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8 Reviews on MyQualitia

  1. Maria Justice
    May 6, 2023

    Prices are reasonable

    The products were delivered on the same day. Prices are reasonable, and the packaging was excellent. I appreciate the high-quality customer service they provide by phone or messaging. Excellent customer service.

  2. Jeremiah Lionel King
    Jan 1, 2023

    Astroturfing scammers

    Sent me boof gear on reddit.

  3. David Davies
    Oct 21, 2022

    They are complete idiots

    They are total idiots. Name and address are always $#*!ing incorrect! There are always issues with these people. My partner has my name, address, and phone number on the purchase form. To ensure everything is correct, we contact them! Yet they have a hard time getting it the right way. We sometimes pay for express delivery, and they send the wrong item. They are complete idiots.

  4. Garent Grund
    Sep 19, 2022

    Just Great!

    I have read reviews of myqualitia's website, and I don't know the other problem. Still, I've experienced nothing but great personal experiences with them over the past year of doing business with them. Laura and Nick have been fantastic in their customer service, and their product is on par with any other company I've tried, if not the best. I've only experienced a problem once with delivery being late, and to their credit, it was not the user's responsibility, but they gave me a 15% discount for my next order! I can say that I've been delighted with this business and would highly recommend them to anyone else.

  5. Myqualitia
    Aug 12, 2022

    That’s a dam lie

    We don’t even sell it like that . You are mad cause I won’t deal with you because you were one of the most self centered people I have ever met . All about what you want brandy . You refused to pay the way I asked refused to get your order mailed I met you over a dozen times and I can’t deal with the 25 or 30 text a day or the passive aggressive comments because you don’t get you way . I went out of ky way to meet you more than a dozen times bexusse you redused to order and pay the way we do things . And btw has anyone ever seen a site that sells things by the oz ? Not mine . You also said something about misusing the product in a way not intended and I had told you i won’t sell to you if you are doing that and I know about it . So stop lying and yohr real name is Brady Carter or that the name you gave me but you admitted you lie about your name constantly like you obviously lie about a lot of things . NightMare customer . If you have any type of business and see this woman run the other way . Very entitled and selfish and just a troublemaker over all .

  6. Myqualitia
    Aug 12, 2022

    Actually this is a scorned customer that got mad when I told her I could not do business anymore with her

    After meeting her more than a dozen times and her being late each time as well as always saying she would set up the correct payment method and never doing it and wanting to show up with cash as well as asking for loans til payday numerous times and being just inconsiderate that I have a life as well as own a business she is scorned . When she finally did get the correct way to pay she said she ordered from another company to spite me and that was enough. This is not even a real name of a customer we have had this is really a Brantley Carter is the name she used with us . She refused to mail her orders after asking many many times as it’s a online business and she refused to do anything I asked as well as asking many inappropriate questions on top of everything else . The customer was not always right in this case and I promise no one could deal with the texts anywhere from two am to six am and all in between totaling probably 25 messages a day no exaggeration . Nigthmare to deal with . Also everyone knows the products we sell are not ever sold by oz so that shows she is a liar right there . We have not I repeat not been contacted by this fictional person but I did block this woman who I won’t deal with again but we don’t owe her a damn thing . That’s a lie we have had no one complian and if we had someone complain we never ghosted anyone . Liar !!

  7. Linda Bergeron
    Jul 25, 2022

    They have been outstanding!

    [Name Redacted] and [Name Redacted] have been outstanding in running this company and dealing with clients (speaking just for me and my personal experience). The products are always delivered on time, as I was expecting, and are high-quality. I highly recommend them over a similar company I've used before. They are the best choice for your Tia requirements.

  8. Courtney Abar
    May 26, 2022

    Excellent quality products

    My Qualitia has been the best company we have ever received tia. They have been our providers for two and a half years. They are very responsive to our needs and will go above and beyond to ensure it is fixed.

    They have excellent tia and almost always have it available. These reviews will help you decide whether to order from them. They care about their business and are not just faking it. They are friendly, punctual, and produce excellent quality products!

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