This Is Why CBD Gummies Are Never Going Out of Trend 

Monday, October 16, 2023

When the CBD boom began, many predicted it would be an unsustainable success, a fad, a flash in the pan.

However, the skeptics have been proven wrong, and CBD has made a lasting dent in the industry.

While not all product types are as popular as once, CBD gummies have proven a lasting favorite among consumers. Here’s why they are never going out of trend.

CBD Gummies: Passing Fad or Ongoing Trend?

When the CBD industry first skyrocketed, countless brands quickly jumped on board. 

While CBD oil was considered most companies’ bread and butter, many tried to set themselves apart by creating unique and sometimes bizarre products.

Aside from various food and beverages, CBD was infused into everything from sex lube to pillowcases, with varying success. 

These products never took off due to exorbitant prices or limited effectiveness. However, some are here to stay, and CBD gummies are a prime example.

They have evolved from a novelty product to a staple, and now most brands sell their take on these sweet treats. 

More than a fad, CBD gummies have become a consumer favorite and have several advantages over other consumption forms.

Let’s take a closer look at why they are so trendy.  

Why CBD Users Love Gummies 

The most apparent reason for CBD gummies’ popularity is taste. The nation has a collective sugar addiction, so it makes sense that CBD-infused candy would become an instant hit.

Whether you prefer the fragrant notes of tropical fruit, the refreshing sharpness of wild berries, or the sour tang of citrus, you are sure to find the perfect product for your palate somewhere. 

Another significant advantage is that CBD gummies are more convenient than oils and tinctures, which can be challenging to measure and result in lost doses due to spillage.

Gummies present no such issues and are easy and discreet to use.

They contain a pre-measured amount of CBD, so there’s no stress about getting the right amount each time, and you can easily customize a dose by cutting your gummies in half if necessary. 

Some also say that the effects of CBD gummies last longer than other consumption methods, although they may be slower to kick in.

This is a massive bonus for those hoping to manage chronic symptoms who don’t want to keep topping up on CBD throughout the day.

Finding the Sweet Spot When Shopping for CBD Gummies 

There is an expansive range of CBD gummies on the market, and that can make choosing the right product a chore.

However, it is well worth researching the options to ensure you get a product that’s both effective and safe. Here are some of the key factors to consider: 

Hemp Source

CBD comes from hemp, known for its ability to clean up soil. Therefore, it is crucial to choose CBD extracted from hemp that has been grown under natural conditions without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Extraction Method

Keeping with the clean theme, look for brands that use CO2 extraction rather than hydrocarbon solvents like hexane.

These chemicals can remain in the end product if not appropriately purged and could risk consumer health. 


Good quality CBD products don’t need vast ingredient lists with unpronounceable additives and e-numbers galore.

Choose a product with minimal, natural ingredients for the best possible experience.

Full-spectrum vs. Broad-spectrum vs. Isolate

Full-spectrum CBD is more effective than isolate because it contains a range of synergistic hemp-derived compounds.

Therefore, products like the full-spectrum CBD gummies 500mg by PureKana are top sellers. Broad-spectrum products are similar but do not contain any THC, which some users prefer. 

Lab Testing 

Reputable brands will pay extra for their CBD gummies to be lab-tested for potency and purity.

This is a crucial feature as it shows high confidence in the products’ quality and proves there is nothing to hide. 


Reading online reviews is one of the best ways to gauge customer satisfaction and decide whether to proceed with your purchase.

If the product ticks all of the above boxes and comes from a reputable source, you’re probably onto a winner.

Try CBD gummies and find out why they are never going out of trend.