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Is FHE Health legit?

FHE Health has 44 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 3.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach FHE Health customer care?

You can contact FHE Health customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 877 447 0586

Where is FHE Health located?

FHE Health is located at address 505 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, United States.

44 Reviews on FHE Health

  1. Cody Menk
    3 rating

    Very Good Experience But Rude Counselor

    Feb 17, 2024

    The facility become incredible and I discovered a lot from the human beings there. Scott Gallo was my counselor. It is tough to locate nice things to mention approximately him. ( this become the feeling of all the patients within the facility during my stay ) He talked down me in all of our consultation and would make things extraordinarily awkward not most effective in 1 on 1 session however whilst he would educate institution training as nicely.

    I am uncertain how he were given into the placement he's in but the loss of professionalism turned into hard to move left out. Bosting approximately going to Harvard and being rude to sufferers appearing like he's better. My therapist tried to touch him and he was impolite to him as properly.

    Overall I would deliver give FHE 5 stars however I took away 2 begin because of Scott. If you do go to FHE which I endorse do the whole lot for your energy to no longer have Scott as your counselor.

  2. John Adlesic
    2 rating

    Stay Away!

    Feb 17, 2024

    I actually have excessive enamel/gum ache within the left, roof region of my mouth. After severa calls, I turned into able to stable an appointment for 2 pm. However, the tech body of workers might now not take me to the appointment; informed me to attend until tomorrow; that I should not hassle human beings on weekends.

    Did I need this ache these days? I ought to have a stroke nowadays. It looks as if that is what it's going to take. Dangerous here, live away. Tech lead will say I didn't need to move. No: I knew they would not take me. Stay away.

  3. Mackenzie Mcbride
    1 rating

    Lack of Communication and Concern at FHE Mental Health Program

    Dec 18, 2023

    My partner has been in the program for the last 30 days. He visited his therapist three times. The case manager is very difficult to contact (Jerome) and at the time, his case manager was able to walk down the steps to the other side of him when they were trying to talk with his. I've attempted to contact several times, but the technicians don't know anything about patients at the clinic, and one tech even informed that my boyfriend wasn't present.

    If you try to contact his therapist or case manager do not answer the phone nor contact them regarding any voice messages you've left. They are just boredom-inducing playing games and volleyball. There's no personal mental health in this program, it's all group-based and could be problematic for those suffering from anxiety. It even has a section for you to "complain" what you don't find appealing about the programme. Also, the elevator was deemed not in service by the elevator's company.

    My friend has watched technicians take off the sign after they left. This could be very dangerous and risky. Overall, I'm unhappy with the level of care or lack thereof that he's received on the floor. I don't suggest to let your loved ones visit FHE for help with their mental illness It is likely that there numerous other facilities where you can treat your loved ones with love with compassion, respect and love, They are human and it's about time that FHE started treating them as this and not just asmoney.

  4. Anonymous
    1 rating

    Very Disappointed in FHE

    Aug 21, 2023

    I came for treatment of severe clinical depression and anxiety. The intake process was demeaning. I was never told on the phone with the FHE admissions representative, "Ned," (who doesn't even work there) that this place was more like a prison, which was a locked down facility. I was horrified by the way I was searched. It seemed like the way a jail would search an inmate. I decided I wanted to leave, and it seemed to take forever to be finally allowed to leave, even though I was there by choice. During the time I was there, I witnessed a very young woman in tears who was desperate to speak with her mother and was denied the opportunity. She begged and pleaded with them and said it was important. She said she felt suicidal and all that the staff did was threaten to send her to a psych ward. No compassion nor empathy. I'd never recommend this horrible place.

  5. George Parenteau
    1 rating

    The hotel was extremely disappointing

    Jun 7, 2023

    The admissions staff was aggressive and made it look like they wanted the customer to "check in." I received a false perception of what this program offers. Massage!! Five minutes of a sitting back massage in a dim space for groups. They were unable to supply proper medications or supplements. They told me several that I needed cons to consult a doctor. No doctor is available. It wasn't very comfortable to be in the intake room. An examination of the skin and a urine test was conducted in an open restroom that people could see inside the room for intake. My room was equipped with cameras. I was not told that. When I got from the bathroom to change into clothes, nobody knew who was looking at my naked body—conditions of living in an old dark, a dark hotel that was locked down. The hotel was extremely disappointing, and I could leave after three days.

