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  1. Garent Grund
    September 19th, 2022

    Just Great!

    I have read reviews of myqualitia’s website, and I don’t know the other problem. Still, I’ve experienced nothing but great personal experiences with them over the past year of doing business with them. Laura and Nick have been fantastic in their customer service, and their product is on par with any other company I’ve tried, if not the best. I’ve only experienced a problem once with delivery being late, and to their credit, it was not the user’s responsibility, but they gave me a 15% discount for my next order! I can say that I’ve been delighted with this business and would highly recommend them to anyone else.

  2. Linda Bergeron
    July 25th, 2022

    They have been outstanding!

    [Name Redacted] and [Name Redacted] have been outstanding in running this company and dealing with clients (speaking just for me and my personal experience). The products are always delivered on time, as I was expecting, and are high-quality. I highly recommend them over a similar company I’ve used before. They are the best choice for your Tia requirements.

  3. Courtney Abar
    May 26th, 2022

    Excellent quality products

    My Qualitia has been the best company we have ever received tia. They have been our providers for two and a half years. They are very responsive to our needs and will go above and beyond to ensure it is fixed.

    They have excellent tia and almost always have it available. These reviews will help you decide whether to order from them. They care about their business and are not just faking it. They are friendly, punctual, and produce excellent quality products!

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