5 French Ombre Nail Designs That Are Timeless & Trendy 

Monday, January 16, 2023

Nail art designs have recently gained much traction as celebs and fashion influencers began flaunting their beautiful nails. This trend has also increased the number of salons hiring professional nail art designers.  

While so many creative nail art designs are trending today, one of the most evergreen designs includes the ombre nails. This is a design that one can do in various ways using different color combinations. Ombre design is an art; when you pair it with glitters or rhinestones, it looks even more remarkable. It also implies that you no longer have to paint your nails with regular nail polishes using a single color.  

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1. Ombré French Tips 

The french ombre nails have yet again caught people’s attention, not to mention the fashion influencers and celebrities. This timeless beauty is perfect for its summertime effect. French nails are usually created over a white shade; hence, the ombre effect also looks best over a white or nude shade.   

Choose pink and white colors to get an elegant and polished look. Paint a narrow white stripe and a giant pink stripe overlapping each other. Apply a layer of the base coat and then apply the two colors on a flat makeup or nail art sponge. Press this sponge over the nails like a stamp. Ensure to cover the entire nail. Repeat this step three or four times more until you get an opaque and perfect ombre effect. Clean up the sides with a brush dipped in nail polish remover. Finish it off by applying the top coat. 

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2. Pastel Marble Nails 

 If you are trying to achieve a sophisticated and chic summertime look, no nail art design could do justice other than the trending pastel marble design. This perfect nail design is ideal for those who want an elegant and classy marble look with a feminine touch. You must go with this idea if you are craving summer ombre nails.  

Prep your nail and apply two colors over your pin as the base color. Choose pastel shades of blue, pink, and yellow for this effect. Next, choose two other colors to apply to different nail areas to create a marble design. Blend the colors using the ombre brush and let it dry. Lastly, apply a layer of matte or shiny top coat.  

3. Glitter Ombré Tips 

Do you love having glittery nails to achieve that picture-perfect party effect? So, if you want to try the glitter nail trend without going overboard with an all-over shimmery look, creating the glitter ombre effect can be your best bet…  

Start with painting a clear base coat on the nails and let it cure. Choose a solid nail color polish, paint the nails with it, and let it dry. When it dries, paint the pins down the fingertip toward its middle but stop right before the cuticles. Apply the color more on the tips and less below them. This will help you achieve the ombre effect you create using a sponge. Once it is dry, apply the glitters on its tips and finish with a clear coat.  

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4. Opposite Black and White Ombré 

This trend is ideal if you want to attempt an ombré manicure style but want something different. In the opposite white and black ombré nail trend, you paint one hand’s nails with a white ombré and the other hand’s nails with a black ombré effect. This style is ideal for anybody who likes traditional French manicure styles with a contemporary twist. 

Start by painting one hand’s nails with a nude or white and black ombré tint to get this appearance. Once it has dried, use a sponge to paint the nail’s tips in a black ombré dye on your other hand. To create the ideal ombré effect, start with a small amount of color and gradually increase the intensity. Apply a clear topcoat to protect and make the nails shiny. 

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5. Seaglass Ombré Nails 

Try this sea glass ombré nail style for a beachy, summertime appearance! Someone who loves the ocean and wants to add a beach-like effect to their nails should try this look. Paint your nails in a delicate ombré pattern using green and blue hues to get this look. 

Your nails have a lovely ombre color effect. By applying stripes of two similarly colored sea glass tones to the makeup sponge, you can create the textured surface of your sea glass manicure style. After using the brush and polish on your nail, clean the finger with a soft brush and some nail polish remover. 

Final Note 

Every season is perfect for trying out new manicure styles, and these ombré nail designs are something that you should try! There is always an ombré nail style that is ideal for you. Either keep the nails simple with a basic ombré look or choose to have the glittery effect. So why are you still waiting? Take out your nail colors and immediately create your ombré nails for summer! 

Sofia Ayaz
Sofia Ayaz
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