  6. Edward Orendain
    1 rating

    The people suffering

    May 8, 2023

    This organization must focus on empathy, honesty Respect, respect for others, and communication! It is unnecessary to wait in line for medical treatment or even answers as to the next step. Also, they need to focus more effectively on one-on-one therapy with a person instead of many groups! Some people can't work immersed in group situations constantly. They all suffer from various circumstances to find their way back. Therefore, individual treatment for those with disabilities must be more apparent to everyone!! Where are the personal evaluations and treatment plans geared toward the people suffering from these conditions?

  7. Marcello Benedetti
    5 rating

    Highly informative

    Apr 15, 2023

    You must contact FHE. Their team is fantastic, especially the neuro group. It's incredible technological advancement! It's amazing! I've experienced the way their PTSD treatment, as well as sleep issues treatment, has been successful. There is a night and day difference. Group therapy sessions also helped me connect with others and learn about the importance of the support group. I would recommend making sure you're informed about payments and insurance. They were highly informative in explaining the amount I was required to pay and what I could expect the insurance company to do. I didn't feel pressured, although billing can be confusing. Ver.

  8. Ingrid Curtis
    5 rating

    Todd to save my grandson's life!

    Jan 25, 2023

    I was forced to send my grandson into the facility a time ago. I was in an appointment with Todd, and he asked me to place my grandson's life in his care. I hesitated, but once I obliged, it was the most beautiful reward ever. Thank Todd, for your help! Todd to save my grandson's life! For anyone with family members suffering from addiction issues, Arch is the place they're supposed to be.

  9. Daniel Matias
    2 rating

    This was then that I felt extremely disappointed

    Dec 22, 2022

    The director of clinical services "Dr.J" is highly passive in his approach and was always causing trouble for my patients and me throughout my time there. Within a week of my stay, Dr.J said to me that "he didn't deal with people with problems like me, and I needed to talk to someone else" This was then that I felt extremely disappointed and realized that I wasn't considered an individual patient and was not being treated as one. My therapist, who did not have an actual session during my four-week stay, also voiced her concerns about Dr.J in my presence. Brain mapping technology is an important selling point for them. Still, it's not organized enough that I didn't meet anyone who received any valuable information back. I'm not sure I received any benefits...for the cost, I'm confident that there are better facilities than FHE. You can't "assure that you are a compassionate therapist and provide a healthy environment," as I can attest to 4 weeks of direct evidence to the contrary.

  10. Robert Holden
    1 rating

    I went through more within two days of returning home than I did throughout ten days inpatient!

    Dec 21, 2022

    I was not happy in FHE. But the staff was shining, the nursing department director was fantastic, and the nurses overall were excellent. General. All the floor techs were excellent, with a few rotten apples on the overnights. At intake, they don't differentiate those with mental health issues and instead put all of them into one playpen, which causes lots of stress and possible fights, etc. Be aware of what you also agree about the length of your stay, as I decided that it was two weeks, and the Case Manager attempted to say it was five weeks. If you leave early, they'll take your possessions and throw you on the street without calling a taxi, Uber, or anything else. I felt more stressed than I was at home. As I mentioned, the nurses and 90 percent of the floor staff cleaners are great. Overall, the experiences were not the best. I went through more within two days of returning home than I did throughout ten days inpatient!

  11. Stephanie Blake
    1 rating


    Dec 20, 2022

    It was fine until they started to charge us $6 to purchase a 24-hour pack of water, which was free. They've not made any effort to offer patients an alternative. Before you enter the gym, they've put up an advertisement that attempts to sell you energy drinks, protein bars, etc. It's just that they're trying to extract more money than they already earn. Disappointing.

  12. Georgina Jeffery
    5 rating

    We are forever grateful to their staff.

    Dec 19, 2022

    I was initially highly concerned about seeking treatment in south Florida. I'd heard of several scam locations in the area and was hesitant to be sucked in. This is, thankfully, one of the nation's top professional centers for treatment. We visited their facilities first and were awestruck. The variety of medicines they offer is fantastic. We are forever grateful to their staff.

  13. David Robinson
    1 rating

    Treatment didn't work

    Dec 19, 2022

    I was located in the mental health part of FHE, and the counselors and techs were fantastic. There was no need to see a doctor for more than 30 seconds. Treatment didn't work for you, so keep checking and reading the reviews.

