99Consumer commits to Trust, Transparency, and Credibility. It is the consumers who determine what businesses are reviewed by 99Consumer. Their reviews can provide valuable data for companies and consumers.

Consumers determination. 

Consumers decide what companies are featured on 99Consumer, and we aren’t usually the ones that handle it. We provide a content moderation platform to help consumers make the right decision.

A profile page for a business is automatically generated when a user seeks out the business’s website URL on the platform, or it could be added via the search results page when someone searches for a particular business name. 

Customers can then begin posting reviews of their experience with the company, which should be either positive, negative, or neutral. 

The page is deleted immediately if a new profile page doesn’t receive reviews for seven days. We will only remove the profile page if 99Consumer has reviewed a different business.

Right to voice opinion.

99Consumer, and we remove the profile page and the associated reviews unless we are informed that there’s a violation of our guidelines. Aim to build and sustain a community of reliable and valuable considerations. 

Every thought is a user-generated piece of content and is the sole property of its creator. Thus, we only remove the study when 99Consumer assesses a company.

This is true regardless of whether the business is actively using its account, including the case where the company decides to remove the profile’s page back to its empty status or subscribes to our paid services. 

We do not delete reviews when the other business owner acquires a company or sells the ownership rights.

Business owners can interact with reviewers and voice their opinions by replying to every review on your 99Consumer Business account.

Trust, Transparency, and Credibility.

We recognize that some companies have reservations about getting evaluated online. However, it provides an excellent opportunity to be in contact with reviewers and learn from them. This is about creating trust, Transparency, and credibility. 

The Internet of things has made sharing consumer stories and providing business feedback more convenient. Companies can now choose how much they want to be involved in these online discussions. 

99Consumer is just one of the options to gather and use positive business-consumer conversations and is accessible to everyone for free.


The companies, brands, or persons seeking the review removal should subscribe to our paid plan to evaluate the reviewer profile. We do check reviews manually before they get published on 99consumer.com.

However, we need to know the discrete opinion of the consumer while approving the review and performing any background checks. Serious businesses who think the review they received does not align with their business ethics, standards, and credibility should seek to dispute the assessment.