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10 Reviews on MyheritageDNA

  1. Donna Sterner
    Jun 6, 2023

    A terrible company

    A terrible company. VERY difficult to find a means of contact with them. They only seem to be interested in selling expensive additions ....the DNA kit that we purchased for my wife and me and then returned disappeared," it looks...AVOID this business. As time passes, I increasingly believe it's a scam.

  2. Christine Gilbert
    May 6, 2023

    The cost of postage

    I Purchased a DNA kit from my family's ancestral roots in early May 2021. The kit arrived yesterday. I activated the equipment and sent the specimen, which was 26.00 dollars in postage. I needed to complete a customs form. It took five weeks for the kit to be delivered, and the cost was 26 bucks. I also ordered an ancestry kit at the same with my wife. It came with the cost of postage, and they're currently analyzing the results at their laboratory! It was received two weeks later.

  3. Melody cordova
    Apr 15, 2023

    Solving this problem is difficult

    The company does not clarify that when you buy DNA kits with them, you agree with a subscription with a cost of PS114. My first clue about this was that it was charged via Paypal. Solving this problem through MyHeritage is difficult; they don't wish to have a simple way of contacting them and still trying to find a solution. Take care of this company.

  4. Jennifer Denmon
    Jan 29, 2023

    I never received any notification of my findings being available

    I never received any notification of my findings being available. However, as promised, I didn't receive a paper copy in the mail. It's not nearly as attractive or user-friendly as other sites that offer ancestry information. Unprofessional design principles do not provide explanations of its terminology or display images, for instance. For instance it doesn't state whether DNA matches are paternal or maternal. ,,

  5. Rick Daniels
    Jan 24, 2023

    We share 95% of our DNA with apes

    All about the money, this crowd DNA test is a complete prank with no supervision of the sample sent to the USA is three weeks away. We share 95% of our DNA with apes, and only one percent divides us. The facts about people ignorant of the possibility that they could be connected to Queens and King's rulers or Mongols

  6. Agnes Patterson
    Dec 19, 2022

    The help service is quick and prompt in responding to any questions you may have.

    I recently utilized My Heritage DNA and found it invaluable in confirming family legends about the more esoteric ethnicity. The Family Tree Builder is user-friendly, while the search database you add is rich in data when you're born in Eastern European or Baltic Heritage. The help service is quick and prompt in responding to any questions.

  7. Janiya Ruffin
    Dec 8, 2022

    Best customer Service i did experience soo far!

    Best customer service I did experience so far! I've never reviewed it. However, the service a customer of my family heritage provides is highly "big"; I have to help spread the Word! Thumbs Up!

  8. Marcee Hammang
    Dec 2, 2022

    Aul was awe-inspiring professional, friendly and professional

    MyHeritage Rep. Paul was awe-inspiring professional, friendly, and professional. I was given my kit and received all the information I needed in a reasonable amount of time, and I was so happy to learn about my roots and the people I was related to. I strongly recommend my heritage (:

  9. Robert Olson
    Jul 25, 2022


    Scammers!! And Ich thought that I was smart... These people are more intelligent than me. I saw the ad on Instagram and was a bit confused as to whether they were UK located in the UK.

    Who in the world would promote things to be shipped to Texas? The buyer pays postage. Ridiculous. Don't be fooled! The money is going to the toilet.

  10. Kelli Burdick
    May 26, 2022

    Support behind the scenes to help me understand our four DNA ethnicity results

    My Heritage Support area was contacted last week by me to clarify our four DNA results. These were the results our family received in the past few months.

    Although my husband, my sons, and mine were easy to understand, I was shocked to discover that my daughter had 8.2% North Africa, 1% Nigerian, 56.7% Scandinavian, 28.2% Scottish and Irish, and Welsh - despite me being 100% European.

    Slavica, a support team member, explained to me that three family members had Italy/and Sicily represented and that my husband's 11.7% Iberian influence extends as low as Sicily, Algerian, Tunisia, and so on.

    She explained that our ancestors may be providing additional ethnicities in our DNA and that this could have come from either of us.

    Slavica informed us that our daughter was very closely related to her parents. Slavica confirmed that our DNA results were very similar and that my daughter's baby girl has enormous, darkened North African eyes.

    My son and daughter were only 38.1% DNA matched. She explained that this was perfectly normal and that DNA matching with siblings can be even lower.

    Although we were so happy to have done the DNA tests, it was necessary the interpretation the results before any other family members could take them.

    We are happy to have learned about our Australian heritage and our ethnicities.

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