Best CBD Vape Pen: 7 Disposable & Refillable CBD Pens 2024

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

There has been a massive increase in the popularity of CBD vape pens over the last few years. In the beginning, people used e-cigarettes, but now they vape CBD for its medicinal properties.

Despite sounding less healthy, CBD vape pens can still provide CBD oil’s benefits. They can either be disposable or refillable. 

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A disposable CBD vape pen comes prefilled with CBD vape juice. Their small size, discrete nature, and ease of use make them extremely popular.

Conversely, refillable CBD vape pens require CBD juice to function and are usually more extensive and less intrusive.

Nevertheless, they offer more customization. 

It’s not unusual for people to try CBD products for anxiety relief, pain relief, better sleep, and many other health benefits.

CBD product sales in the UK exceed $780 million, and projections show a significant rise.

The following post will teach you about the best CBD vape pens in 2022. It has valuable details to assist you in making your choice. So, let’s dive in.  

1. CBDfx Disposable Vape Pens 

Unlike other CBD vape pens, CBDfx uses only organic hemp grown in the USA.

CBD, from their broad spectrum of hemp products, is naturally rich in cannabinoids and highly influential since it utilizes the whole hemp plant.

They offer small, discreet, and portable CBD vape pens.

The batteries are rechargeable; you can use them for about 800 puffs of e-liquid. 

CBDfx’s vape pens have several flavors and taste as great as their highly-rated CBD e-juice. The disposables contain 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

The Tropic Breeze, Strawberry Lemonade, and Blue Raspberry are all must-try.

Besides, their products are subject to lab testing.

It means you can use a THC vape pen with a contaminant-free vape.  

2. Funky Farms CBD Vape Pens 

Funky Farms offers CBD vapes at an affordable price.

Besides this, their CBD vape pens taste great.

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There are several options for CBD strains with this brand.

You can choose from them based on your preferences.

Each vape pen contains 300mg of CBD, effectively combating your anxiety and stress and improving your sleep. 

The brand offers fast shipping for CBD pens. When vaping CBD oil, users can get quick results.

It is a leading brand to consider with US-grown hemp for making CBD vape oil.

Quality will be the focus of each bunch of hemp.  

3. Koi CBD Vape Juice 

There are several delicious hemp-based CBD e-liquid refills available at Koi CBD.

They manufacture an assortment of vape juice flavors like Watermelon, Green Sour Apple, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla Caramel Custard, Tropical Popsicle, Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit, and Flavorless Koi White.  

Each Koi CBD vape juice has no detectable THC levels while still providing customers solid CBD strength and delicious juice.

Adding this tasty CBD vape oil line to your kit will be a pleasure. 

4. SMOK Nord 2 

SMOK Nord 2 offers good looks and performance in 9 unique designs, including wood stabilization.

Despite its compact size and weight, it is easy to hold and use, thanks to its curved mouthpiece. 

Nord 2 CBD vapes are among the most leak-resistant on the market. Filling it is also a breeze.

With a 5-40W wattage range, it’s ideal for vaping CBD e-liquids.

Also included is a battery life indicator displayed on a small but helpful screen.

It has two pods and coils to choose between different CBD e-liquid flavors. 

5. CBDfx Vape Kit 

With the CBDfx vape kit, you can start vaping CBD right away. It’s compact and lightweight.

Its high-quality construction, ceramic glass, and steel cartridge make it perfect for CBD e-liquids. 

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With the CBDfx Vape Kit, you can vape CBD e-juice designed explicitly for vaping.

It ensures that the e-juice does not overheat and provides the best vaping experience.

Fill the cartridge with CBD e-liquid, plug in the connector ring, and you’re ready to vape! 

6. Vaporesso XROS 

Vaping CBD with the Vaporesso XROS is a great experience.

Its 11-16W output wattage and 800mAh battery are ideal for CBD e-juices, ensuring consistent and effective vaporization.

With the XROS, you get two pods.  

Both the 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm pods are ideal for CBD e-juices.

The pods can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid and are leak-free.

This vape pen hits all the right notes. It’s well-built, flavorful, and consistent. 

7. Tonic Vibes 

Tonic sources its hemp from its farms, ensuring the quality of its crops from seed to sale.

Despite this, the company only offers a single vape pen containing 600 mg of full-spectrum CBD and the terpenes limonene, alpha, and beta-pinene in a 1 g cartridge.

Since the product is not strain-specific, they add the terpenes later. 

They provide a detailed explanation of each terpene’s benefits to give a highly accurate idea of what each terpene can do.

While some information is missing, Tonic’s complete spectrum extract offers a customized experience with potent terpenes. 

Final Take 

Vaping CBD always leaves you feeling good.

These best disposables and refillable vape pens in 2022 will be a good choice if you want to experience CBD vaping.

As the top-choice brands for disposable CBD vape pens, you can expect the products to be affordable.  

Staying to the recommended dosage is essential to get the ideal results.

You do not need to use a lot of CBD e-juice to achieve the best results.  

Sofia Ayaz
Sofia Ayaz
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