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3 Reviews on Astrology Consultant

  1. Mike Kenner
    September 22nd, 2022

    Please don't waste your money

    The comment posted by Sophie on this blog is precisely the exact things Cecilia sent me. It’s the “connection to me,” the “upcoming transit,” etc. The entire email is identical to all. However, she alters names and dates, or maybe she’s got a software program that enters different names and dates into her email. In any case, complete BS. It’s also sad because her picture (if that’s her, I’m not sure) attracts me. The lady appears reliable, like a sweet older relative who is concerned… most likely not her face …

  2. John Bolton
    July 23rd, 2022

    My favorite book

    I loved having my free reading. I’ve always believed in this kind of thing because my grandmother was a psychic and performed fortune telling and tarot cards.

    I am so sad for her. That’s why I came across Diana; however, due to financial problems, I cannot afford a complete reading, but I hope that shortly, my circumstances will change, and I’ll be able to afford a more thorough reading.

  3. Adrienne Johnson
    June 20th, 2022

    The chart she created was unspecific

    My friends and I tested a personal chart for free, and she also sent duplicate emails to us.

    The chart she created was unspecific, vague, and appeared to suggest that she was using a Birth Chart Calculator.

    We get regular emails from her regarding why we should seek assistance and irrelevant details about her.

    She attempts to impress us with the extent of her “talents” and how many she assists.

    We tried to inquire questions, but she’s not responding to our messages and keeps sending random messages about fantasies about us.

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