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1 Review on California Rehabilitation Institute Outpatient Therapy

  1. Vittorio Grattan
    June 6th, 2022

    the place was highly uncomfortable

    My dad was here because of a stroke… as well. Yes, the therapy was needed; however, my dad did not enjoy his time there because the place was highly uncomfortable for him.

    It was a bed that had been used and used… extremely rough bedding. We like Ken (OT) as he was patient when working with my dad.

    However, the PT, I don’t recall her name was uncaring about dealing with the father… I’m sure that my dad, or any patient could be extremely challenging… however, not just my dad.

    He looked like he was homeless. No one was shaving him or taking care of his hygiene.

    For three days, he wore identical clothing… We can provide a service animal to the patient, but he was not allowed to access his bedroom, and we respected the rules.

    However, when I called to inquire, Danielle (supervisor) did not get back to me because she stated she would needfor permission from an individual… I never got a response from her… It was a disappointing time. I was expecting this place to have been “Top notch,” knowing they are in a luxurious area… But don’t think so…

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About California Rehabilitation Institute Outpatient Therapy

California Rehabilitation Institute offers individuals an array of outpatient services and programs. Our occupational, physical, and speech specialists offer unbeatable clinical care and evidence-based treatments. These cutting-edge programs build upon the progress made by individuals and offer a continuum of treatment and a long-term follow-up for those suffering from stroke and spinal cord injuries and brain injuries and amputations as well as neurological diseases, the orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

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