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Is Wallaroo Media legit?

Wallaroo Media has 6 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 2.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Wallaroo Media customer care?

You can contact Wallaroo Media customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 801-432-0850

Where is Wallaroo Media located?

Wallaroo Media is located at address 55 N University Ave. Suite 201. Provo, Utah.

6 Reviews on Wallaroo Media

  1. Nicholas Hurtado
    4 rating

    Highly Recommend

    Jan 23, 2024

    Wallaroo was suggested to me via Karl from Net Hosting. I needed assistance in the implementation of our newly acquired SSL certification for our site as well as other required improvements such as our contact form and the harmful link we managed to purchase with their integrated PPH forum. Wallaroo put on their hats and got to work to address all three problems, and helped improve the web one site at each step. In this light, I strongly recommend Wallaroo for any webmaster that needs updates for their online present.

  2. Frederich
    1 rating

    Challenges and Disappointments Website Development Services

    Dec 20, 2023

    We engaged Wallaroo to market social media as well as their sister firm, Bombora, for website development. We had a bad experience working with both of them. was not good.

    Co-founders Kade and Brandon are excellent to collaborate with. Our projects, however, weren't directly managed by the co-founders. Our project managers have left Wallaroo for a different company in the middle of our agreement. Communication and follow-up were inadequate and Bombora/Wallaroo did not deliver the services agreed to be provided.

  3. Mike
    1 rating

    Wallaroo Media: High Hopes, Low Delivery

    Jul 31, 2023

    Our engagement with Wallaroo Media for the launch of our company, encompassing social media, website, branding, and ads, was unfortunately disappointing. The initial meeting was promising, with competent-sounding commitments. However, the owners seemed disconnected from the day-to-day operations, and the deliverables were subpar.

    Over three months, we invested $17,000 and received a partially completed website, which we had to finish ourselves. Their web design capabilities were not up to standard. The packaging design was essentially self-created, with us guiding their designer, who seemed more like an intern, through the process. Wallaroo's referral to a local packaging manufacturer was misleading, as the referred company only produced labels, not actual packaging.

    We encountered a significant issue with the packaging die line, which Wallaroo incorrectly set up. Had we not caught this error, we would have ended up with 25,000 unusable packages. The few positives were well-written blog posts and about 20 social media posts. However, their SEO services were ineffective.

    Despite our attempts to reach out for high-resolution images of our logos, which we paid for, we have not received any response. It is concerning that we invested a significant amount and cannot receive a simple email with an image attachment.

    Furthermore, we worked with Bombora and Pouch, entities not mentioned in our contract with Wallaroo. The agreement did not mention third-party outsourcing, which we scrutinized thoroughly.

    Based on our experience, we would advise caution when considering Wallaroo Media. Their deliverables did not meet our expectations, and their communication and transparency were lacking.

  4. Anonymous
    1 rating

    I have wasted $17,000 over three months!

    Jul 30, 2023

    We engaged Wallaroo Media to assist with the launch of our company, encompassing social media, website development, branding, advertising, and more. The initial meeting was promising, with an array of commitments and a display of competence. However, much like Zach's review, the owners seemed disconnected from the day-to-day operations, which were largely unproductive.

    After investing $17,000 over three months, we received a partially completed website (which we had to finish ourselves) and a packaging design that we essentially had to create ourselves, working late into the night with their "packaging designer," who seemed more like an intern.

    They recommended a local "packaging" manufacturer who, upon our investigation, only produced labels for products like soda bottles, contradicting Wallaroo's claim of them being a primary packaging manufacturer. They seemed unfamiliar with basic packaging concepts like die lines. We narrowly avoided a costly mistake with the die line they provided, which was incorrect and could have resulted in 25,000 unusable packages.

    While we did receive a few decent blog posts and social media posts, their SEO services were subpar. Despite multiple attempts to contact them via email and text, we've also struggled to obtain high-resolution images of the logos we paid for.

    Furthermore, we worked with Bombora and Pouch, entities not mentioned in our contract, raising questions about undisclosed third-party outsourcing. We've thoroughly reviewed our agreement and found no mention of such arrangements.

    Based on our experience, we cannot recommend Wallaroo Media. Their services did not meet our expectations, and their communication and delivery were lacking. We advise potential clients to exercise caution when considering their services.

  5. James Ju
    5 rating

    I trust their services emphatically

    Jul 28, 2023

    Since 2018, our firm has been in a fruitful partnership with Wallaroo Media. Throughout this period, I've had the privilege of engaging with several of their team members directly, and the interactions have been highly beneficial. Their proficiency in their domain is commendable, and they ensure seamless communication. The highlight, however, is their consistent delivery of measurable outcomes. They have been a critical contributor to our enduring success over time. I trust their services emphatically and would advocate for them with an assurance level of 200%.

  6. Tim
    1 rating

    Wallaroo Media has been a disaster!

    Jul 28, 2023

    My experience with Wallaroo Media has been a disaster over the past 7 years of my entrepreneurial journey.

    The management of our Meta and Google ads left much to be desired. Meta lacked creative testing, and the ads were poorly constructed, with mismatched videos and copy promoting different products. They also used non-existent discount codes and overspent on advertising to our existing customers, significantly wasting our monthly ad budget. The communication and account management was not up to par, with numerous specific issues that could be elaborated upon.

    During the crucial period leading up to Black Friday, there was a lack of preparation for our campaigns, despite my repeated requests for organization. An emergency meeting was held six days before we went live, during which the CEO attempted to rectify the situation. However, the ensuing stress and workload over the next 2-3 weeks were substantial, requiring late nights and high energy to complete tasks that Wallaroo did not address.

    The stress this situation placed on my team and me was significant, and the financial loss due to these issues was considerable. Despite raising these concerns, I often felt dismissed and was provided with excuses rather than solutions. I decided to terminate our contract immediately to prevent further damage to my business.

    The results of this partnership were disappointing. In December 2022, the last month we worked with them, we achieved a turnover of £98.5K with a 2.43 ROAS. Since parting ways with Wallaroo, our ROAS has consistently improved, reaching a turnover of £102k with a 4.16 ROAS in May 2023.

    I would advise current Wallaroo partners to consider having an independent party review their work. If their management of your account is similar to my experience, significant financial opportunities may be missed.

    For those considering a partnership with Wallaroo, I recommend exploring other options, including self-management of ads or seeking a different partner.

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Wallaroo Media is a digital marketing and social media advertising agency that aims to grow businesses through well-targeted and designed social advertising. Their services include paid advertising across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. They align their strategy with the client's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help meet and exceed them. Additionally, they offer organic marketing services, including search engine optimization, content marketing campaigns, email and the text flows, organic social media strategy, and influencer marketing. Wallaroo Media also provides design services, including brand development, print and digital design, UX/UI, web and app development, and photography/videography. Furthermore, they offer early-stage investment options, trading services for equity, and connections to low-interest business loan providers and venture capital firms.

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55 N University Ave. Suite 201. Provo, Utah