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2 Reviews on MyheritageDNA

  1. Robert Olson
    July 25th, 2022


    Scammers!! And Ich thought that I was smart… These people are more intelligent than me. I saw the ad on Instagram and was a bit confused as to whether they were UK located in the UK.

    Who in the world would promote things to be shipped to Texas? The buyer pays postage. Ridiculous. Don’t be fooled! The money is going to the toilet.

  2. Kelli Burdick
    May 26th, 2022

    Support behind the scenes to help me understand our four DNA ethnicity results

    My Heritage Support area was contacted last week by me to clarify our four DNA results. These were the results our family received in the past few months.

    Although my husband, my sons, and mine were easy to understand, I was shocked to discover that my daughter had 8.2% North Africa, 1% Nigerian, 56.7% Scandinavian, 28.2% Scottish and Irish, and Welsh – despite me being 100% European.

    Slavica, a support team member, explained to me that three family members had Italy/and Sicily represented and that my husband’s 11.7% Iberian influence extends as low as Sicily, Algerian, Tunisia, and so on.

    She explained that our ancestors may be providing additional ethnicities in our DNA and that this could have come from either of us.

    Slavica informed us that our daughter was very closely related to her parents. Slavica confirmed that our DNA results were very similar and that my daughter’s baby girl has enormous, darkened North African eyes.

    My son and daughter were only 38.1% DNA matched. She explained that this was perfectly normal and that DNA matching with siblings can be even lower.

    Although we were so happy to have done the DNA tests, it was necessary the interpretation the results before any other family members could take them.

    We are happy to have learned about our Australian heritage and our ethnicities.

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