Dr. Keith Nemec’s Total Health Institute Complaints and Lawsuits 2024

Sunday, January 28, 2024

A comprehensive look at controversy, lawsuits, complaints, and growing negative reviews about Total Health Institute reveals a shocking mistrust of patient experiences and legal challenges.

The Total Health Institute (THI) is located in Wheaton, Illinois, and has always been a beacon of hope for people seeking holistic healing and health.

Dr. Keith Nemec established Total Health Institute in 2000. The institute is known for integrating the latest scientific advances with traditional treatments to promote mind, body, and soul wellness.

But, under this noble cause, an uproar of controversy develops, with a backdrop of litigation, patient complaints, and divided public opinions.

Who is Dr. Keith Nemec?

Dr. Keith Nemec qualifies as a D.PSc., MS, FAARFM FICT, FSCT, as Clinic Director for Revolution New Medicine. For 40 years, he has practiced holistic and alternative medicine and worked with over 10,000 patients.

Dr. Keith Nemec's Total Health Institute Complaints and Lawsuits. an uproar of controversy develops with a backdrop of litigation.
Dr. Keith Nemec’s Total Health Institute Complaints and Lawsuits. an uproar of controversy develops with a backdrop of litigation.

Dr. Nemec received his Bachelor’s degree in human biology, later his doctorate at the National University of Health Sciences (though Dr. Nemec practices with his Pastoral Medical License), and a master’s degree in Nutritional medicine at Morsani College of Medicine.

He holds Three Fellowships with the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine. The fellowships include Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Therapies, and Integrative Cancer Therapies.

Dr. Nemec is also certified in Peptide Therapy and Fertility. He has published five books: The Perfect Diet, The Environment of Health and Disease, Seven Basic Steps to Total Health, and Total Health = Completeness.

The author has also written numerous health-related articles, such as: “The Single Unifying Cause of All Disease” and “The Answer to Cancer is Found in the Stem Cell”.

Dr. Nemec has hosted the radio program “Your Total Health” on Chicago AM1160 over the past 18 years. She was also regularly a presenter on the talk show “Let’s Talk” in Chicago as a health expert.

Dr. Nemec specializes in neuroimmunology, nutritional medicine, and the biology of stem cells. The main area of focus is how the brain, mind, diet, and lifestyle influence the health of cells, mainly stem cells.

Total Health Institute Complaints

As part of our research into the experience of patients of The Total Health Institute (THI), We spoke to “Alex Johnson” (a pseudonym for privacy reasons). He shared insight about their care and interaction with staff members and the services.

Alex described their excitement when they joined THI. The prospect of an integrated method of healthcare enticed them. But their experience soon was ruined by their perception of poor conduct from employees. “I was really hoping for a supportive environment, but instead, I encountered staff who were, at times, rude and dismissive,” Alex said, emulating those sentiments in online complaints.

The aspect of finances in the treatment was another area to be argued over by Alex. He was shocked at the cost-intensive nature of treatments and the need to buy supplements from the institute. “It felt like every aspect of my treatment was tied to an additional cost, and the lack of transparency in billing just added to my frustration,” Alex expressed, echoing the concerns about the pricing and billing policies.

As part of our investigation, we talked to another victim, Anthony Bavaro, who provided a shocking account of how his family dealt with THI.

Bavaro was disappointed when he sought alternative treatment at THI to treat his wife’s stage 4 cancer, as well as the lengthy chemotherapy treatment, expecting to receive something other than what was stated by THI. They hoped THI would provide a unique approach to managing the debilitating disease. Instead, they discovered discontent rather than satisfaction.

Bavaro reported that, according to their account, Dr. Nemec had given them optimism despite the severity of their illness. Attracted by the assurance of their future, they decided to invest in the institute’s treatment program, which required an upfront payment and registration for several sessions over time.

Deeply horrified, Bavaro found himself disappointed because his attempts to alleviate the financial burden of THI resulting from non-fulfilling therapies with them had fallen in vain. He said they resisted all payments but offered no compensation or closure. This led Bavaro to doubt Dr. Nemec’s motives and suggested that profit over the patient’s care or ethics was placed above all else.

Total Health Institute Lawsuits

The lawsuit against Total Health Institute (THI) brings to light several severe allegations against the facility and its founder, Dr. Keith Nemec. A former patient, identified as Laura McDaniel, has accused the institute of providing ineffective and potentially harmful treatments. McDaniel’s allegations include being misled about the nature of the treatments and being asked to make substantial financial contributions to continue receiving care.

The lawsuit also concerns Dr. Nemec’s qualifications, the accuracy of his representations about his educational background, and the efficacy of the treatments offered at THI. Moreover, regulatory bodies are conducting ongoing investigations into the institute’s practices, explicitly questioning the adequacy of record-keeping and the accuracy of diagnoses made at the facility​.

Another perspective on the lawsuit highlights the complexities surrounding the institute’s use of unverified therapies and misleading promises. The case raises significant questions about the institute’s adherence to medical licensing requirements, particularly regarding treatments licensed medical professionals should administer.

This legal battle scrutinizes Dr. Nemec and his treatment methodologies and involves a group of former patients seeking justice for what they perceive as unethical practices. The lawsuit’s outcomes could have broader implications for the alternative healthcare sector, emphasizing the need for transparency and adherence to regulatory standards.​

These developments of THI led patients to consider alternative healthcare options, underscoring the importance of thorough research and due diligence when selecting healthcare providers and treatments.

Merged To Revolution New Medicine

In the wake of lawsuits and complaints, Total Health Institute has merged its name with Revolution New Medicine, situated at 23W525 St Charles Rd, Carol Stream, IL 60188. The joint ventures or merging of Total Health Institute appears to be an element of a larger plan to change the focus of their business and perhaps rethink their approach to alternative health and therapies.

Revolution New Medicine promotes holistic healing, providing various treatments, including detoxification, nutrition, and holistic therapies, to address the root cause of health problems.

The newly rebranded company, under the direction of Dr. Keith Nemec, places the importance of optimizing the brain as one of the pillars of the treatment approach.

The approach is based on the centrality of the brain in ensuring health throughout the various body systems and demonstrates the interconnectedness of emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Revolution New Medicine advocates for the treatment of brain disorders, blockages, or inflammation as the key to resolving the wide range of health problems, ranging from mental and emotional health issues to physical ailments.

The pivotal move towards Revolution New Medicine seems to be an effort to break over the uncertainties and legal issues facing Total Health Institute, aiming to strengthen its dedication to offering alternative health solutions.

Focusing on optimizing brain function and a comprehensive approach to health reflects the ongoing commitment to treat the root causes of illness instead of just treating the signs.


This transformation can be seen as an attempt to distance itself from a troubled past, while skeptics might interpret it as an effort to salvage its reputation amidst growing mistrust.

This shift emphasizes addressing the fundamental causes of health issues and optimizing patient care, though it remains to be seen whether it can rebuild the tarnished trust.

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