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Is Ourtime.uk legit?

Ourtime.uk has 10 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 1.4 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Ourtime.uk customer care?

You can contact Ourtime.uk customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at +44 203 868 2907

Where is Ourtime.uk located?

Ourtime.uk is located at address London WC1A, UK.

10 Reviews on Ourtime.uk

  1. Mark Fabris
    3 rating

    Rip Off Prices

    Feb 17, 2024

    I don,t know why those dating web sites think they have got the right to charge human beings, rip off costs for the use of their website online. Finding love must be smooth however it's no longer. I went through to a lot unpleasant stories with other courting sites ,this is why I never deliver out my financial institution details .

    Also relationship websites make it very hard to cancel your subscription Normally after I be part of I get quite a few woman's saying via messages how lovely I look. Well guess what I have no longer even put up a image of my self yet.

  2. Nelida Peterson
    1 rating

    Dodgy Dating Website

    Feb 17, 2024

    In the 4 days that I turned into a member of this web page I acquired messages from weird human beings whose profiles dissapeared... Some individuals warned me about scammers and fake profiles, which ties in with the above. Some men were over pleasant (I imply inappropriate from the begin), all in all I were given the feeling that it changed into not something I wanted to be a part of.

    I additionally found that every flow you made on the internet site changed into handiest feasible and conditioned by using yet any other charge. Not impressed and I wager no longer an amazing reputation for protecting the individuals who suppose they use it in properly religion.

  3. Eneman
    2 rating

    Scammed and Disappointed

    Feb 8, 2024

    I was debating whether to enroll in and pay a sub but I am involved approximately the ladies’s photographs which don’t appear to be curious about a cellphone and worried about preventing them debiting my card. Due to poor comments on numerous web sites I even have determined now not to pay them and stay with unfastened access.Women who're involved have fuzzed out pics so I can’t see them but I can’t touch them anyway so why are they fuzzy,suspicious

  4. Jason Stafford
    2 rating

    Save Your Money

    Feb 8, 2024

    Ok so that you’re searching out a date right? Well OT is pretty smooth there’s no longer many system faults and many others the main hassle is that your shown a ability healthy to fulfill your desire or ought to I say profile as “pursuits”. Your no longer particularly interested by the man or woman offered so you click on no, and on we move.

    Except that you may hold seeing the equal character over and over again. I understand why they do that it’s to try to treat you want an idiot and pray to your loneliness and vulnerability to trade your mind. Not because they need you to without a doubt meet a person who you may be interested by. It’s simply to preserve you on the carrier as long as possible. Don’t hassle keep your money

  5. Anon
    1 rating

    Don't Waste Your Money

    Feb 8, 2024

    Fake profiles all over the location, 'lay' participants cannot reply to you (until you pay an extra £10 pm), I suspect a number of the profiles are run by means of staff (short interactions with little info given, and no references on your profile). I've had what I might recall 'actual' humans all at once deleted from website online.

    At the end of the day they make money from you staying at the web page, they don't need you to meet every body after which leave. The web site appears to be set up specifically for that reason, masses of smoke and mirrors stopping you finding a real person you may speak to, and when you do - 'bang' they get eliminated for an undisclosed cause.

  6. Collyer
    1 rating

    Fake Service Site

    Jan 18, 2024

    If you believe that you are paying to meet a real person on this site for dating, it is a lie don't trust on their fale advertised. It's just another popular website that claims hundreds of profiles look at you, and that there are a lot of individuals who are eager to meet the person you are. However, when there isn't a single message that arrives, and it's a scam service.

  7. Vinny
    1 rating

    Bad Customer Support Only Money Sucking Platform

    Jan 18, 2024

    Ourtime was designed to steal funds of male customers. I am determined to expose the scam since they target those who are elderly in a way of deceiving users and providing users a variety of fake profiles. There must be an option to end your account if you don't wish to get billed multiple times each month. Customer support isn't very useful - they simply offer you a joke. The most efficient approach is to phone the bank you have used to make a payment and then make a decision to cancel your account.

  8. Weber
    1 rating

    Scammer Runs Shady Dating Site

    Jan 18, 2024

    Ourtime is an extremely shady dating website. Scammers are everywhere and you will see many of them. And the worst part is that there's no means to stop the scammers. The normal legitimate sites such as J2Meet.com check profiles. It's hard for scammers to join, and even if they sign up, the site can immediately ban them in the event that a legitimate user is unhappy.

    However, Ourtime's management doesn't appear to be concerned about the image of the website. It's possible that they're excessively greedy. If the product was available for available for free, perhaps it would seem sensible to test it and observe how it works. However, it's not! It's also quite costly, when compared to other options and that's the reason I suggest not engaging in it.

  9. Stephen Rown
    1 rating

    Fake Likes, Messages, and Inappropriate Suggestions

    Dec 22, 2023

    This website is a fraud I have paid for a subscription and am a fan of many likes and messages that you send to other members according to me aren't any way going to that member. Also got a Like and a suggestion for my sister-in-law who has a husband and isn't an active member, but her picture is there as well as her name. I'd like to hear the spokesperson for your company stand up for themselves In the meantime, I am not renewing my subscription for this SCAMSITE.

  10. Bianca Carreiro
    1 rating

    The money was taken out of my account, even though I have unsubscribed

    Jun 26, 2023

    I subscribed to the website Ourtime for a month, from May 20 until June 20, 2023. At this time, I canceled my account, only to discover it was reactivated just a few days after. On June 20, I was sure I wasn't subscribed and then deleted my account. I also stopped my credit card as I'd read about our time being known for its infamous theft of funds from accounts, even though subscriptions are ended. It is now June 26, and I discovered that you've taken money from my account. I received two emails from our time, both received on June 20. First, it confirms that my account has been closed, and the other confirms that the subscription fee will not be taken out of my account immediately. This is because I had nailed my subscription at least three times when I signed up. There is also no contact for customer support. Return the funds I have taken from your account. The notice you received was sufficient, but you still did not fulfill the performance of your obligation.

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Ourtime.uk is a dating platform designed specifically for individuals over the age of 50 who are seeking new friendships, engaging activities, and meaningful relationships. Users can register for a free profile, browse through a list of singles with similar interests, and connect with those who share the same passions. Users can use Ourtime's Passes to enhance their online dating experience and establish connections with other singles. These passes allow for unlimited communication with preferred matches. The platform also offers features such as video and voice calls, allowing users to choose who to contact. Ourtime also provides a curated selection of singles with similar interests, making it easier for users to find potential matches. In addition to its online services, Ourtime offers discounted prices on outings and activities within users' local areas or online. This allows users to meet individuals with whom they share common interests or to enjoy a relaxing time in good company.

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