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What is Veritas Extended Warranty?

Veritas Global Protection offers extended warranties for cars, RVs, and power sports products. These plans cover breakdowns, aiming to provide peace of mind to customers. They operate globally, but U.S. contracts only cover breakdowns in the U.S. and Canada.

What is the phone number for Veritas Extended Warranty?

For Veritas Extended Warranty and claim-related inquiries, the contact number is (888) 572-4310. If you seek client support, dial (888) 585-1530.

21 Reviews on Veritas Global Protection

  1. Ramirez Elan
    5 rating

    I made the right choice.

    Mar 4, 2024

    When my f350 had electrical issues and needed a new ECM and new Wiring harness at $3360 I knew I made the right choice and the best part is that they paid fully for my car. It took almost a week to get my car back and I wish I had gotten it back earlier but it's still good they gave me a rental car for the period. I'm glad they honored the contract.

  2. Pamela Keller
    5 rating

    They had my vehicle fixed, but please speed up the process.

    Mar 1, 2024

    I called them after taking my car to the dealership to get the water pump checked out because it was making a loud squealing noise. It turns out the bearings were bad and the water pump needed to be replaced. After sending an inspector to the dealership to confirm the issues, they approved the claim and had my water pump and bearing replaced. I wish they could make the process a bit faster. 

  3. Melanie Chavez
    5 rating

    I got a rental car while waiting for my car

    Feb 26, 2024

    They helped me with a rental car while my car was in the auto shop. Their reps deserve an award for assisting me with my claim. It wasn't easy for me to stay without my car for weeks, despite having a rental car with me. It was a transmission issue, and everyone knows transmission rebuilds or replacements are never cheap. They had my transmission rebuilt, and I have my car back and functioning properly

  4. Keon Ross
    5 rating

    I wasn't left stranded.

    Feb 21, 2024

    I am thoroughly impressed. When my car unexpectedly broke down, leaving me stranded and stressed, Veritas swiftly came to my rescue. They arranged for a rental car, allowing me to continue with my daily activities seamlessly while my car was being repaired. This level of efficiency and responsiveness truly eased my worries during what could have been a highly stressful situation. They covered the total cost of repairs, although it was within the amount they usually cover.

  5. Calvin Wright
    5 rating

    Great first experience with them

    Feb 5, 2024

    I've had a bad experience in the past with a warranty company and that taught me a lesson I will never forget. I got my plan through the dealership when I bought my Mercedes E-350. Despite what they said, I had to read the contract line after line to be sure of what they covered to avoid disappointment. I had no reason to call them in my first year but in my second year, I called when I had an oil leakage from the steering rack. They responded as I expected them to, and paid in full.

  6. Amanda Miles
    5 rating

    I'm happy with their service

    Jan 29, 2024

    When the transmission of my vehicle had a problem that needed to be fixed, I took it to the dealership, and they called Veritas to file my claim. Transmission issues are usually expensive to fix, and I'm happy I had this plan. They didn't pay fully for the repairs, which I understand because of how expensive it is, but I still appreciate the part they paid. I only wish the repair was a bit faster.

  7. Scott Opal
    5 rating

    Timely approval.

    Jan 17, 2024

    Excellent service! When the air-shocks on my BMW suddenly went bad, I took it to my dealer, and he called Veritas for my claim. Their rep had a conversation with the dealership for some minutes, but after all was said and done, they approved my claim and paid fully for my air shock replacement. It was my first claim, and I somehow expected a runaround since, in common with insurance and warranty companies, Veritas showed up.

  8. LenaH
    5 rating

    They only pay for what they cover.

    Jan 13, 2024

    As a single mom on a fixed income, the coverage I get from Veritas Global Protection is invaluable. I only knew Veritas through the dealership, and they gave me their assurance. Ten months later, I needed them when my brakes weren't as effective as they should be, and they got my brake system replaced. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to talk to them on the first day, but I did on the second day, and my claim was approved a few days later.

