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30 Reviews on CatholicMatch

  1. Beth Andrews
    May 9, 2023

    It's frustrating

    Yes, you are right, Michael Kelly. I reenlist because I will be able to strengthen my faith in the company of like-minded Catholics. Indeed, it's frustrating that most women would like you to be in their backyards. I prefer living in El Paso if it means getting the perfect woman. Alaska? Do you have any thoughts about Alaska? Ha! You are so brilliant! Catholics

  2. paxton dewyer
    Mar 18, 2023

    They'll continue paying scammers no matter what damage is caused

    I believe that contains more fraudsters than legitimate members. I saw new scammers join each day. If I asked a forum member since it was evident that he was a fraudster, The moderator who claimed to be the moderator attempted to make me look like a fool for doing that. Then they blocked the posting of my question. BECAUSE I WAS PROTECTING LEGIT MEMBERS. is a scam. My understanding is that the owners of this LLC aren't Catholic. It's just a business for them. You know what? Scammers pay. They'll continue paying scammers no matter what damage is caused.

  3. Craig Beatty
    Mar 17, 2023

    Their subscriptions ran out many years ago,

    The majority of "users" were sleeping members. Their subscriptions ran out many years ago, or they had never joined. There were a few scammers as well, and there are a lot of scammers on this website. I was enticed back to the site via a low-cost offer and numerous notifications regarding the possibility of receiving a "message" from someone "local" that was a fraudster. The place was changed to Terms and Conditions in mid-contra; these forums are highly restricted. The only discussions that can be exchanged are those similar to the ones you had when you were 14. I've heard that most users are located in the US, and only 15% come from other countries. This implies that many users are from countries not in the US. Unfortunately, users are rudely treated, which can make users feel uncomfortable. There are 1.3 billion Catholics globally; the market will likely be lucrative for new players.

  4. John Gates
    Mar 15, 2023

    I've used CatholicMatch because of curiosity.

    I've used CatholicMatch because of curiosity. I was looking for a Christian woman. However, CatholicMatch did not help me in any way. They portray it as the pool of women who join them is enormous and that the vast majority are family-oriented, profound, and gorgeous women with gold-colored hearts. However, this isn't the case! They claim to appear to be Christians. However, they are trying to steal your money at every chance. This site is complete with fake profiles. Bots are employed to send you templates and keep you interested. Additionally, there are many fraudsters all across the globe who claim to live in the city you live in.

  5. Kathleen Lacy
    Mar 14, 2023

    They don't want to do more than chat.

    Catholicmatch is a slap in the face to common sense and intelligence! The purpose of the girls will be to make you stay hooked on chats. Ordinary women would spend about a month conversing and then reveal their contact information. This is the expected behavior of a woman who claims she's keen on you and developing relationships with you. Catholicmatch ladies are dishonest from the beginning when they demonstrate their fake passion and interest in you. In the end, they don't want to do more than chat.

  6. Marcia Murphy
    Mar 13, 2023

    This review is written about my experience as a stalker on this website

    This review is written about my experience as a stalker on this website. A match section allows you to click"yes" or "no" to be matched. I did not click not to be checked, and the person reached out and created a second profile. I was then rechecked with this person. Be aware that this individual could continue to run two profiles concurrently. I don't believe for one second that they can't discern when you've clicked the wrong button.

  7. William Southern
    Mar 10, 2023

    Don't let them fool you and then fraudulently steal your money.

    CM is just a scam! I met many Christian women -they are genuine and have traditional strong family values. It's not all of them, however, but the majority. I'm one of them. I wasn't expecting the same results from this site as they don't claim to be an official Christian website. You don't know until you try. Con trying CatholicMatch, they don't follow the principles they say! They're so greedy that they do not delete your profile when you tell them you want to end your subscription. Therefore, they have many outdated profiles that robots have used to automate send-outs. I've never met a genuine Christian woman with traditional, strong familial values on CatholicMatch. I hope that you don't spend your money on CM. Its name is deceiving. Don't let them fool you and then fraudulently steal your money.

  8. Robert Vaughn
    Mar 10, 2023

    This is a complete blunder

    Was cited and fined for declaring "Let's talk on Facebook" because talking off-site is "a security risk," they claimed. This is a complete blunder; I'm the one who is taking the risk and telling them, "Please contact me." The website said that all conversations should be kept exclusively on I'll pay $40 (it might depend on the location or currency) each month! I'd love that If they recognized that some people might like to meet in person; however, the way they block any attempt at talking with users outside of their website where they earn their profits is clear that this site doesn't make fun of Catholics whatsoever. They're greedy, nasty people who take advantage of their users. This website is a simple way to make money.

  9. Diane Bagwell
    Mar 9, 2023

    They will encourage you to browse the site and make a note or smile

    They will encourage you to browse the site and make a note or smile. They don't say that unless someone else subscribes to a service and they can't respond in any way to what you send them. The site also claims that to safeguard you against "vulnerability," you cannot have any means of contacting you through your profile on the site; however, we are aware that this is an effort to keep you looking for and paying for the subscription. They don't want you to discover someone; they're after your money.

