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4 Reviews on Christian Mingle

  1. Rachel Plumber
    Jan 24, 2023

    I must read the reviews before joining.

    Once I connected to the management, they requested an ID card. This is how they’d need to be authorized. After a day of signing up, they removed my profile. Nutt! I must read the reviews before joining.

  2. Joe Bednarik
    Sep 21, 2022

    It's not possible to even send them a message

    The whole website is paid for. You can sign up for an account, but if you get an answer… It’s not possible to even send them a message. You must pay for the privilege of messaging. This should be transformed into Bumble with features that are not locked behind the wall of a paid one, without messaging being locked behind a wall that is paid for. It’s absurd that the users pay top dollar for their app and website; however, the interface and user experience are outdated… It’s like an attempt to copy MySpace.

  3. Joseph Armanyous
    Jul 6, 2022

    It seems like something is not right

    I’ve had a negative experience, which I believe is similar to many other users here. I joined, and my account was compromised. Someone swindler must have broken my password using some algorithm.

    This person then replaced my photo with a picture of an older man and used my account to defraud older women. This occurred while I was away for a few weeks and didn’t check the site.

    When I checked in and realized my account was used to send messages to these women of a certain age, which I did not have a desire for, I swiftly changed my password.

    I then notified Christian Mingle that an unethical user had hacked into my account and had sent fake messages under my name.

    I didn’t receive any response from them, as it seemed they didn’t care that a fraudster and predator was using their website. They completely ignored the problem.

    Then, the older women started messaging me, so I responded to all of them, explaining that an attacker had hacked my account and the messages they received through my statement were an attempt by a scammer.

    I thought it was best to inform the women that the messages they received weren’t from me and therefore were not authentic.

    I believe CM ought to have sufficient concern for the security of their members that they reach out to them too. And then, without communication, CM abruptly shut down my account.

    I’m guessing that one of the women targeted by the scammer that compromised my account was angry about it, which I don’t blame them for.

    I had been on their website for several months but had not had a single real-life woman.

    However, I had already contacted CM, reported the hacker, and sought advice on what I should do. It was an unprofessional and ineffective way to deal with the issue.

    I then joined another site and had the pleasure of meeting several real women simultaneously. It seems like something is not right with the way they conduct business.

  4. Liliana Ramirez
    May 26, 2022

    Do not join this site

    It’s a complete scam! I am 53 years old, and I know my game. Every day I was greeted with smiles from women across the US and other countries. There is no way these women wouldn’t be interested in me.

    You also get numerous messages saying they have a friend “Not here” who is perfect for me. She’s interested in my profile, which is how to contact her.

    Do not join this site. This site’s owners have a lot of control. They don’t even care.

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