California Pacific Regional Rehabilitation Center

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1 Review on California Pacific Regional Rehabilitation Center

  1. Felix Moody
    June 6th, 2022

    highly professional and educated

    The best rehabilitation center is located in San Francisco. My loved ones were transferred to the facility to undergo rehabilitation following an acute hemorrhage stroke.

    The medical staff at UCSF suggested that we stop life support because of the stroke’s extent. We, as a family, were not comfortable with the suggestion.

    In the following days, the loved one took a significant turn for the better and was able to start his rehabilitation.

    The personnel at CPMC were beneficial and assisted us through the changes and challenges that come during the rehabilitation process.

    All the therapists who assisted us were highly professional and educated. Amazingly, he’s now walking with no aids (with some assistance) and talking.

    He is also eating by himself! Thank the CPMC CPMC for all your efforts to help my uncle regain a meaningful living quality.

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About California Pacific Regional Rehabilitation Center

If you or someone you love recovers from an injury such as a stroke, spinal cord or brain injury or congenital deformity, a complex joint replacement, fracture, or any other severe illness or trauma that requires medical attention, you should seek out the California Pacific Regional Rehabilitation Center is a top-quality facility that has the highest-rated outpatient and acute rehabilitation physicians and services.

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