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2 Reviews on KARLabs

  1. James Daniel
    July 25th, 2022

    The process of collecting the sample

    The process of collecting and sending the sample was so simple that I would have completed it years ago! The results of the 360 kit test were thorough and meticulously noted to pinpoint the assumptions, water issues that could arise, and more. KARLabs as a business is a joy to work with, and the whole process was easy.

  2. Stony Brooks
    May 26th, 2022


    The results of the water tests were highly detailed. I expected a quick overview of the water quality.

    However, it wasn’t included in the results. Karlabs quickly responded to my request for an overview of the water quality.

    I got it within one hour. Although I believe the overview should be included in the original report, I was satisfied with the reply after I asked.

    It is an excellent investment to know what you are drinking.

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