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11 Reviews on TestMeDNA

  1. Jackie McGill
    1 rating
    Jun 6, 2023

    It was an awful encounter

    They claim it took 3-4 days to see results. I am on day 14 and still without any effects. If they're having issues with any of my samples, I think they should have already sent me an additional test so that they could restart my test. My patience has expired. I have never encountered this problem when I did DNA testing. The results were always returned the following week. I did not think I would wait more than months for the results. I have just taken another test to ensure those results arrive before TEST ME DNA gets the results back to me. Results. It was an awful encounter. I am sorry for the delay. I was expecting results to be back by February.

  2. Sadie Hayes
    5 rating
    May 6, 2023


    This organization blesses me. Heather is kind and patient. Heather kept me up-to-date and knowledgeable about the process. In times of doubt and stress, she was just an easy call away. Thank you so much for your pleasant time.

  3. Daniela Alvarez
    5 rating
    Apr 15, 2023

    Support and compassion

    I've been trying to find my parents' biological father since the age of 18 old. I'm now 65. It is a blessing to have found my Dad, and he's satisfied, but he wasn't aware of me before this point. May God Bless Test Me DNA!! Thank you, Heather, for your support and compassion.

  4. Frankie Mitchell
    2 rating
    Jan 24, 2023

    The lab personnel is beneficial in answering any question

    The lab personnel is beneficial in answering any question. We'll test with a different lab that we'll be able to walk into since our results surprised everyone involved. We'll need a visible chain of custody. As we can tell, the lab could do its job, but the results were so swift,t and we need assurance.

  5. Mary Price
    5 rating
    Dec 19, 2022

    They were very accommodating and patient throughout the process.

    My father and I reside in different states. They mailed us both kits, and we returned them. However, a severe snowstorm struck, and my gear was missing from the post. I contacted them after one week, and they offered me a new test. The good news is that FedEx discovered my package, so we didn't have to sit around waiting. We were notified of the results three days after the package was delivered. They were very accommodating and patient throughout the process.

  6. Rhonda Chamings
    5 rating
    Dec 14, 2022

    I was extremely happy

    I was thrilled and delighted with the warmth and kindness of this company. The employee explained everything in detail so I could understand the procedure. I am grateful for your professionalism and, most of all, the kindness you displayed.

  7. Gerald Watson
    4 rating
    Dec 11, 2022

    Staff members particularly Heather was extremely friendly

    Staff members, particularly Heathe, weres extremely friendly and accommodating in the testing I conducted. My only complaint was that I could test multiple potential fathers, and one of them was unwilling to cooperate in talking to me within his extended family. The first test was conducted with an alleged "uncle," and the results were "not related," which was disappointing. Therefore, we had to choose a different route for genealogy, which the company could not help us with. We had to buy an Ancestry kit and also hire a genealogist complete the research. If you've got more than one potential father, conduct some research first.

  8. Andrew Hopson
    5 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    Thanks to you all.

    Heather, Scott, and Ryan are a wonderful group of people who are professional and considerate. Thank you for treating us as a family during this challenging time. We are thankful to finally have an answer we have been waiting for, for many years. We hope generosity continues to heal others as we can start to express our thanks to you all.

  9. Bridget Lamb
    5 rating
    Dec 2, 2022

    Professional, knowledgeable, and helpful employees.

    We needed legally-valid testing of paternity by DNA. Found Health Testing online. Professional, knowledgeable, and helpful employees. It is easy to schedule and test—quick results.

  10. Walter Martin
    5 rating
    Jul 25, 2022

    A wonderful experience

    A wonderful experience I experienced with this business. I was utterly ignorant of the whole procedure. They were able to explain the process to me and were extremely accommodating.

    The mailer was lovely and contained everything I needed to get the results later. The results were quick and quick. I got my results the same week I set up my initial test.

    Thank you for your kind words, and I hope this review will be helpful to others.

  11. Ashley Hitchcock
    5 rating
    May 26, 2022

    Thanks to the TestMeDNA staff for their help

    TestMeDNA's helpfulness was a great relief.

    The process of paternity testing was something I didn't know about.

    They were able to explain the process to me and provide the support I needed.

    Everything was sent quickly, and my results came back quickly.

    My paternity test results were even delivered to me two days after my DNA samples had been submitted.

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