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Is Hypedrop legit?

While Hypedrop claims legitimacy and fairness, user experiences have raised concerns. Reports suggest initial wins followed by significant losses, indicating potential fairness issues. Therefore, caution is advised when using Hypedrop.

Is Hypedrop banned in the UK?

While Hypedrop isn't explicitly banned in the UK, it doesn't appear to have a required UKGC license. This suggests it may be operating without necessary legal permissions in the UK. UK customers should know the potential risks and legal implications when using Hypedrop.

How to cheat Hypedrop?

Cheating Hypedrop would not only be unethical and dishonest, but also illegal and risky. You could face legal consequences or lose your money or account if you try to cheat Hypedrop. Therefore, I strongly advise you not to attempt to cheat Hypedrop, and instead enjoy the game responsibly and moderately.

16 Reviews on HypeDrop

  1. Jack
    1 rating

    Absolute Scam! Beware of Hypedrop!

    Aug 4, 2023

    I've had it with this sham of a website, Hypedrop! I've been on it for a few days, and let me tell you, it's no different from any other illegal gambling site out there. They lure you in with a few wins at the start, and then BAM! You're losing left, right, and center!

    Don't mistake me for an addict, I'm just stating facts. On day one, I was on a winning streak. But come days two and three, I lost about 30 to 40 battles in a row against a BOT!

    And here's the kicker - I once opened a 400€ battle in private mode, and guess what? Some newbie with a level 3 account joins my game and walks away with a 2k€ item! Smells fishy, right? It's the same old scam pulled with the csgo jackpot in 2015.

    And this guy, "Killian," the owner, he's a known scammer on several websites. So, heed my advice, stay vigilant, and save your hard-earned money! This site is nothing but a trap!

  2. Alexis Avery
    1 rating

    Customer support is not good

    May 27, 2023

    This website stole $1,860.00 from me. I saw the items disappear, and now they're saying it was removed, but that isn't true. I've been a faithful player for two years, and now you have to do this. Customer support is not good. However, the website is nothing more than a fraud. I'd recommend everyone gamble at a casino that does not take your money.

  3. Sharna Pearson
    1 rating

    An online game not available

    May 26, 2023

    I don't suggest this to anyone. I waited two weeks for an online game that was not available, and I could have purchased it on various websites like Eneba. I was bored and didn't make any cash on the site.

  4. Corey Pouchnik
    1 rating

    An absolute SCAM

    Apr 28, 2023

    I am awestruck by the things you can get on this website. I'm an avid enthusiast of streetwear and other stuff similar to such. This site, however, is an absolute SCAM. They lure you with their promises, and they'll ruin you. I've lost more than a sum of 6000 Euros on this site. When I decided to have something delivered instead of withdrawing, THEY THREW A 200 EURO FEE AT ME. This site is a scam. Should you wish to destroy your life as well, go on. Have you had thoughts of suicide after seeing the site's shady design? Burn in hell.

  5. Ashley Nicole
    5 rating

    The bots don't seem to appreciate

    Apr 26, 2023

    Hype Drop was natural; I deposited and won several battles, ordered merchandise, and arrived. It was quick, and everything I bought was highly recommended. The only issue is that the bots don't seem to appreciate beginners regarding them as much. I'm almost wholly lost each when I have to fight a bot ......

  6. Asia dancy
    1 rating

    It was a good experience

    Apr 11, 2023

    It was a good experience; I played for quite a while. However, I'm very disappointed to report they're acting like a business where the cash speaks. You encounter a glitch, and you go to Support, but they can't believe you without video, and then you have referred to the message of a Manger that sends you the message but will never return your call if you respond. It's a shame that there is a need for a video of the games you play with your friends to show that you have explained...

  7. Joceline Salazar
    1 rating

    Worst experience ever.

    Jan 18, 2023

    Worst experience ever. They provided all users with a chance to earn a bonus by using Ref Codes. Ref Code I used that bonus, but after ten dates, they blocked my account and put 1800 euros on it, saying I was not utilizing the compensation they offered. I've tried to contact support for days, and all I get is a copy-pasted email with no details whatsoever.

  8. Shiv Sohan
    1 rating

    You feel like you're offering everything to create a new box.

    Dec 19, 2022

    For more than an entire year and even tried various varieties, it's continuing to fail. You feel like you're offering everything to create a new box. ****y box. I will never recommend anyone to anyone else. It's been a long time since I've had a good pull. 60 to indicate how much you've lost. Never anything from the cases that you use every day.

