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20 Reviews

California Rehabilitation Institute

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Is California Rehabilitation Institute legit?

California Rehabilitation Institute has 20 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach California Rehabilitation Institute customer care?

You can contact California Rehabilitation Institute customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 424 522 7100

Where is California Rehabilitation Institute located?

California Rehabilitation Institute is located at address 2070 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA.

20 Reviews on California Rehabilitation Institute

  1. B. Traveler
    3 rating

    Lack of Consultation and Discordant Info

    Dec 27, 2023

    The doctor and the case manager came in and spoke to my father in direct contrast to what his long term medical doctors have repeated (ie the fact that he's not able to live on his own after the recent fall and hospitalizations). They seemed to have were arguing without consulting his notes from the case or charts - or even any messages that I'd left. This upset an elderly man who is in recovery.

    It was extremely distressing to find out this was the case, because I'd sent numerous messages asking me to be consulted prior to his appointment as his sole child's next of kin, and the power of attorney. This place is otherwise clean and well-equipped with experts.

  2. Jamal Lewis
    1 rating

    Terrible Experience with Lost Belongings and Unresponsive Staff

    Dec 18, 2023

    WORST PLACE TO SEND YOUR LOVED ONES. My mom's belongings have been stolen or lost. items, food and belongings. I'm trying to contact live operators but with no result. This has been an awful encounter as we're unable to go to her. She is in the hands of unprofessionals. DONT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE. PLEASE!!! I LEFT 1 STAR BECAUSE THERE IS NO OPTION TO REMOVE STARS. The worst team I have ever worked with.

  3. Mike Bridges
    1 rating

    California Rehabilitation were intolerable

    Jun 7, 2023

    This hospital is affected by the rude and uncaring attitude of the staff, who do not care to assist people but are solely focused on making a profit. My experiences in California Rehabilitation were intolerable because of this uncaring and rude attitude.

  4. Sharon Leblanc
    1 rating

    Worth a visit

    May 8, 2023

    Our experience was a disaster in this place. The medication was not given in time; sometimes, an hour was lapsed. The is a possibility that the doctor prescribed medicine has prescribed that the remedies be distributed every 4 hours, and the nurse in charge said they would give the drug when they could. I can numerous times to reach the therapists and doctors but without success. There was no number for me to contact the doctor overseeing the program. The messages that were left at the desk were not returned. The OT offered my parents showers rather than working on their rehabilitation. If I asked to have the OT focus on improving bilateral coordination, the OT claimed they were not employed and stated that my parents already have a home aide who helps them; therefore, it's unnecessary. The Case manager was not professional and unqualified. In the end, I was very dissatisfied with the treatment I received. From my experience, it is a matter of trusting family members not to supervise the care of their loved ones. They can thrive because of the absence of quality rehab options within Los Angeles. The beautiful structure and the ideal location aren't enough to mean this rehabilitation isn't worth a visit.

  5. Melissa Ramirez
    5 rating

    Excellent nursing staff

    Apr 15, 2023

    Thank thank you! Excellent nursing staff Ana and Thea on the 8th floor, specialists in wound care; Tamiko; physical therapist; Jordan, for the superior treatment provided to my beloved elderly aunt in this critical emergency. Thank you for everything. No words can express my appreciation. I pray that God be with you and your family.

  6. Cheryl Loudd
    5 rating

    This outpatient rehab center has the most professional staff

    Jan 25, 2023

    California Rehabilitation Institute rehab center has the most professional staff and policies designed to assist the patient. The staff is friendly and helpful and very professional. I am looking forward to my physical therapy session there, as I am just beginning.

  7. Alison Kiphut
    1 rating

    Cannot recommend the California Rehabilitation Institute for stroke recovery

    Jan 25, 2023

    I cannot recommend the California Rehabilitation Institute for stroke recovery, particularly for those with speech impairments. While the food is decent and the location is pleasant, my family member's experience was far from satisfactory.

    We encountered difficulties finding a therapist who spoke our primary language and needed to threaten to create a paper trail to receive a reasonable response from our case manager. It was clear that they had initially brushed us off and expected us to forget about it.

    Additionally, we were promised a speech therapist after leaving the facility but ended up on a waiting list at Torrance Memorial without being informed. We only found out after driving there and were told that the California Rehabilitation Institute had been informed of the situation, yet our case manager did nothing to assist us.

    The first months of recovery after a stroke are crucial. I find it hard to believe that a reputable hospital like Cedar Sinai would be affiliated with such a disaster. I suggest creating a paper trail for any promises made by case managers to ensure accountability for their actions or lack thereof.

  8. Terry Edwards
    5 rating

    If I could award California Rehab Institute 10 stars

    Jan 23, 2023

    If I could award California Rehab Institute 10 stars, I would. I go with my mom to the clinic to receive neurological physical therapy. We've tried numerous others clinics within LA, but none compares to it. Our therapist Emily is a blessing. She is highly professional, thorough, and yet extremely compassionate. The exercises and therapy she gives my mom have improved her mobility and overall quality of life. The whole experience has been positive. Maureen and the others at Front have all been accommodating and extremely friendly. It's been a pleasure to work with everyone. They even verify parking spaces. I'm unaware of any clinics that do this. I strongly would recommend California Rehab Institute. We are incredibly grateful to be off the waiting list.

