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  1. Michelle D Porter
    Jan 24, 2023

    I was skeptical about using a site like this to meet a fellow JW

    Initially, I was skeptical about using a site like this to meet a fellow JW. To my delight, I met my match, and we’re currently communicating and dating daily. One thing I liked about the site was that they checked the profiles of those who signed up and asked questions that only witnesses could answer. Witnesses could answer, which was very important for me. However, I conducted my vetting, which all smarintelligentters ought to do. So far, so good. My partner has already had the pleasure of meeting in person, even though we are from different countries! If there’s a will, there’s an opportunity.

  2. Stacy
    Dec 7, 2022


    Even though this site says it run by JWs, I am convinced it is not. This site is all about money and how they can get more of it from users. The creators of this site have found a way to monetize JW dating culture all while saying they care about their users. That is false, and I wish Watchtower would sue this site and have it taken down.

    To keep users engaged, they have a bunch of bots and fake profiles that when you engage with those profiles you think you are talking to a human being. However, once you renew or extend your subscription than all of a sudden the “people” are no longer interested. Then when your subscription is about to end, then all of sudden there are profiles interested in you.

    This site is all about creating ways to make you pay more money. They are using your heart and singleness to enrich themselves.

  3. Phil Gibson
    Oct 21, 2022

    Don't waste time and don't make a payment. Not worth it.

    This is the second time I have tried this site, and the correct password was not accepted. Multiple times reset, and the same username or password is not found. This is highly frustrating after spending nearly an hour getting everything set up! It was very disappointing not being capable of even connecting. After a few times, I sent them an email and requested the removal of all my personal information. This is an ongoing glitch with the website. There is no choice at all ever. The same profiles keep popping up. Don’t waste time, and don’t make a payment. Not worth it.

  4. Dennis Springer
    Sep 21, 2022

    I am awestruck by this application

    I am awestruck by this application. It is clean and tidy when you can create a profile of yourself. Signing up is difficult because you need to verify you’re a JW. I am convinced that our sisters and brothers in charge of the JW have performed a fantastic job.

    1. Stacy
      Dec 7, 2022

      I am convinced you worked for this site or was paid to give them good review because its a horrible site.

  5. Roy
    Jul 30, 2022

    Te obligan a que te suscribas

    En mi opinión, es un sitió de sitas para testigos de Jehová y eso es bueno.
    Pero los hermanos y hermanas que controlan la página, parece ser que no tienen corazón, y afuerza quieren dinero.
    Que triste.

    En mi experiencia propia me registré y todo estaba bien, estaba contento en conocer al amor de mi vida que sea testigo de Jehová.
    Sin embargo a los pocos días la página te pide al menos una foto si no te eliminan y eso es lógico. Yo subí mi foto y a los 2 meses solo lo cambie porque para subir más de 2 fotos te tienes que suscribir, eso es entendible.

    Pero para mí sorpresa a los pocos días me borran mi foto principal y he tratado de subir uno foto pero me aparece su dichoso anuncio de que me tengo que suscribir, y todos los perfiles de las hermanas ya las veo forrosas y ya no tengo foto.

    Y yo me quiero suscribir cuando encuentre a mi chica ideal para platicar con ella, no cuando los administradores digan.

    Que tristeza me da que los administradores se digan Ser testigos de Jehová cuando su principal interés es el dinero.

    Lamentablemente esta página esta atrayendo a muchos testigos de Jehová, y no esta mal, solo que los administradores se están haciendo armadores del dinero explotando a los hermanos en la fe, como es mi caso.

    Les recomiendo la página Jw match, es mas atrasada que esta página, pero recientemente me regalaron una semana gratis para poder hablar gratis con cualquier hermana, y pues aproveché la oportunidad aunque claro no encontré mi medía naranja. Pero conocí algunas por allí, claro algunas ni te responden. Pero bueno me sentí contento y agradecido con los administradores de esa página.

