forget it and let him free of abuse.

    Thank you

  11. Steven West
    June 2nd, 2022

    Lost essential documents

    Ben Rottenborn delayed my case for months by continually losing important documents and evidence relating to my case. I found him to be ineffective at defending and lost my case in the end. Very disorganized and unprofessional!

  12. Eileen
    June 1st, 2022

    Unfortunately, Rottenborn and his team had a bad client. I found his closing argument offensive. Especially the comment about America’s favorite pirate. When you don’t have an adequate case to defend your client, you try to dazzle the jury with BS. You know, some lawyers graduate from law school with A’s and others with D’s. Rottenborn, as far as i am believe, falls calls closer to a D.

  13. Andrian
    May 27th, 2022

    Ben Rottenborn isnt someone I would EVER trust with legl case.

    From what I’ve seen, He’s not someone I would EVER trust with any case of mine or for anyone I know. It is so horrific how he acts in the courtroom. He is incredibly unprofessional, and it’s awful to be in the same room as him—a sorry excuse for someone in the law profession.

    Save your money and find an honest lawyer. Their etiquette you have to have while court is in session, and he doesn’t understand that. He won’t help you with your case; all he will say in court is “objection” and nothing else. The unprofessionalism is so unreal. Incredibly unprepared, continually scrambling to find notes and figure out how to respond to something.

    And I will leave a huge tip that will help him: Do Not Be Rude! It does not come across well to you. Will take your money, won’t do the proper research to support your case and run. I do not understand how he passed law school because nothing he says makes sense. He consistently misrepresents truths and evidence.

    A sorry excuse for a lawyer and a complete disgrace to the profession. And as a woman, I would never want him near me to help with my case. He makes me so incredibly uncomfortable. He’s so particularly degrading and belittling when he talks. Keep him far away from cases having to do with women!!

    Unless you have other options, DO NOT GO HERE!!!

    1. Julee Grace
      May 27th, 2022

      Ben Rottenborn, a rotten choice; Full Stop.

      Dear J. Benjamin Rotternborn,

      You and Elaine were a shit show, to be honest. Your entire presentation during this trial was so ethically wrong and genuinely ridiculous. I would recommend no one ever use these 2 for litigation.


      No, Thank you

  14. Anom Mouse
    May 26th, 2022

    Bad Choice!

    His attorneys are rude to any cross-examination they do. They go above and beyond what it takes to be stern with their clients. It’s not easy to represent someone you know lies and is wrong. But you don’t have to treat their witnesses in such an ignorant manner. Elaine Bredhoff’s whining when things don’t go her way is a great example. Elaine, “What if anything” isn’t a panacea.

    1. Gerald John
      May 26th, 2022

      I do not see these are the reviews submitted by Ben’s client. This is an opinion, not an actual review.

  15. Tinden Lamba
    May 26th, 2022

    Only real criminals would hire lawyers like this one!

    Only real criminals would hire lawyers like this J. Benjamin Rottenborn. Dario Vali, it’s disgusting and inhumane to call a victim of domestic violence “stupid.” From your comment, I am sure that you are an aggressor and abuser yourself, hence why you post such horrible comments blaming the victim.

    Karma always comes around, and you will one day meet someone who will abuse you, and you find yourself in the same situation as JD. What would you say then when people call you “stupid” for getting into an abusive relationship?

    All this attorney can say during court is “objection.” Save some of your money and find an actual attorney, NOT him. He objects to his questions. He cuts off people with objections all the time. We should oppose him being a human being, not mentioning being a professional like an attorney. Rotton-born. Go back to being rotten.

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About Ben Rottenborn

Ben Rottenborn is a member of the Litigation and Government Investigations & White Collar Criminal Defense practice groups at Woods Rogers. His extensive experience in civil litigation has allowed him to represent clients in complex cases involving fiduciary duties, general commercial law and private equity/venture capital, securities, intellectual property, and product liability. Ben is a litigator and practices both at the trial and appellate level in federal and state courts. Before joining Woods Rogers, Ben was a partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Chicago. One of his career highlights was representing former shareholders in a breach-of-fiduciary duty suit against venture capital directors at a start-up technology company. In a lawsuit seeking to compel the execution of a $15 million merger contract, he represented a Fortune 50 company. Ben is a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Virginia. Waynesboro, the Va. native, graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest distinction and received his law degree from Stanford Law School. After he graduated, Ben was a judicial clerk to the Honorable David G. Campbell (U.S. District Judge, District of Arizona). He was also the president of the Stanford Law and Policy Review. Ben was an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia School of Law.

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