  9. Mary Krause
    2 rating

    The patient was re-admitted to the hospital as a result of poor care.

    Jan 23, 2023

    Perhaps the hospital is excellent for the rehabilitation of patients who are otherwise young and healthier. It's clean and sleek, but the care offered to patients with health issues requires significant improvement. However, it is not an excellent service for the elderly. The hospital is disorganized and has grown at a rapid rate. The staff doesn't work together or is coordinated. Information is not adequately communicated between shifts, and the staff is untrained. The caseworkers aren't professional, compassionate, or friendly. The patient was re-admitted to the hospital as a result of poor care at this hospital.

  10. Tim Bradth
    1 rating

    A Disappointing Experience With California Rehabilitation Institute

    Jan 23, 2023

    I cannot recommend the California Rehabilitation Institute to anyone who cares about the well-being of their loved ones. During my visit, I witnessed a woman expressing her distress to staff over someone stealing from her husband's room. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident as my loved one's gifts from family were also stolen. These security concerns, coupled with the rude and unhelpful staff, led us to take our loved one out of the facility several days early.

    Most nurses were overworked and short-tempered, and the case workers were always getting involved. One case manager was particularly unprofessional, reminding me that they had lost my loved one's CPAP cord and that it was the end of their shift. I found the cord sitting just a few feet away from the security desk after the staff had spent an hour searching for it and calling each other back and forth. I ate to see that the patients were not being cared for properly, with some being sent back to Cedar Sinai after falling due to the staff's lack of attention.

    Since leaving, we have been unable to reach Dr. Brenton Winship to coordinate with our primary physician to obtain the medication that my loved one requires. I urge Cedar Sinai to investigate this facility and stop recommending it to patients.

  11. Taunya Jones
    5 rating

    The care and treatment I received at the California Rehabilitation Institute were outstanding

    Jan 15, 2023

    The care and treatment I received at the California Rehabilitation Institute were outstanding. The 15 hours a week of occupational, physical, and speech therapy enabled me to walk, talk, and eat when I was leaving the institution. The ratio of patients to staff was so that I didn't have to wait long for treatment. The facility was well-maintained and closely monitored. Of the many wonderfuoutstandingembers, four stood out. Doctor. Christopher Boudakian helped me reduce my anxiety by swiftly responding to my inquiries. Isabel Burrows PT provided community tools and exercises I could perform. Rosa Rodriguez, CNA, was patient and attentively attended to my requirements. Shannon helped me immensely with witimmenselyeech therapy, which allowed me to swallow my numerous pills.

  12. Jacqueline Jones
    1 rating

    CRI was an utter disaster.

    Jan 9, 2023

    Worst experience at California Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) for my family member's recovery. We were disappointed with the care provided by the speech therapist, who failed to adapt the therapy to the individual patient's needs.

    Since leaving CRI, we have found a more competent speech therapist at SBSTC in Torrance, and the difference in progress is noticeable. Furthermore, our primary physician informed us that our family member should have had physical therapy at home and speech therapy, which CRI never arranged.

    Overall, our experience at CRI was a colossal mistake, and we would not recommend the facility for stroke recovery. Cedar Sinai provided excellent care, but CRI was an utter disaster.

  13. Santo Bombaci
    2 rating

    The place was clean, and the nurses were very friendly and helpful

    Jan 1, 2023

    The place was clean, and the nurses were very friendly and helpful. However, the parking manager named EMERSON, does not seem to be the type of person this place requires. He charges me twice in one day for parking. To top it off the parking fee is very expensive. I had to pay for a single day of $32.00 DLLs! However, the nurses are great. This is why I gave them two stars.

  14. Lou Delisio
    5 rating

    Clean and tidy, the nurses are extremely friendly

    Dec 25, 2022

    Clean and tidy, the nurses are extremely friendly, and you see your Doctor frequently. On the 5th floor, I met Doctor. Turk and I found everyone there encouraging and helpful. Therapists adapted their programs to meet my particular needs and provided me with a lot of assistance—an excellent place to get urgent physical rehabilitation.

  15. Jeanette Battle
    5 rating

    Thank you for everything

    Nov 22, 2022

    I was in CRI, on the fourth floor. Everyone was kind to me. Dr. Cushing and his team were excellent. The nurses were all kind and extremely friendly. My PT Hannah was fantastic. She made sure I was getting stronger every day. My Case Manager Jody assisted me in getting everything I needed once I had to leave the premises. I believe it's an excellent place to stay. Ritz of Rehabs, you get your room with a view of washrooms. Everyone is working to help make them stay comfortable. However, you must realize that this is the same as a "hospital," and you won't be able to enjoy that privacy. The day starts at seven every day, so it is best to rest at night If you can. It is also important to remember that you're on intensive therapy sessions, which last for three hours every day. Your goal is to improve your health, and you must be persistent. I am grateful that I could stay here for three weeks following my surgery. Thank you for everything.