  9. Phillip Wilson
    1 rating

    Ave has been using this site for over two years without any issues

    Dec 13, 2022

    Ave has been using this site for over two years without any issues. I Support stopped responding to my messages and has been quiet. I have deposited and also withdrawn before. I'm now trying to start my money today, and they've decided to inform me that the site cannot be used within the UK. There's no notice or warning to inform me of this, and they've not closed my account with my funds in the report.

  10. Brian Dobbie
    1 rating

    This website is awful

    Nov 2, 2022

    Noooo! This website is awful. A player known as Frank made 120k from using his money. However, Hypedrop refused to let him withdraw it and even removed his account! They did not allow him to defend himself; instead, they banned him. What's this?

  11. Suley Begum
    1 rating

    Customer service is awful

    Oct 22, 2022

    Customer service is awful. The website is entirely devoid of the absence of player RTP. On the other hand, I played a game on a recent day with the insane mode turned on; I was able to click "ok, gotcha," and it did nothing but "glitched" and did an everyday battle. And guess what, ..... it makes so much money; it's shady. I tried to contact support, but they haven't responded or cannot answer, and I'm considering the legal side. This is not ok...

  12. Barbara Luke
    2 rating

    Not for beginners

    Oct 2, 2022

    Not for beginners, I tried depositing 10 dollars to test the site, but the money did not appear, so I checked the area and had an initial .01 Eth deposit. Although my losses aren't too significant, it's not an ideal experience for those who would like to test the site for the first time. Ten dollars and losing it even without playing it is a nagging issue and deters me from playing on the site.

  13. Jennifer Madison
    1 rating


    Sep 26, 2022

    This website says that it "guarantees fairness" but "guarantees fairness," but there is nothing fair about this website. All the video clips on YouTube are fake. There is no way to win valuable prizes but just those0.01cent vouchers. Avoid them. It's my second time submitting this review since Trust Pilot works with this site, and they pay for them to remove the majority of the negative reviews. And I'll keep posting this review.

  14. Tommy Cloinger
    5 rating

    Hype Drop can be a great idea

    Jul 19, 2022

    I've used HypeDrop for the last one month and it's been a fantastic experience to date. So far, I've earned approximately 2 dollars. I erroneously exchanged my Items at least a couple of times, and each time someone was there to assist me in rectifying my mistake.

  15. Sandy Martinez
    5 rating

    It's a fantastic site

    Jul 2, 2022

    It's a fantastic site for gambling with actual costs. The more expensive options require a longer time to get to your house, but that's fine. They update weekly their old cases, and frequently bring new issues, and watchgamesTV is at the top!

  16. Anonymous
    5 rating

    I was a bit skeptical about this site initially

    Jun 8, 2022

    I was a bit skeptical about this site initially. I was skeptical because most mystery box sites fraud you with promises of winning, but in reality, you are you'll never win any prize.

    So far (it was just delivered today), I've received the games I own for my Xbox s series and the fun I won on my Switch Mario Kart in excellent condition.

    Enjoy the prize you received? Try it again. It's a bit like any other website, but this one comes with a warranty.

    Failed the first time around? Look for, and purchase machines with higher odds, and I'm sure you'll get an excellent value worth the dollars.

    The Xbox was won with just a $1.89 US Dollar spin!

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About HypeDrop

HypeDrop is an online platform where users can purchase and open real-life loot boxes, essentially mystery boxes containing various items such as electronics, clothing, toys, and more. Users can sell or exchange the items they receive from these loot boxes or have them shipped to their addresses. HypeDrop claims to operate under a Provably Fair system, which is a method of verifying that the outcomes of the loot boxes are random and fair and that the odds of receiving each item are transparent and accurate. This system is intended to ensure fairness and build trust among users. However, it's important to note that HypeDrop's operations resemble gambling, as users pay money for a chance to win items of varying value. This platform aspect has raised concerns among some users, with reports suggesting patterns of initial wins followed by significant losses. Furthermore, the legality of HypeDrop can depend on specific local laws and regulations. For instance, online gambling operators in the UK must have a license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and HypeDrop does not appear to have such a license. This suggests that HypeDrop may operate without legal permissions in certain jurisdictions, and local laws or standards may not protect customers in these areas.

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