  10. Kristan Krogman
    Mar 8, 2023

    I signed up for the annual plan but wanted to cancel after one month and a change.

    I signed up for the annual plan but wanted to cancel after one month and a change. ReI requested a refund, but they refused. Nobody replies, and the number of users is minimal. Some users are downright rude or arrogant. This is not much better than a complimentary membership to OkCupid. Apart from displaying your Catholicism outwardly, there's nothing Catholic about the site.

  11. Saige Gardens
    Mar 7, 2023

    This is the kind of audience it attracts

    I'm concerned that this website makes fake profiles to lure customers to sign up to join. I've seen the same photo used on multiple profiles, and they don't get deleted even after being investigated. Messages are often never answered, and the members have no interaction. It's not the fault of the website but rather the reality of the quality of its content. This is the kind of audience it attracts. In the rare instances where an email was replied to, and a discussion between two individuals was initiated, the site prohibits sharing contact details. This is a way to make money, according to tin my opinion, to force the customer to purchase additional membership time, which I believe is a waste o

  12. Toni Glasgow
    Mar 5, 2023

    In fear of being debited in the future without my consent

    In fear of being debited in the future without my consent, I checked to ensure there was no indication of auto-renewal. I signed up to CM in the days before Christmas and chose a one-month-only subscription. However, CM took $29.99 from my card, claiming I had decided on an auto-renewal option. I've often said that I didn't; if desired, it wasdefaultedth a hidden method that was hard for users to understand. They have replied to my first emails but have not responded to the ones after that. I am writing this blog expecting they will reimburse my money.

  13. Ashley Basile
    Mar 4, 2023

    The woman there informed me that they review every message users send each other.

    The woman there informed me that they review every message users send each other. While we use their platform but this is a no No. This is a breach of privacy rights for users. I am aware that since it's a platform for religious beliefs and they might want users to be polite and respectful to one another. However, how they conduct their business is nothing more than Big Brother, East Germany, or Soviet Union styles. So Beware!

  14. Lisa McAllister
    Mar 3, 2023

    We agree that this was by far the most beautiful event ever in our lives

    My wife and I met more than 10 1/2 years ago at Catholic Match. We agree that this was by far the most beautiful event ever in our lives. The pictures were blurry, and we emailed between us for a long time. I am convinced that God kept our happiness in his heart. She provided everything I had wanted, multiplied by 100. I will always be grateful for the services of Catholic Match. It is a shame that you have to look through the names of people who are not honest to discover the treasure God will give you. Best of luck to everyone around you.

  15. Judy Nebhut
    Mar 2, 2023

    This is a natural, cost-effective way to waste cash and time! I've tried it for a few years, but the Catholics involved are not religious and don't seem to care. Not worth your time. You could also try Russian roulette. God had more plans for his followers and saints!

  16. Judy Wiley
    Mar 1, 2023

    I've met some friendly and bad people through CatholicMatch

    I've met some friendly and bad people through CatholicMatch. Some were unsure of what they wanted from life or were seeking too much from their mates to the point of being silly and hypocritical. The positive was that some were real and not snobby. They also could be seen to have a positive attitude about their Catholic convictions. Like everything else, there are good, some honest, and others not. My advice for CatholicMatch is to test it and not set any expectations too high, but foremost, trust your intuition! I've been blessed to encounter a very excellent Catholic. I'm giving them a 4 rating since the website isn't flawless—best of luck.

  17. Christine Kourou
    Feb 28, 2023

    It's not working.

    There's something wrong with this website. It's not working. No one is sending likes. You liked it, but no reply was received. There's not even a polite response. It's an unnecessary waste of both time and money. Shame on the owner who took money from people and used the term "Catholic Match" to gain 's trust person'.s trust. Do not trust them.

  18. Kenny Gilfilen
    Feb 27, 2023

    CM has both good as well as bad ones.

    CM has both good as well as bad ones. As an institution that is a Catholic website, there are far too many who don't regularly attend Mass, which implies that they aren't living according to the catechism. They don't even believe in the fundamental tenets of catholicism(nor do they want to know it since they're not focusing on the religion of their choice). Some of them employ shaming tactics and trolling on the internet, calling those who adhere to those fundamentals "judgemental"(they often use the same arguments when they do not get what they need). This is only the beginning of the problem. When I signed up for the Catholic website, I expected more.

  19. Tess Schaufler
    Feb 15, 2023

    This is supposed to be a Catholic website

    This is supposed to be a Catholic website, but it's not. When legitimate sites such as examine female members' documents and social networks to stop fraud and fake profiles, CatholicMatch moderators don't care. Your safety and security are ultimately your responsibility. Many scammers are their main issue, and they cannot stop these people. If you decide to sign up on this site, be extremely cautious and look for scammers since there are a lot of them (especially in the case of attractive women). Don't pay anyone, no matter the reason they give.

  20. Tessa Dunning
    Feb 14, 2023

    Don't invest your time and money; avoid disappointment.

