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7 Reviews on California Pacific Regional Rehabilitation Center

  1. Alan Grantham
    Jan 24, 2023

    Fraudulent practices

    Fraudulent practices sent me to the hospital with an infected back needing significant surgery.

  2. Heather Broderick
    Dec 17, 2022

    Their work is fantastic

    While I am with the writer on how difficult it is to get someone to pick up the phone or even return calls, I think my effort was worth it. In the spring of this year, I underwent complete hip replacement surgery. The therapist at home recommended Davies, and I decided to give Davies a phone call. When I finally connected, I was appointed a physical therapy therapist, a man designated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. His name was Kyle Blanchard, and man, he was fantastic! Physical therapy is often a chore or even painful, but when you have Kyle, it is not.

    He was kind and patient, but also pushed me to do it when I needed to and swiftly diagnosed any discomforts and aches I was experiencing either as a result of therapy or the operation. I enjoyed every session of treatment. The place itself was clean and well-equipped. It's not exactly normal to recite poetry about physical therapy, but it was an art form and exceptionally proficient doctors. They need to put their answering service up and to run. However, their work is fantastic, and I've experienced a lot with physical therapy, so I am aware of what I'm talking about.

  3. Stacy Manuel
    Dec 15, 2022

    The staff was efficient, knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate

    My mom, 81, suffered a stroke. After spending six days in the ICU at Marin General, we researched and decided to select CPMC Davies to help her with rehabilitation in acute form. She spent the following seven weeks in rehabilitation. She was able to regain some of her speech and walk using the aid of a cane. Our brothers and I spent quite a great deal of time in the hospital and were impressed by the standard of treatment. The staff was efficient, knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. All of them were excellent and were able to do an excellent job.

  4. Susan Miller
    Dec 11, 2022

    I was admitted to this facility for rehabilitation

    After having a stroke, I was admitted to this facility for rehabilitation. The program offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy under the supervision of an actor. The treatments have proved excellent, and I'm ready to go home within the week. The medical, nursing, and management of the hospital are awful. I was admitted to Marin General Hospital, and as I was reviewing, I received excellent care. When I came into the hospital, I was given an insider's view of the hospital; from there, it has been downhill. I did not receive my meals on time, and sometimes, I needed to take my tray and bring it back. The nursing staff, and personnel, don't knock on your room.

    On multiple instances, someone would appear in my room only to disappear. I had to request the Sunday paper four times ......and I am still waiting. The nurse in charge didn't even understand the policy, and I was forced to correct her, and she walked off. I got one soap bar during the week and am astonished that I must request more daily. The list is endless and on, but you can see the point. I cannot wait to return home!

  5. Walter Shumpert
    Dec 9, 2022

    I was moved onto my current Davies Campus of CPMC

    I was moved onto my current Davies Campus of CPMC from SFGH for acute rehabilitation. The Davies campus has rooms with private bathrooms that help with your mental well-being. My room was spacious and was a fantasia creative from Duboce Park. You can choose the meals you have reasonably. The therapy team inpatient offered excellent care and assistance getting me back on my feet. The nursing staff at night was vigilant and consistently ensured that my medical needs were attended to. Later, I was able to transition into the outpatient rehabilitation program. It's a different group of therapists, but they're all excellent. If your health plan contracts with CPMC for acute therapy, take advantage of the opportunity.

  6. Ted Heinly
    Dec 5, 2022

    Absolutely one of the worst rehabilitation centers

    One of the worst rehabilitation centers on the West Coast. The staff is friendly, but their case manager is completely useless family members are intentionally kept out of decisions regarding care, and the hygiene in the areas that are not wards is horrendous! This is also where the cafeteria is located, which is a mess. Do not go anywhere other than here! You'll receive better treatment even if it's outside of the state!

  7. Felix Moody
    Jun 6, 2022

    Highly professional and educated

    The best rehabilitation center is located in San Francisco. My loved ones were transferred to the facility to undergo rehabilitation following an acute hemorrhage stroke.

    The medical staff at UCSF suggested that we stop life support because of the stroke's extent. We, as a family, were not comfortable with the suggestion.

    In the following days, the loved one took a significant turn for the better and was able to start his rehabilitation.

    The personnel at CPMC were beneficial and assisted us through the changes and challenges that come during the rehabilitation process.

    All the therapists who assisted us were highly professional and educated. Amazingly, he's now walking with no aids (with some assistance) and talking.

    He is also eating by himself! Thank the CPMC CPMC for all your efforts to help my uncle regain a meaningful living quality.

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If you or someone you love recovers from an injury such as a stroke, spinal cord or brain injury or congenital deformity, a complex joint replacement, fracture, or any other severe illness or trauma that requires medical attention, you should seek out the California Pacific Regional Rehabilitation Center is a top-quality facility that has the highest-rated outpatient and acute rehabilitation physicians and services.

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