  16. Jason Terkelson
    1 rating

    I would caution others to be careful

    Nov 4, 2022

    I had a negative experience at a physical therapy facility after my spouse received treatment following a stroke. Upon discharge, there was no consultation with a medical doctor regarding medication, and my spouse was given a list of drugs that was not accurate. Furthermore, the medication list was sent to a pharmacy 130 miles from our home.

    As a result of these mistakes, my spouse's test results were questioned, and all tests had to be repeated at another facility four weeks later. This caused significant delays in my spouse's recovery process and raised concerns about the facility's practices and staff competence.

    I would caution others to be careful when considering this facility for physical therapy to ask a lot of questions and keep a log of their experiences. I cannot recommend this facility based on my personal experience.

  17. Brian Jasko
    5 rating

    The best experiences I had for myself and my 92-year-old mother

    Oct 2, 2022

    The best experiences I had for myself and my 92-year-old mother. The staff of nurses, doctors, and other staff were excellent. One particular person I'd like to recognize and thank is Catie Lingelbach, our occupational therapist. She was highly attentive and accommodating with every query and even managed to venture out of the boundaries of her "territory" and help us resolve organizational issues at discharge. Her magical smile and gentle soul are striking. Catie is an exceptional person. Much gratitude from the Olshansky family

  18. Bettt Gardner
    1 rating

    The food is the worst

    Sep 24, 2022

    The rehab center appears to be extremely lovely. I'm in a private space, and the staff generally is pleasant and helpful. Rehabilitation therapists are top-of-the-line, but the food is the worst I've had. I'll never consume what they serve me. It's awful, and I'll end up losing weight. Also, don't expect issues to be resolved quickly. There have been issues with temperatures in the bathroom getting too hot to wash my hands. The soap dispenser was not working, but the only thing it needed was batteries. They called it engineering, and it didn't come out. All the supplies are at the top of the stairs, and when required, they are moved to the second floor. It can take several hours to bring things up.

  19. Laura Moldovan
    4 rating

    The food quality isn't excellent but treatment is awesome

    Aug 25, 2022

    After my spinal fusion surgery, I had a truly incredible experience at California Rehabilitation Institute (CRI). I was transferred to CRI on July 21st, and from the moment I arrived, I was impressed with the compassionate care provided by all of the staff on the fourth floor.

    The hospital was clean and quiet, and the bed was comfortable. The private room was spacious and well-equipped with everything I needed for my recovery. I was visited by three remarkable doctors daily and was off all pain medication within the first week—a massive shoutout to Dr. Cushing, Dr. Kavian, and Dr. Li for their exceptional care.

    The nurses, nursing assistants, and technicians were also incredible. Nurse Nuria, Nurse Venus, Nurse Nebby, Nurse Myrna, Nurse Ruth, Nurse Manal, Nurse Jasmin, Nurse Nova, Nurse Talisa, Nurse Jacqueline, Nurse Peitra, Nurse Cheryl, Nurse Geoffrey, Nurse Cindy, CNA Javier, and other CNAs, and Technician Marcelino were all fantastic. They were all "rock stars" and deserve recognition for their dedication and care.

    I also had daily visits from dedicated physical and occupational therapists who helped me recover. Physical & Occupational Therapists Julio, Nick, Greg, Mario, Tiffany, Elizabeth, Jenna, Megan, Allison, and Kazue were all excellent, and I can't thank them enough for their help.

    I also had a rare episode of the vestibular room spinning dizziness, addressed by the vestibular specialist Jennifer, who could diagnose and treat my issue correctly. I also want to thank the now-deceased Dr. John Epley, who invented the Epley Maneuver, which helped me recover.

    The food at CRI was decent; there were daily specials and a wide variety of options. The facilities were also great, including an excellent gym for my therapy workouts and a mock car to teach me how to get in and out of properly.

    I want to give a special thanks to Franco, who helped me pack up and wheeled me down to my ride going home.

    Overall, I highly recommend CRI as a recovery hospital for anyone needing physical therapy. The facilities are spotlessly clean, the staff is caring and dedicated, and the recovery process is truly incredible.

  20. Vittorio Grattan
    2 rating

    The place was highly uncomfortable

    Jun 6, 2022

    My pops were at this joint because he had a stroke. The therapy was excellent, but he wasn't feeling the spot because it was uncomfortable. The bedding was rough and felt like it had been used a million times. Shoutout to Ken, the OT, though. He was patient with my dad.

    But the PT, I can't even remember her name, was a real cold fish when it came to dealing with my pops. I get that patients can be a handful, but my dad looked like a homeless dude. No one was shaving him or keeping him clean. He was rockin' the same clothes for three days straight. We offered to bring in a service animal for him, but they wouldn't let him keep it in his room, so we had to respect the rules.

    When I reached out to the supervisor, Danielle, to inquire about all of this, she said she needed permission from someone else before getting back to me, but I never heard from her. I expected this place to be top-notch since it's in a fancy area, but it was a significant letdown.

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