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2 Reviews

Advantage Approval Program


Advantage Approval Program Overview

If you receive a call from Barbara claiming to be from the Advantage Approval Department or using variations of this name like Advantage Approval Program, Dedham Approval Department, Advantage Approval Loan, Relief Advisory Approval Department, Ang Approval Department, or Vantage Approval Department, be aware that these are likely to be scams.

Is Advantage Approval Department Legit?

The Advantage Approval Department or Program is not a legitimate entity but rather a part of a scam operation. The numerous reports and complaints associated with this name, especially those involving unsolicited calls for personal information or dubious financial offers, strongly suggest fraudulent activity. Treat any communication from the “Advantage Approval Department” with a high degree of skepticism and avoid sharing personal or financial information.

These scam calls or voicemails typically involve the caller offering pre-approvals for loans or other financial services you did not request. They often use persuasive language and may provide a sense of urgency or limited-time offers to elicit personal information or financial details from you. The names of these supposed programs or departments are randomly chosen and often sound official to appear credible.

We have compiled a table with the phone numbers, person names, and the various program names used by the scammer to contact you via the call or voicemail. The scammers are smart enough to spoof the caller IDs.

Phone NumberPerson NameProgram Name
1-615-680-1537BarbaraDedham Approval Department
1-866-655-0010BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
225-445-1650BarbaraAdvantage Approval Department
866-625-0021BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
866-360-1084BarbaraANG Approval Department
443-508-5768BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (435) 268-0257BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (605) 777-8707BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (435) 268-0577BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (435) 717-9624BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (866) 511-0069BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (904) 310-1993BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (667) 230-4338BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (564) 203-7627BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (866) 777-1331BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (866) 581-1520BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (224) 218-5609BarbaraAdvantage Approval Department
+1 (866) 444-0711BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (762) 251-4804BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (866) 655-0010BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (866) 625-0021BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (938) 201-1251BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (419) 216-9375BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (866) 444-1877BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (970) 287-5854BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (918) 228-6707BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (641) 222-1610BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (866) 777-0663BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (770) 796-7579BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (866) 212-4902BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (866) 666-0544BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (866) 659-0002BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (414) 206-6231BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (220) 200-8542BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (443) 339-2817BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (480) 879-0648BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (845) 777-1441BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (888) 304-6081BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (715) 280-5486BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (614) 710-9371BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (866) 819-0031BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (414) 268-9844BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (877) 664-0008BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (866) 264-0013BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (715) 591-5520BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (909) 737-5346BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (866) 370-1006BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (972) 236-3160BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (866) 320-0311BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (209) 302-9688BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (813) 614-9759BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (970) 408-5267BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (912) 307-4095BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program
+1 (434) 239-0069BarbaraANG Approval Department
+1 (571) 989-9382BarbaraRelief Advisory Approval Department
+1 (866) 360-1084BarbaraDedham Approval Department
+1 (844) 962-1992BarbaraAdvantage Approval Loan
+1 (443) 508-5768BarbaraAdvantage Approval Program

What is Advantage Approval Program?

The Advantage Approval Programs encompass a range of initiatives aimed at providing financial assistance and support in different sectors. These include some programs and reviews below:

  • DPA Advantage Program – First Fidelis: As detailed by First Fidelis, this program offers assistance in the form of a grant for home purchases equal to 3.5% of the home’s purchase price.
  • Community Advantage and Small Loan Advantage Fact Sheet: A detailed fact sheet outlines a program offering small loan advantages, including approval times and implementation frameworks.
  • DPA Advantage Program – Ebenezer Mortgage: As described by Ebenezer Mortgage, this is a down payment assistance program provided by an approved government entity.
  • SBA Community Advantage Loans – NerdWallet: NerdWallet provides information on SBA Community Advantage Loans, which are available through approved SBA lenders and are aimed at community development.
  • SBA Community Advantage Loan Program – SmartAsset: SmartAsset discusses the SBA Community Advantage Loan Program, which helps businesses get funding up to $250,000, with the SBA guaranteeing a significant portion of the loan.
  • Advantage Approval Program Reviews 2024: The Advantage Approval Program Reviews 2023 discusses the DPA Advantage Programme as a good option for borrowers needing down payment assistance.

These resources offer a comprehensive look at various programs under the “Advantage Approval” umbrella, each serving different needs ranging from home purchase assistance to small business development.

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Is Advantage Approval Program legit?

Advantage Approval Program has 2 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Advantage Approval Program customer care?

You can contact Advantage Approval Program customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8663200311

Where is Advantage Approval Program located?

Advantage Approval Program is located at address USA.

2 Reviews on Advantage Approval Program

  1. Magna
    1 rating

    Advance Approval Department scam!

    Jan 16, 2024

    I have several voicemails from different phone numbers on my phone from Barb and or Barbara of the Advance Approval Department saying that I have been approved for a $5100.00 loan and she is going to leave it pending, and I need to call her back(which I have not done yet) at 866-511-0069. She is not sure if I have spoken to an agent and I need to call her back. I will keep these messages and numbers until I hear whether they can be used as evidence to shut her down.

  2. Jenny K
    1 rating

    Advantage approval department is scam pgrogram!

    Jan 5, 2024

    From the phone number 1-715-280-5486, I received a voicemail and then asked to call here at 866-320-0311:

    "Yes this is Barbara with advantage approval department my phone number is 866-320-0311 am I left you a message last week. I'm not sure if you've spoken to an assigned agent regarding our advantage program but I do see what your preapproval is for up to $51,000 so what I'm gonna do is just go ahead and keep this in pending status for you and if you have about 10 minutes today go ahead and give me a call back I can go over the details with you as well as the benefits so again my phone number is 866-320-0311 thank you.

    I called them back and decided to have some fun with the scammer. When I put on a fake old lady voice, she started laughing. Then, she asked if I had at least $8,000 in debt that she could assist me with. I replied with a mischievous tone, "No, I think I probably have about $7,999." The lady suddenly raised her voice and said, "Oh, well, that's just too bad. You sound like you do have $8,000 or more. You sound very... you sound... you sound very poor." And with that, she hung up the phone. LOL!

    Yeah, it seems like it's a fraud. She talked like a young girl from the valley.

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About Advantage Approval Program

Advantage Approval Program or Advantage Approval Department is not an established or reputable financial program. Investigations into this so-called program suggest it is scam, using the guise of a financial service to collect personal information via sending the voicemail. These tactics, including the promise of a pre-approved sum and the request for a callback, are typical of fraudulent schemes seeking to exploit unsuspecting individuals. The phone numbers 866-320-0311, 866-320-0311, 866-625-0021, 866-360-1084, 888-912-0069, and 866-301-7060 have been reported for their involvement in sending fake voicemails. Legitimate financial institutions do not typically operate through unsolicited offers of large pre-approvals, especially without a prior application or interaction. The lack of verifiable details about the institution or program further points towards its illegitimacy. This pattern of behavior is a common red flag in financial scams. You are advised to be vigilant against such deceptive tactics. Engaging with or responding to these offers can risk personal and financial security. It is prudent to verify any unexpected financial offers through established channels and to avoid sharing personal information with unverified sources. Reporting such incidents to authorities can also help protect others from falling victim to similar scams.

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