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4 Reviews on WE DRIVE Designated Drivers

  1. Chloe Green
    Jan 22, 2023

    I am comfortable with their driving

    I would like to see more people use WE DRIVE to get home. I make use of this regularly when I'm drinking at a different location. The drivers are always punctual and friendly, and I am comfortable with their driving.

  2. Robert Kalmus
    Sep 23, 2022

    I'm extremely disappointed with your service

    I'm incredibly disappointed with your service. My friends used your services to plan their wedding. The driver did not know how to switch on her car's lights at 1 AM and couldn't park, let alone unlock my friend's car, into the car of my vehicle. I questioned her for driving in the dark with no lights on, and she claimed that the other drivers did not say anything to her. There was no regret of any kind for causing damage to our cars. I can figure out a car I've never driven in five minutes. It is a matter of more people who claim they can move but never actually go for themselves if they can. I do not recommend your service.

  3. James Neagle
    Jul 11, 2022

    Our chauffeur, Marcy is a dream!

    Our chauffeur, Marcy is a dream! We took him from a Willowbank (NOTL) wedding and then to St.Catharines. Fantastic driving and entertained us throughout the entire drive back home. Thanks, Marcy!! I highly recommend you to everyone.

  4. Leanne Tuck
    Jun 17, 2022

    The driver was excellent

    Two cars were prebooked on Saturday night. The original plan was to have them arrive at our destination at 9:30 midnight.

    The dinner was delayed, so when I called my son to alter their arrival time, they were delighted to pick us up earlier. Excellent services ....our chauffeur was Unique in her approach and was fantastic!

    She even laughed at our ridiculous jokes; we were able to have fun drinking! Sorry, I'm not sure of the other driver's name, but my sister thought the driver was excellent too.

    I would highly recommend him and will certainly use him again.

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About WE DRIVE Designated Drivers

WE Drive Designated Drivers Inc. And YOUR Designated Driver for Niagara and Surrounding Area! We will dispatch two drivers to your place of business anywhere within the Niagara Region. One driver will take you back to comfortable surroundings in your car, and the second driver will follow you to the destination. This allows you and your vehicle to drive around safely home after having a night out, lunch for business, or when you are intoxicated or unfit for going after a medical consultation.

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216-2 White St, St. Catharines, ON L2N 1Z2, Canada