Protecting Young Gamers: Avoiding Eye Strain, Addiction, and Ensuring Well-Being

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

This article will discuss young gamers’ challenges, including eye health and addiction. Stay tuned for tips on enjoying games responsibly and protecting well-being.

Load on the nervous system, spine, and neck

If gamers cross some lines in their hobby, then, according to doctors, the first thing that threatens them is the exhaustion of the nervous system.

As a rule, such people are more prone to mood swings, less resistant to stressful situations, and their quality of night sleep worsens.

Gamers are nervous because of failed missions, the game’s complexity, and the need to sometimes perform uninteresting tasks.

Let’s take the World of Warcraft game, for example, where players must extract many in-game resources, particularly gold. Many players find it a tedious activity.

So they buy WoW Gold SkyCoach to spend less time in the game and enjoy the gameplay.

The gamer experiences an excessive load on the musculoskeletal system. It occurs primarily in the cervical spine.

The area of the wrist joint also suffers since the player constantly keeps his hand on the computer mouse; the ligaments are overstressed, and there is a risk of compression of blood vessels and nerves.

Experienced gamers experience pressure problems due to an overload of the cervicothoracic region.

Less is not better

According to the world’s leading ophthalmologists, harm to vision can be avoided if the gamer uses the computer wisely, takes breaks, and does not sit looking at the monitor for several hours.

Experts say a small screen and a small resolution is not the best game option. The lower the image quality, the more tense the ciliary muscle responsible for focusing the image.

Too large screens will require increasing the distance between the monitor and the gamer, and this is not always possible, for example, in small rooms.

On a medium-sized monitor with high-resolution HD-ready and full HD, all game objects are apparent, which is optimal.

Eye training

Scientists have established that video games can occasionally improve vision. Of course, with a sensible attitude toward this kind of leisure and adherence to the laws.

Furthermore, since the stress on one or more areas of the eyes depends on the genre, it is not the game that has a favorable impact.

Video games may also serve as an efficient training facility for enhancing eyesight with the appropriate scheduling of playtime and genre choice.

However, if you don’t use a computer properly, you may cross out all the advantages of this kind of activity.


One of the most common diseases that develop against the backdrop of a total passion for video games is accommodation disturbance and myopia.

Many hours of focusing on close objects lead to a change in the ciliary muscle, the loss of the ability to distinguish objects located at a greater distance than the monitor is usually found. 

According to the expert, most gamers suffer from dry eye syndrome, as they rarely blink during the game.

As a result, there is oxygen starvation in the cornea and a change in the structure of the eye. 

The doctor advises paying attention to why the monitor can spoil the vision. For example, brightness and contrast.

The more precise the pictures, the more convenient and larger the font, the better the design of the text, and the less work the eye does to perceive information.

The screen resolution must match the monitor’s specifications, and the image will be easily perceived. Not only during the game but also during constant work at the computer, the eye experiences stress.

Experts note that the lighting of the room also affects eye strain. If you look at a bright monitor, then turn away sharply and look into a dark corner of the room, the organ of vision experiences a considerable load and stress.

Doctors advise adjusting the brightness and contrast of the screen so that the image is as straightforward as possible. 

The distance from the eyes to the monitor should be at least 50 cm and, best of all – 60-70 cm. The optimal tilt of the monitor is 15 degrees.

It would help if you placed the monitor so that the external lighting smooths out the glare and does not create new ones.

Blink more often.

Give your eyes a five-minute break every hour. Get up, walk, look into the distance, out the window.

Doctors believe that going to extremes and banning games does not make sense.

This will only double the interest. It is necessary to form healthy, open relationships in the family to help the child find a hobby that will be interesting to him.

Not all parents will spend much time analyzing and solving children’s problems. And for some, devices even help to distract the child.

If the parents can not cope, you must contact the experts. In such cases, family therapy is indispensable.


In this comprehensive exploration of the challenges faced by young gamers, we have shed light on the importance of protecting their well-being while engaging in computer games.

Excessive gaming can lead to various issues, including eye strain, musculoskeletal problems, and potential addiction.

However, by implementing practical measures, gamers can enjoy their favorite pastime responsibly and without compromising their health.

By implementing these recommendations and remaining mindful of the potential risks, young gamers can enjoy their passion for computer games while safeguarding their health and overall well-being.

Responsible gaming and supportive family relationships will create a harmonious balance between the digital world and everyday life.

Sofia Ayaz
Sofia Ayaz
Sofia Ayaz is a successful entrepreneur, founder of 99Consumer, and a contributor on Newsbreak. She specializes in consumer-focused innovations and has led her company from its inception to a successful acquisition.