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3 Reviews

3 Reviews on Ahooga Bike

  1. David Perry
    September 26th, 2022

    Since the product is top-quality

    Since the product is top-quality, your customer service personnel were fantastic when I pursued it. Then I was almost oblivious to the top-of-the-line packaging my product was shipped in. I was able to reuse the packaging, ten out of five stars. Five stars would be the ideal rating If I could get feedback directly from the system instead of not being able to determine where my order is and needing to track it down.

  2. Cleone Wright
    July 1st, 2022

    I am thrilled with the Ahooga

    I am thrilled with the Ahooga, the 24V foldable bike. It’s an excellent design, lightweight, and easy to use.

    It is incredibly smooth, both with or without power. I also own the Cowboy, but there’s no way to compare.

    My Ahooga bike is 10x more enjoyable and comfortable to ride. I gave the Cowboy to a close friend…

  3. Anonymous
    June 9th, 2022

    poor communications and the slow response

    The bike was a modular model I picked up on December 6th, ’21. Bikes broke down at the beginning of March, after just 300 km of usage.

    The dealers mentioned on the site at the date of the purchase were no longer there. The customer had to drive 30km to find an Ahooga provider.

    The company was extremely reticent to begin repair work due to problems with Ahooga in the past concerning reparations.

    May 6th and May 22nd, I’m still waiting for repairs and am getting very frustrated by poor communications and the slow response.

    Knowing this, I would not have bought an Ahooga bike and definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

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Aloha. We are Ahooga. We help you overcome obstacles and make lively cities. Also, we provide bicycles that are easy to use and bright. Our award-winning bikes are designed to address the needs of commuters and aid them in adopting bicycles. They range from folding (electric and not)-yet-efficient to light and modular electronic cargo bikes. Our collection of bikes shares one thing: they're simple and enjoyable to ride without the support of an electric motor. This unique hybrid idea allows you to ride your motorcycle superior to a standard electric hill-flattener. It also gives you complete control. Also, the battery autonomy range is A very flexible parameter. Designed in Belgium. Welded-in Europe. Visit our website to learn more: www. yahoo.bike

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