On 99Consumer, consumers have the ability to feature businesses and provide reviews based on their experiences. Our platform offers a content moderation service to assist consumers in making informed decisions.

Business profile pages are generated either when a user searches for a specific business website or when a user searches for a business name on our platform.

Customers can then post reviews of their experiences with the business, which can be positive, negative, or neutral.

It will be removed if a newly created profile page does not receive reviews within seven days. 99Consumer reserves the right to remove a profile page based on a review of a different business.

99Consumer aims to build and maintain a community of reliable and valuable reviews by removing profile pages and associated reviews if they violate our guidelines.

All user-generated content on our platform is the property of its creator and will only be removed if deemed necessary by 99Consumer during a review of the company.

This policy applies regardless of the business’s activity on its account or whether the industry has subscribed to our paid services.

We do not delete reviews when a company is sold or acquired by another owner. Business owners can engage with reviewers and share their perspectives by responding to their 99Consumer Business account reviews.

Understandably, some businesses may have reservations about being evaluated online. However, this process can also provide a valuable opportunity for companies to engage with reviewers and gain insight from their experiences.

Participating in online discussions and interacting with reviewers can help businesses establish trust, transparency, and customer credibility.

The increasing presence of the internet and connected devices has made it easier for consumers to share their stories and provide feedback to businesses.

Companies can choose the level of involvement they wish to have in these online discussions, and 99Consumer offers a platform for businesses to access and utilize positive customer interactions. This service is available to all users at no cost.

The companies, brands, or persons seeking the review removal should subscribe to our paid plan to evaluate the reviewer profile. We do check reviews manually before they get published on 99consumer.com.

To ensure the integrity and reliability of our reviews, we perform background checks and carefully consider the opinions of consumers before approving a review.

If a business believes a review they have received does not accurately reflect its ethics, standards, and credibility, it may dispute the assessment.

It is vital for companies to take such matters seriously to maintain trust and credibility with their customers.