  14. Karl Striessnig
    1 rating

    They only care about the money

    Dec 17, 2022

    Horrible...they kicked my 19-year young son out onto the street while the teenager was looking for a clean living space via his mobile. He was told that he needed to forfeit his phone or go home. When he asked what the reason was, they replied that it was a "consequence".. consequence of what? The therapist was absent when my kid contacted her to speak with her; she informed him that her schedule was packed—planning your future! Don't send your beloved family members to this place. They only care about the money they receive to keep your beloved ones here until your insurance is exhausted.

  15. Chris Sherriff
    1 rating

    This facility is causing my family and mean an immense amount of stress

    Dec 16, 2022

    This facility is causing my family and mean an immense amount of stress. It often is threatening to refuse you to leave the medicines they prescribe If you reach a point in treatment when you realize that you're not receiving the proper aid. Do not check in with us when you aren't able to do so unless you have a court-ordered date to avoid getting stuck in this place, as you will gain by using the money from your insurance policy in the maximum amount.

  16. Megan Dreher
    1 rating


    Dec 16, 2022

    DO NOT COME HERE! The time I came here was the biggest mistake I've made in my life. The admissions staff lied to get me in, and when I attempted to make it known to management, they couldn't be more uncaring. The technicians are all playing on their phones and vaping before becoming rude and irritable when you have a question. Therapists and staff will outright claim to meet with you. It is necessary to bug them to make things happen continually. NEVER COME HERE! The place has made me feel even more miserable.

  17. Rebecca Whitley
    4 rating

    The medical team was fantastic

    Dec 15, 2022

    The medical team was fantastic! I could talk to Dr. Julia and Kim, the nutritionist, at various times even though I was there only for two weeks. I am sure that I got the one-on-one care and attention I required. Apart from the medical staff, the technicians at the detox center were friendly and helpful. They were pleasant to work with. Overall I had an enjoyable experience and received the support I required.

  18. Sharone Guy
    4 rating

    The customized care plan and the team are fantastic.

    Dec 13, 2022

    I recently participated in my experience with the Shatterproof program within FHE Health. I can confidently say that without certainty that this was by far the most beneficial choice I've taken for myself. The customized care plan and the team are fantastic.

  19. Kim Wilkins
    3 rating

    I was there for around a week before I began having seizures.

    Dec 12, 2022

    I would suggest this place If you're not suffering from the effects of benzos. ...... However, other than that, it was a good place for the time that was my time there. The facility was good... I could go on and on about all the advantages and disadvantages; however, the fact that no one was mainly aware of how to ease someone off of benzos was the worst part. I will never forget this as one of the most painful experiences of my life. It made me less hopeful in this area. Mainly since it was my first experience at a treatment center, which was in 2016. I'm not sure how much has changed since then. Particularly in regards to withdrawal from benzos. I was there for around a week before I began having seizures. I ended up in the hospital, and I decided that I was over it.

  20. John gould
    5 rating

    This was a secure and discreet place

    Dec 11, 2022

    This was a secure and discreet place to visit for a short time. I could spend a few minutes away from work and not create problems for my professional development. It is a private area that allows you out and in when you want to.

  21. Gary Walsh
    1 rating

    Very non-professional

    Dec 11, 2022

    Very non-professional. These "therapists" - namely Patrice Huntley is among the most unprofessional that we have encountered. Techniques are gaslighting, not paying attention to the patient, and even talking about the patient. She's not patronizing. She brings her preconceived biases and opinions into every conversation/session. The abuse of "power" is the least of her crimes by the woman. Huntley. She brings the nurse practitioner to "therapy" to coerce patients to become overdosed and drunk. Inducing patients and family members, and even jokes, are the norm of Huntley. Huntley. Consummate unprofessionalism. Don't send your family member to this place, especially those with a mental illness. They'll take advantage of the patient and concentrate on money. The medical staff is seriously inadequate, and the nurse practitioner is not concerned about patients or their needs. This is an example of how therapy causes much more harm than benefit and causes trauma. Essentially, it's all you can think of as harmful "care" for psychiatric patients. Be aware that you may require rehab following your FHE "Rehab. "

  22. Anthony Ward
    5 rating

    Many are talking about coming there without reason.

