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Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

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9 Reviews

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

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Is Wellness Retreat Recovery Center legit?

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center has 9 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Wellness Retreat Recovery Center customer care?

You can contact Wellness Retreat Recovery Center customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 855 762 3797

Where is Wellness Retreat Recovery Center located?

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center is located at address 10615 Crothers Rd, San Jose, CA 95127, USA.

9 Reviews on Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

  1. Maria Reina
    5 rating

    Very Professional and Attentive

    Mar 28, 2024

    I recognise nurse Amanda individually as she is a past colleague of mine. She's constantly been passionate in her area of know-how that is dependancy. She invited me over a yr in the past to test out her rehab. Can't be any prouder than I am these days knowing how a long way she's come considering the fact that then. It's almost as though I'm in paradise at a five famous person resort w/ all of the facilities -yoga, rub down, acupuncture, chef, fabulous decor, and amazing view overlooking the whole Bay Area.

    No other region I realize find it irresistible .Most importantly, the workforce are expert, attentive, compassionate, and are able to utilize every device feasible so as to meet the highest popular of care to their sufferers. I might refer all of us to WRRC that I realize suffering addiction in a heart beat.

  2. Rafi Alami
    5 rating

    Life Changing Experience

    Feb 8, 2024

    I have been losing my conflict with restoration for almost fifteen years when Wellness Retreat was recommended to me. I got here here significantly addicted and similarly traumatized through what I placed myself and my circle of relatives via. I needed a place wherein I could be handled with dignity, individually diagnosed for what has been in poor health me and personally recommended.

    What I discovered here, and with a true compassion I actually have never visible or felt as an addict. There is an splendid first-rate here, from checkng-in via medical treatment, group processing, schooling, abundance of nutrition, remedy excercise, wellbeing and technical help. With a maximum of 5 different clients to undergo the restoration method with, the Directors of the program or even the CEO rolled up their sleeves for my part caring for my recovery technique.

    For the first time in my existence due to the fact that I was delivered to substances I do not hate existence without them. It has been nearly five months given that I left wellness Retreat and I still pass lower back on Monday afternoons to sign up for the dance training that gave me so much hope and happiness when I changed into feeling so low and darkish within the beginning. This is extra than a Rehab, this is a Wellness Center. If you want a life really worth residing without pills and alcohol, begin right here.

  3. Josh Pendergast
    1 rating

    Concerns with Confidentiality

    Dec 18, 2023

    I recently had the privilege of being a client of "WRRC", and although the stated goal is to assist those suffering from issues with addiction live a healthier life, sober and through "proffessional" help from licenced psychotherapists, I would like to advise anybody considering the wellness retreat that they should look at other options.

    The addiction, as families and other loved ones as well as the individual who is addicted recognizes, is usually not a good fit for decision-making procedures that result from an existing or a chemically caused medical condition. with the hurt and suspicion that families suffer and the alcoholic or addict frequently suffers from co-occurring mental illnesses which could have led to behaviors that go on for a long time after the person's "clean date". If that wasn't an issue, the treatment could take as little as an inpatient detox and then the person would then be healed. In this way, an alcoholic or addict should believe that he/she is secure to address these concerns and without anxiety of having information collected from the licensed staff member on the patient that is shared to patients or other members of the general public.

    The State actually does have an act (HIPPAA) that specifically protects patients in this situation from the therapist's or psychologist's not sharing their personal data with anyone else who is not a part of the treatment group. Imagine if you were a judge or a lawyer, police officer, or any field where it could be an appropriate term, detrimental to the person who had they had their mental health diagnoses or the specifics of their diagnosis were shared with therapy with the knowledge that it is secure to divulge information that could be utilized against them in the future at the time of their death? This is not only in morally shady, but also is also against the law and the deficiency of professionalism and moral boundaries is obvious.

  4. Liam Roche
    5 rating

    I enjoy working with clients

    Jan 25, 2023

    As an acupuncturist contracted at this center, I enjoy working with clients and enjoying the view's beauty and expansiveness.

  5. Kim Zimmerman
    5 rating

    The staff was amazing!

    Dec 20, 2022

    I highly recommend this rehabilitation facility for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol problems. Based on my experience, I will never be able to find a better place to seek treatment. The overall experience was fantastic and life-changing. The staff was fantastic, The food was fantastic, and the course was excellent as well. I felt very comfortable here; I didn't wish to leave. The staff was amazing! 10/10 recommend. :)

  6. Steven Flax
    5 rating

    I would highly recommend this place to anyone

    Dec 16, 2022

    The wellness retreat is home to the most accommodating staff. The staff at Wellness Retreat exceeded my expectations. They are warm, friendly, and professional. At this point, I've been clean for five months—meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and one-on-one therapy sessions with an experienced therapist. I practice the techniques I was taught at Wellness Retreat daily. I would highly recommend this place to anyone suffering from addiction. I am awestruck by amazedly.

  7. Carol A Francis
    5 rating

    I would highly recommend WRRC

    Dec 12, 2022

    I've been providing Art Therapy as a contractor for WRRC for about four months, and I have loved working with the staff and watching the residents heal. It is stunning and well-maintained. Staff members are friendly, warm, and knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to ensure that residents are focused on their healing. I would highly recommend WRRC to anyone suffering from addiction. It's a sanctuary of connecting and healing. It's a real sense of completeness, authenticity, and hope in this location.

  8. Nick Atkins
    1 rating

    I was treated like trash

    Sep 24, 2022

    Unfortunately, a Wellness retreat is the worst excuse for rehabilitation. I was in the residential program for 40 days. While there, the director, my counselor, my sole therapist, and the chef quit their jobs and then left! Four employees quit in one month. Additionally, the staff was unprofessional, and when I requested employees' certificates, I was told it was unnecessary. I was treated like trash and would not recommend this place to anyone!

  9. Anonymous
    5 rating

    Completely clean and thankful

    Jun 6, 2022

    WRRC is saving my life! In the beginning, I walked through their doors, hoping to stop drinking and put my family and me through hell.

    I had tried everything on my own but couldn't go for more than three days of alcohol-accessible, and I was convinced that I required assistance.

    From the initial phone call to Lindsey and then walking into the facility and having the intake done with Nikki was greeted by everyone with kindness and understanding without judgment.

    I was anxious, nervous, and doubtful about whether I could do it; however, they treated me as a family member and made me feel at home.

    The staff is professional and well-educated, and some even have personal experiences recovering from addiction, which inspired and provided me with confidence.

    They informed my family of my progress and urged them to be involved with me in the program.

    I was able to participate in weekly sessions with my husband so that they could understand how to help me during my early recovery.

    Our sessions with Chris have allowed us to communicate and get to know one another more effectively.

    I discovered a new passion for yoga, fitness, and healthy eating, which I've kept up with after leaving.

    What I learned from class classes has made an enormous difference in how I use my time and respond to situations.

    As an alumnus of WRRC, I am surrounded by an extended family and a lot of help. We meet weekly together as a group, and we do other things, like hikes and BBQs.

    Thank you, WRRC! It's fascinating to think about the different life I live today. I'm completely clean and thankful.

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