    I paid for an annual membership but utilized the membership for less than one month, demanding a refund. I contacted customer support, and they informed me that they'd transfer the membership I had purchased to a month-long one and pay me the difference of one month, which makes no sense. Many of the men here aren't practicing Catholics. It is evident when you talk to them; you get insulting comments. In addition, their conversation does not correspond to their profiles. Don't invest your time and money; avoid disappointment.

  21. Nancy Kenney
    Feb 12, 2023

    All the people vanished.

    I logged on to the Catholic Match site and immediately received numerous offers before the payment. However, once I had paid for the single month, all the people vanished. What a scam! I was immediately removed from the site within the 2nd week. Beware of wasting your money on this website. I learned this painfully. It's excruciating to think of the long; I felt like I was a failure in love. And then, Catholic Match destroyed what self-esteem I had left. Shame on this website. Disgusting!

  22. Roxie Ann
    Feb 11, 2023

    Catholic matches are a scam.

    Catholic matches are a scam. They have banned me for life for checking their opinions about premarital sex. If someone is upset by any question, they'll exile you for the rest of the time they've never got within your region. They scrutinize every word you type, and there is no room for freedom. Deborah is insensitive and doesn't value you or how you feel. Do not be scammed as I did. Money doesn't grow in trees. There are a lot of FAKE profiles, and the women on this site are not, and I do not mean they aren't committed to getting to know you. STAY AWAY!

  23. Washington guy
    Feb 10, 2023

    Dissatisfied customer

    Dissatisfied customer. I wouldn't recommend this site for dating because the style of communication isn't ideal for communicating with other members. There are too many restrictions that make this site obsolete in comparison to other sites. Keep to those "free" sites; you will get more interactions.

  24. Roger Melville
    Feb 9, 2023

    It creates a poor relationship.

    It's a pity that there's nothing wrong with a site that advertises itself as religious when most users are obsessed with looks. It creates a poor relationship. Once you've spoken with people, you'll realize that religion isn't a priority for these people.

  25. Melinda Mackesey
    Feb 8, 2023

    I wouldn't recommend this website for dating anyone

    I wouldn't recommend this website for dating anyone. We've had no luck. My mother had one a few years ago tried. The first man was a total swindler. He said that he came from Italy but was from Texas. After a few months of conversing with him, we discovered what a complete fake the guy was. He tried to convince us to pay for the money and clothes. This year, we decided to try again after having moved to Florida. My mother joined and sent out messages and would receive little smiles but no responses. People would check out the profile but never send messages. She concluded that the shapes were fake and asked for her money to be refunded. However, the company could only pay a tiny amount, and my mother decided to transfer the funds to my name to check if I could have any luck. Three to four months have passed, and nothing has changed. This website is a scam, and I can't convince you that way.

  26. Marianne Hiltunen
    Feb 6, 2023

    I met my fiancée via Catholic Match,

    I met my fiancée via Catholic Match, which was the most enjoyable $30 I've ever spent. My only complaint is that, even after I had set my account to inactive, women could still browse my profile and send me messages, but I couldn't respond or even say that I was no longer interested. To reply, I needed to activate the account. Instead, I had to ask the site administrator to take dremovecount. I apologize to Lore, who wrote me a message I could not reply to. I didn't intend to ignore you.

  27. Jerry Kranz
    Jan 25, 2023

    This website is a nightmare

    This website is a nightmare. They have just blocked my account without reason. I hope I get my money back. I signed up, and the next day, they locked my account. Do not sign up. Not worth it. One person was rude to me and judgmental. I'm not sure what his issue was.

  28. Paul Crisson
    Sep 21, 2022

    This is a good thing for Catholics

    I worked, but I couldn't meet anyone with whom I am particularly interested in establishing a long-term relationship. I contacted support, and they were able to solve my issue eventually. I am still waiting for refunds for the remaining five months to show up in my account. Click the cc button in the lower right to access subtitles in English. This is a good thing for Catholics, and may God bless all of you.

  29. Imran Subzwari
    Jul 6, 2022

    They don't live by what they preach.

    They don't remove your profile if you tell them you want to end your subscription. This means they have many old profiles, which can be used for automatic email messages. I have met a lot of Christian females on [Redacted] are authentic and, indeed, they have solid family values.

    But not everyone, however, but the majority. I'm one of them. I wasn't expecting such results from this website since they don't advertise as an official Christian website.

    However, you'll never be sure until you try. Make sure that you don't spend your money on CatholicMatch. The name of the company is misleading. Do not let them deceive you.

  30. Emily Bergmann
    May 26, 2022

    Rude men with sloppy mouths

    Here, people are far from Catholic. I refused to accept a Hispanic man, and he called me a $#*!ing useless piece of $#*!. I should be deported to Asia. That America is not a country for me. It doesn't sound like I am a Catholic.

    All men are demeaning, thoughtless, and rude with lots of profanity. Don't sign up if you don't want to be raped by young racist men! The site's men are Satan's minions. No card anywhere in the world can be used to express people's emotions.

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