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14 Reviews

14 Reviews on Zip Moving and Storage

  1. Jason Walters
    August 30th, 2022

    Customer service communication was excellent

    Customer service communication was excellent throughout every step of the process. Everything was dealt with efficiently and quickly. Movers were courteous, friendly, and incredibly hard-working. I would work with this company again and highly recommend it to family and friends.

  2. Beth Rutter
    August 27th, 2022

    The most efficient

    The most efficient. Professional, prompt response to all my questions. Honest. Arrived at the right time, excellent moving company, totally up to date. Excellent packing. Not one item was damaged or lost. Fair pricing. We will never go to anyone else.

  3. Michelle A Golino
    August 25th, 2022

    Our team was amazing!

    Our team was terrific! Friendly, professional, and accommodating during what could be a very stressful day. They were cautious about our belongings and homes while moving into and out and were highly efficient in their efforts and time.

  4. Adrianna Danna
    August 22nd, 2022

    Thank you to Too and Alex

    Hassle-free relocation that was hassle-free. The items I needed were delivered on time to another state, and not of my items were damaged. I’ll be using Zip to move my things in the future. Thank you to Too and Alex.

  5. Glenda Mendez
    August 20th, 2022

    Zip Movers was excellent!

    Zip Movers was excellent! They were precise regarding their prices and punctual with their service! They were efficient and efficient. I appreciated how they wrapped my possessions and ensured they did not scratch walls while moving. I will be hiring them to help me the next time I need to move!

  6. Daniel Smith
    August 17th, 2022

    Excellent company!

    Excellent company! Zip Moving and Storage made my long-distance move simpler than any other relocation I’ve had before. I relocated from GA to WV, with a gap of a week. Zip was responsive and friendly from the first quote until the final. The pricing was transparent and fair, and they always arrived punctually. And they often checked in to see how the process was progressing, and not a single item was damaged, broken, or stolen. I cannot say enough positive about this company or its fantastic team.

  7. Kevin Rapp
    August 15th, 2022

    I'm so happy I decided to choose Zip Moving

    I’m so happy I decided to choose Zip Moving for my move! Ryan, as well as his crew, made a move simple and stress-free. In the days before my moving day and the day of my action, the Zip Team was constantly in touch with me to ensure all was discussed and agreed upon before my departure. On the day of my move, Ryan and his team were pleasant and took care of all my belongings with attention to detail. I would highly recommend Ryan and his team!

  8. Leslie Lebofsky
    August 11th, 2022

    I found the experience fantastic

    I found the experience fantastic, and the team that moved me was excellent. I was pleased that those two who carried me home also took care of the delivery. There was a communication issue in the middle of the way, but overall the team is proficient in navigating an out-of-state move. I would use these guys again.

  9. John Piernak
    August 8th, 2022


    Fantastic! From the beginning, they have been hands-on in the preparation and execution. On the day of delivery, our team truly listened to our suggestion to be vigilant at the new residence—quick and secure delivery.

  10. Brian Motter
    August 5th, 2022

    Wonderful experience

    The team arrived in the middle of the time frame I was offered. They were very cautious and thorough with my belongings. They were highly professional and polite. We couldn’t be happier. They are worthy of 6 stars! Wonderful experience.

  11. Pamela Frederick
    July 15th, 2022

    The experience I had working with Zip moving was highly positive

    The experience I had working with Zip moving was highly positive. Summer and her team members were available to assist with estimates and arrange the pickup and delivery of my furniture. The people who packed my furniture were cautious; however, they were also quick and efficient. I’m rating them a four because there was furniture from another person inside the truck and they couldn’t load all my furniture.

    They were forced to interrupt my packing process, empty other furniture, and load my remaining table. It was around 10 o’clock when they have done. The delivery was terrible. But the delivery was on time! The men were all helpful and friendly. There was nothing lost or damaged, only some scratches on two furniture pieces. I would recommend them to others.

  12. Yinka Olaniyan
    July 7th, 2022

    Ryan, Kevin, and Felix were fantastic!

    Ryan, Kevin, and Felix were fantastic! They were efficient, punctual, courteous, and excelled in their job. They managed the relocation while being open to any variations during the process. It was smooth. The customer service was professional and efficient in communicating throughout the process of moving. Andrew, along with Niki, was fantastic!

  13. Mariela Batista
    June 24th, 2022

    Zip Moving was fantastic!

    Zip Moving was fantastic! From the initial contact until my actual moving day, the team was friendly, professional, and easy to speak with. They responded to all my concerns and provided upfront information about the cost and their capabilities to do the task. I will recommend them again, and I wouldn’t be reluctant to recommend them to anyone who needs help with moving.

  14. Wayne Smith
    June 10th, 2022

    movers arrived promptly and quickly

    Recently we relocated furniture across Georgia from Georgia to Maryland.

    We were delighted with the service offered through Zip Moving and Storage.

    Before moving day, the entire process was explained clearly and supported.

    On the day of pick-up, the two movers arrived promptly and quickly.

    They took care of the furniture with respect. The table was taken away the next day and placed correctly.

    Overall, Zip Moving and Storage is reliable, and their service is efficient, safe, and reasonable. We’ll work with Zip Moving and Storage in the future.

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