    Dec 10, 2022

    I was not going to leave a comment, but there are some reviews I read on this site that was so wrong that I was forced to correct sure of them. I could not imagine the staff at this place not being helpful and considerate of their patients. These are the most pleasant people I've ever met, and they put up with a lot of stress. Many are talking about coming there without reason. They are in an incorrect facility. It's not an establishment locked down, and they hold you in. I'm not sure if the staff has misinterpreted the facility; however, their experience isn't how I was treated.

  23. Paul Abraham
    5 rating

    Accommodations are excellent.

    Dec 9, 2022

    Accommodations are excellent. The staff is courteous and helpful. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible but firm enough to offer the needed structure. A diverse clientele is a mix of ages, gender, and income. Everyone is treated with respect. A little bit of a familial environment overall. A life-changing experience for me as the first person to go.

  24. Angela Windsor
    1 rating

    Our city officials for putting the community at risk and devaluing property values

    Dec 9, 2022

    There's a middle school and a public park just 100 feet away from the drug rehabilitation facility. The facility has a significant problem with security because a few members of the "guests" have stumbled on our property drunk and threatened our family by banging our windows and shouting racist slurs—shame on them and our city officials for putting the community at risk and devaluing property values.

  25. Amy Brannan
    5 rating

    I was in the area at the quarantine's beginning.

    Dec 8, 2022

    I was in the area at the quarantine's beginning. It wasn't very comforting. They could do everything flawlessly; however, it was an extremely stressful experience. We felt secure at the location, and they appeared to be monitoring everyone regularly. No one got sick during the time my stay. At least, we did not know about it. The detox facilities (smaller structures) and inpatient units (larger systems) are modern and well-organized.

  26. Gene Turrell
    4 rating

    It is just amazing

    Dec 7, 2022

    It is just amazing. Staff and Clinicians have shown me respect and love, along with my family. Many individuals are there to assist and guide you through your journey. I would highly recommend the treatment and support to anyone in need. Should you or someone else you care about require help? Contact us here at Flordia House.

  27. Brandon Hinton
    1 rating

    This place sends random follow-up texts between 1 and 3 AM

    Dec 6, 2022

    This place sends random follow-up texts between 1 and 3 AM despite my asking them not to call me at this hour in the night! For me, this shows the importance of numbers and filling up the beds, and not paying attention.

  28. Sandra Griffin
    5 rating

    My journey to recovery was filled with depression and sorrow.

    Dec 4, 2022

    I'm an FHE alumnus and was invited to share my story here. I am passionate about talking to people about FHE and how it has changed my life. My journey to recovery was filled with depression and sorrow. Through losing family members, and the custody of my children, everything seemed to be an excuse to continue to use and dig my hole. It was the last opportunity for me. Through their counselors and doctors, I'm living a life I'm proud of and assisting others in getting care before it cuts their lives short. This frequently happens with fentanyl and other chemical substances on the streets today. Have a question? CALL FHE!

  29. Brian Herbert
    5 rating

    The facilities were immaculate.

    Dec 3, 2022

    I came to the hospital in the middle of summer, thinking I'd only be staying for a few days. It turned out that I was there for two months and also had inpatient care. It's not the norm for all. However, it was best for me. I'm back to my place, and if I hadn't had the time to do so, I don't believe I would be in my position. The therapists were great. The food was great. The doctors were excellent. The facilities were immaculate.

  30. Zoltán Hohner
    3 rating

    I'm not insured and can't afford assistance.

    Dec 2, 2022

    I'm not insured and can't afford assistance. I'm suffering from crack cocaine; yes, I've had anxiety and ADHD, as well as being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, which I'm convinced is bipolar. Things are getting tough. I'm not sure which way to go, I'm to work, but I waste every penny I earn. Please help me contact me via email at

  31. Dean Melina
    4 rating

    The cleanse is quite lovely.

    Dec 1, 2022

    The cleanse is quite lovely. The food is good, and there's a TV in the bedroom. The staff is friendly, and the smaller groups were significant. But "across the street" on the PHP side, and for outpatients, I would not recommend it.

  32. Michelle Evans
    4 rating

    I have experienced how to lead completely new, completely free from addiction.

