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3 Reviews on Charged Electric Bike Store

  1. Derek Megson
    September 26th, 2022

    Amazingly helpful and a great value

    I made an appointment. Reece spent a lot of time with me while I decided on my bike. Amazingly helpful and a great value. Reece also introduced me to the Green Commute Initiative, which meant I could buy a higher-priced motorcycle, thanks to the tax credits that helped me save a lot of money. Reece also provided an excellent job of handing over the bike on a night at a convenient time for my schedule. I couldn’t have asked more.

  2. Manish Jain
    July 2nd, 2022

    Great job!

    A fantastic local store allowed bikes demos before purchasing and focused on customer support and service. Reece was an absolute professional. I was amazed by the low-pressure sales, the quality of the bikes they offered, and the time spent choosing the best bike. Great job! The price was reasonable, and the shop was great for locals.

  3. Ziya Balkan
    June 9th, 2022

    great customer service

    We purchased two Ebikes through Charged and are incredibly pleased with the entire experience.

    Initially, we took the standard route of major retailers, but we didn’t get an enjoyable experience as the Ebikes they offered seemed cheap.

    They request that you set up an appointment before entering the shop. We initially were skeptical about why they do this. Still, upon our arrival, it became apparent that they made this request to provide you with their complete attention and knowledge in locating the perfect motorcycle for you. Therefore, we searched for an exclusive Ebikes shop and found Charged.

    They do not push you to buy or pressure sell, which is, in my opinion, a great thing. We discussed before our arrival our requirements, and they had Ebikes they believed would be suitable in the shop, waiting for us to take a ride.

    We purchased two folding Ebikes and are delighted with them, as we mentioned. Charged is a reasonably new business, but they’ll succeed as they have achieved everything they wanted so far. Excellent service, friendly and skilled, and great customer service

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Charged provides an incredible service for those looking for assistance and advice in the field of Electric Bikes. It is located at the epicenter of East Anglian recreation and natural beauty. With a vast, well-chosen, and well-crafted eBike inventory in our store, We'll help you discover your ideal Electric Bike. With Charged, you are assured that your needs will be taken care of by our employee's certified electric bike specialists and eBike enthusiasts. We are offering the most comprehensive expertise and service at the highest level.

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