    También les recomiendo la página gratuita de [REDACTED], esta es completamente grátis, lamentablemente creo nadie se conecta, nadie te responde, en fin.

    A veces pienso hacer mi página gratuita, dónde no se cobre dinero, el amor no se compra con dinero, Jehová nos lo regala. Llegó a pensar también que Facebook también es mejor porque platicas también con hermanas y hermanos.

    Mmm bueno, es todo mis hermanos en la fé. Que Jehová me los cuide y proteja.

    Translated by the site in English:

    I think it’s a dating site for Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that’s a good thing. But the brothers and sisters who control the page seem to have no heart and might want money. How sad.

    In my own experience, I registered, and everything was fine. I was happy to meet the love of my life, who is a Jehovah’s Witness.

    I uploaded my photo, and after two months, I only changed it because you have to subscribe to upload more than two photos. That’s understandable. However, after a few days, the page asks you for at least one shot if they don’t delete you, and that’s logical.

    But to my surprise, a few days later, they deleted my main photo, and I tried to upload an image, but their happy announcement appeared that I had to subscribe, and all the profiles of the sisters I already see lined up, and I no longer have a photo.

    And I want to subscribe when I find my ideal girl to talk to her, not when the administrators speak about her.

    Sadly, administrators say they are Jehovah’s Witnesses when their primary interest is money.

    Unfortunately, this page is attracting many Jehovah’s Witnesses, and it’s not bad, just that the administrators are becoming money makers exploiting the brothers in the faith, as is my case.

    I recommend the page Jw match. It is more backward than this page, but recently they gave me a free week to be able to talk for free with any sister, and well, I took advantage of the opportunity, although, of course, I did not find my orange better half.

    Of course, some don’t even answer you. But I met some over there. I felt happy and grateful to the administrators of that page.

    I also recommend the free page of [REDACTED], and this is entirely free. Unfortunately, I think nobody connects. Nobody answers you, anyway.

    Sometimes I think about making my page accessible, where money is not charged, love is not bought with cash, and Jehovah gives it to us. He also came to think that Facebook is better because you talk with sisters and brothers.

    Mmm, well, that’s all my brothers in faith. May Jehovah watch over and protect me.

  6. Gloria Ilochonwu
    Jul 6, 2022

    The people who control the site appear to be witnessing

    I’ve signed up to this site every two months, in addition to three profile users who have reached me every time I created an account. These users will pretend they’re interested in convincing the user to buy a subscription, but after you have purchased the subscription, they’re no more responding.

    I’m sure that this website has several fake profiles. It is a shame to learn that people are trying to appear as witnesses to defraud those searching for a companion.

    Both subscriptions had 30 days, and I gave the site time to talk with people and mingle. But it was an unnecessary time-waster because I wasted money that I could use for something else more helpful.

    It is my opinion that you should be cautious before buying an account. The people who control the site appear to be witnessing. However, it isn’t peculiar.

  7. Amy Krafft
    May 26, 2022

    The perfect experience!

    I was initially hesitant about joining, as I had never met someone like this before and was also very aware of the internet’s dangers.

    Although it took me a while to set up my profile, I was reassured by the fact that everyone who wanted to join had to go through the same rigorous checks. I also felt that the questions were particular and could only be answered by true Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    It was fun to look at my brothers’ profiles and read their touching bios. It inspired me to be more specific about my profile and what I was looking forward to in a potential partner.

    The site was safe, and I felt in complete control. It was well-managed and maintained a clean moral code. I felt much more optimistic about the possibilities it might bring and had a great time chatting with some brothers.

    I realized quickly that I was able to get along with one brother, and I decided it was something I wanted. At that moment, I decided to cancel my subscription. I decided to end my subscription.

    We formed a close friendship based on our commonalities, including a great sense of humor, love for family, and a positive outlook on the world. Jehovah blessed me with the opportunity to meet such a great man with whom I will share my eternal existence.

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