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10 Reviews on TrueLDS

  1. Robin Snider
    Feb 1, 2023

    Other websites are simple to stop your renewal.

    I signed up to this website because they claim to be able to confirm individuals; however, the types of people present on the site were not active Latter-day saints. I would not give it any stars If I could. I attempted to cancel my subscription, but the website wouldn’t let me cancel it even though they said you could cancel anytime. So I tried to contact them via the site’s contact page without any results. I tried at least five or six times in one month. I got an email saying that I could cancel my account and that they could cancel it. They did not block me from their site, but I was charged a $39 renewal fee. They said they would give me credit but it’s b,een more than 45 days since they did not send me a refund. Other websites are simple to stop your renewal.

  2. Daniel Rodriguez
    Jan 28, 2023


    DO NOT USE IT! TrueLDS claims it is different from other LDS dating websites because it says LDS members are running it behind the scenes. They control who sign-ups and the content they share.” So on. The first thing to note is that their address is a UPS store! Do you want to inform me that all the LDS participants who are “supposedly” running this dating site are operating out of a UPS store? Additionally, I’ve sent four messages, “none” of which were replied to. If all of those are actively working on their website, how can not one of my messages be addressed? And, a few times later, the site wouldn’t be functioning. Finally, they claim to have the top of the best, but I could not find a singpersonple with the same values of religion as me. CANCELING TODAY!

  3. Chandler Dillard
    Jan 25, 2023

    he is rude and unprofessional

    I thought about setting up an account but then reviewing “Fred J’s” replies to negative reviews. His remarks about people’s judgments are disgusting, and it is shocking to me how he is rude and unprofessional. Is. He must be fired. I won’t launch any new charges while he employs the support staff member.

  4. Todd Travaille
    Jan 22, 2023


    I was stunned by the number of fake profiles and scammers. Many are easy to detect by simply verifying the profile pic listed on or simply pasting a paragraph of text in google. One reviewer claimed retaliation in response to posting negative reviews. I was told that they don’t confirm identities. One fraudster had been removed multiple times this week (!) (yet quickly found in a new profile). It’s not a secure site in any way. BE VERY WARY! They did say that they have refunded my funds (although I am still waiting!) BE CAUTIOUS!

  5. Joven Quiambao
    Jan 21, 2023


    Avoid! There isn’t any “TrueLDS Inc.” registered, and it’s a scam. The address listed on the website is the address of a UPS Store in San Diego. The “owners” are NOT LDS. Members are fake except those who believe in LDS and post their profiles. The site was designed to collect your images and profile information to make money from the entire world. Please report this to us so that we can have this website removed.

  6. Terrie Raffety
    Jan 17, 2023

    I was lucky not to be able to submit money to this website, but my bank spotted the scam

    I was lucky not to be able to submit money to this website, but my bank spotted the scam. The site that bills me says it’s situated in VA, but my bank halted an attempt to withdraw money from a company based in the UK.

  7. Maureen Leach
    Sep 21, 2022

    An excellent site

    I particularly liked that every profile appears to be fresh or, at the very least active. I received replies to nearly every message I sent. An excellent site to connect with fellow Mormons, as I don’t have many who live close to each other. Truls appears to have a lot of US users ( there are people from different nations, too); however, for me, it was not a problem.

  8. Paul Cleland
    Sep 21, 2022

    It's very creative

    It seems like an exciting website. I’ve only recently begun using it. However, I’ve received much feedback, and the site’s individuals seem genuine. A brand new site that’s certainly worth trying! They also provide attractive options to determine if it’s a good fit for you. It’s very creative.

  9. Paula Pereira
    Sep 21, 2022

    I was impressed by the members' responsiveness

    My girlfriend and I met on this site. I was impressed by the members’ responsiveness and the speed with which they responded on TrueLDS. I received one year of free membership (on top of the month’s subscription); however, I’ll not be using it anymore because I’ve discovered my lady… I tried and got none of the messages I sent.

  10. Ulises Walker
    May 26, 2022

    Terrible experience

    Too bad they won’t allow me to give zero stars. Fake profiles are a problem on this site. The admin completely ignored my messages when I inquired about the fake profiles. It’s a scam to waste your time messaging false users on this site.

    The administrator will not respond to you and try to conceal that he uses a third-party fee processing service to deny refunds.

    Terrible experience. STAY AWAY

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