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6 Reviews on WDW Magazine

  1. Ahmed Appas
    Jan 21, 2023

    The magazine has been beneficial

    I miss home comforts (WDW) and am always interested in discovering new things about my home. Walt Disney World magazine is my first stop for details on planning your trip. I’m planning to visit in 2024. The magazine has been beneficial in coming up with ideas on what time to travel. How long should you spend in each park, and what will you have to put aside to make your dream plan come to fruition?

  2. Norm Bushman
    Sep 23, 2022

    I'm really disappointed with you.

    My subscription to WDW Magazine was canceled without my permission. I attempted to get you to reinstate it, but you informed me that you did not possess my email address. This is absurd, considering that you’ve been mailing these publications to me for more than two years. I’m disappointed with you.

  3. Julie Pearce
    Jul 21, 2022

    I would recommend it to any Disney fan.

    The WDW magazine has opened up various possibilities we didn’t think to explore. We’ve visited restaurants and attractions based on stories we’ve read.

    We love the pictures and stories. Also, I love how the story is told. I would recommend it to any Disney fan.

  4. Christy Whitehurst
    Jul 12, 2022

    The quality of the photos is incredible

    I love receiving the WDW Magazine every month. The quality of the photos is incredible. The articles are detailed and well-written. Disney World makes me happy and gives me a bit of happiness every month.

  5. Tony Jefferson
    Jul 11, 2022

    Extremely unhappy at WDW Magazine

    Extremely unhappy at WDW Magazine. I called the magazine to cancel my subscription and was charged for a second year’s subscription. They’re telling me I did not ask them to end my subscription. They don’t seem to take care of their customers. I canceled my subscription because I lacked the money to buy their magazine yearly.

    They don’t take any notice. They apologized when they auto-renewed without my permission, but we won’t reimburse your account. I suppose those who struggle in the current financial situation do not matter to them. Added after a reply to WDW Magazine: I DID mail the magazine to stop my subscription two weeks before my auto-renewal.

    It’s interesting to note that they had all the information except the one email I had canceled on time! They also had all my other messages regarding this matter, minus the cancellation. But the person I contacted after re-billing said it never got there.

  6. John Haseltine
    Jun 3, 2022

    loved reading it

    I anticipated the Pirates special, having purchased the Haunted Mansion last year.

    It was not disappointing.

    I thoroughly loved reading it from cover the cover. The pictures are amazing, and the writing is informative.

    Every time I read a story, I discover a fascinating fact I had never heard of before!

    I’d suggest WDW Magazine to everyone who is a fan of Disney.

    It’s like getting a little bit of Disney delivered to your mailbox each month!

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