    Nov 28, 2022

    In Florida House, I have experienced how to lead completely new, completely free from addiction. The therapists, doctors, and staff are genuinely concerned about you. The whole process starting from Detox through the Intensive Outpatient program is one of the best! I have found my Family Week one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in my life. I strongly recommend the Sober Skills program for those who are determined to live a life in recovery. There is everything you require on Florida House Experience; to not just be sober but also to learn how to be happy, joyful, and free from all addiction and to find an end to addiction!

  33. Karen Buchan
    5 rating

    I will always be thankful for everything FHE did for me

    Nov 26, 2022

    FHE played an essential part in my journey to healing. I discovered that there were plenty of resources to aid me. I was impressed with the staff. Extremely professional, positive, and compassionate. The program was highly organized and had state-of-the-art procedures. I will always be thankful for everything FHE did for me.

  34. Jenny Bennion
    2 rating

    There are much better facilities to be found

    Nov 24, 2022

    This is a complete scam! They only care about how much they can charge you for insurance. They have sent me a statement of more than $3000 in co-payments. How can someone who is trying to make it work will pay for this? Your family is turned against you and makes you move into a halfway home. This equipped machine is aware of all angles to rip off your insurance and you. I've never felt more disrespected previously in my life by the employees. There are much better facilities to be found. This one must be looked into. Keep away!

  35. Paul Ainsworth
    1 rating

    I was highly disappointed by the news

    Nov 22, 2022

    The facility is clean and cozy. However, the staff, in particular the counseling department and the techs. Are frauds? They seek to reduce the cases occupied by fraudulently adding false information to clients' families. I was highly disappointed by the news my family gave them about my conduct.

  36. Malcolm Kinross
    5 rating

    It's been a blessing to our families and us.

    Nov 14, 2022

    Thank the Lord for His FHE. It's been a blessing to our families and us. Our son has gone through detox and residential therapy and has begun outpatient. We've spoken to him frequently and also to his designated therapist. He's confident about his future, and so are we for the first time in a long while.

  37. Keith Harlow
    5 rating

    The team is full of love, and there is no judgment

    Nov 12, 2022

    I loved FHE. The place has transformed my life and helped me get closer to the person I am, both inside and outside. The people you meet at FHE make such a healing and robust experience. The staff, from the front desk to other patients. The team is full of love, and there is no judgment. Love and peace. God bless FHE

  38. Harbans Singh
    5 rating

    I will choose them as the first ones I contact.

    Nov 9, 2022

    I haven't personally visited FHE Health, but I've witnessed the impact it's been able to have on someone close to me. They have a very favorable opinion of FHE Health, and I can see the difference daily. It is unlikely that you will get into an instance where you require a treatment facility; however, if I ever do, I will choose them as the first ones I contact.

  39. Colin Barnes
    5 rating

    I appreciate the Alumni office for communicating with me

    Nov 6, 2022

    I appreciate the Alumni office for communicating with me when I hit new goals on my road to recovery. Plus, they gave me a new FHE wristband after the original one was damaged after 14 months of wearing it.

  40. Farah Hassani
    5 rating

    I am grateful for everything they've done for me.

    Nov 4, 2022

    FHE has saved me! My entire treatment and experience were awe-inspiring. I made friends for life from all over the world. I am grateful for everything they've done for me.

  41. Sarah Cowan
    5 rating

    Keep up the great work

    Nov 2, 2022

    There's no better choice for treatment for those living in South Florida for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction than FHE. The staff is friendly and active. I'd recommend them to everyone in my own family. Keep up the great work!

  42. Pauline Bowers
    3 rating

    The treatment center is a bit harsh, but it's effective

    Nov 1, 2022

    The treatment center is a bit harsh, but it's effective. The knowledgeable staff can discern the subtle manipulations of the typical addict, thus finding the source of the deeper problems. However, this approach can result in backlash as genuine emotional breakthroughs are often brushed aside and interpreted as attempts to manipulate, increasing distrust and making the patient despair.

  43. Joel Steiker
    5 rating


    Sep 24, 2022

    This is among the best detoxes I've attended. Clean and what an incredible team they have. If you're looking for care or know someone needing treatment, RECOMMEND FHE Health.

  44. Shirley Alonso
    5 rating

    The whole experience

    Jun 6, 2022

    We were delighted with the whole experience. Beginning with the phone contact with the admissions team, Candy, who answered every question we had about the facility as well as the financials.

    The patient had nothing but positive words to say, and I am grateful to their staff enough for their dedication to the service they provide

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