  9. Steve Piery
    5 rating

    Swift Claim Approval

    Jan 1, 2024

    If you have a protection plan from a reliable company, then your mind will be at rest when something goes wrong. I've filed a claim twice, and on both occasions, my claim was approved.

  10. Rebecca
    5 rating

    Money Saver

    Dec 27, 2023

    This policy has been a money-saver for me. When my transmission went out, I filed, and within some days, it was approved. They helped me rebuild the transmission, and during that period, they offered me a rental vehicle. 

  11. Candace Brown
    5 rating

    They came through for me.

    Dec 20, 2023

    Veritas came through for me in my time of need. They rebuilt my transmission when it failed and gave me a rental car to use while my car was going through repair.

  12. Tim
    1 rating
    Aug 31, 2023

    This is standard with all warranties. If you see something during a test drive a warranty will not cover it. I’m an inspector. I know.

  13. Tony Giglio
    1 rating
    Jun 30, 2023

    My experience is that they don't cover ANY claims.

  14. Lexi Lickem
    5 rating

    I highly recommend

    Apr 11, 2023

    Veritas Global has met my expectations regarding car protection programs and excellent customer support. They have made selecting and buying the plan effortless and enjoyable. I highly recommend Veritas to all.

    1. Tony Giglio
      Jun 30, 2023

      How long have you been working at Veritas? This post is ridiculous.

    2. Sally Rufflr
      May 27, 2023

      you are surely lying

  15. Judy Kay
    5 rating

    The process was pretty easy

    Apr 1, 2023

    My first claim was rough, but I didn't understand the procedure... The second time around, the process was pretty easy. They paid 1200 of the charge and were driving my car the next day. On both claims, they spent the bill before me having collected the vehicle... When the car was picked up, the charge was paid. This guarantee for me has paid for itself, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If you don't adhere to the process, they won't be able to pay, and I don't blame them. You must find a service willing to comply with the procedure—simple, straightforward, and worth the price.

    1. Tony Giglio
      Jun 30, 2023

      Please surely you jest. They denied my first claim because of their error. The 2nd claim was nothing but a run around trying to wear me down with ridiculous request after another. Their $2300 policy has so far cost me $6000.

  16. Daniel Nelson
    5 rating

    I'm delighted

    Apr 1, 2023

    I've been a Veritas Global Protection member for more than one year, and I must say that I'm delighted. They provide several plans to pick from at a price that is affordable, and their customer support is of the highest standard. When I've encountered a problem, they've been quick to address it. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a protection plan for cars.

    1. Tony Giglio
      Jun 30, 2023

      This has to be a fake post.

  17. Claire Betar
    5 rating

    It was pretty unsettling

    Mar 31, 2023

    Recently, it's been like every aspect of my existence is falling apart on me all at once. It was pretty unsettling when my car chose to join the list. When I contacted Veritas to inquire about what they could offer, I didn't think I'd get anything however; they proved that I was wrong. The representative I spoke with was beneficial and let me determine my following actions. I could begin my claim and have it approved within minutes. While waiting for my car to be fixed, they ensured I had everything I required. I am delighted with the service and assistance they gave me. They were able to turn my life around. Thank you, Veritas!

  18. Gayle Gwozdz
    5 rating

    They were pleased with the process.

    Mar 27, 2023

    Recently, I saw many customers who required repairs to their cars. All of them were covered under a vehicle protection plan that included Veritas. Claim submission with them was simple and handled professionally. I could tell my clients they were pleased with the process.

  19. Christine Sinatra
    5 rating

    Delighted with the experience.

    Mar 25, 2023

    I recently bought an EV policy from Veritas Global Protection and was delighted with the experience. It gives me the peace of mind that I'm covered for any unexpected circumstances.

  20. Janet Ashworth
    4 rating

    I can trust their insurance strategy

    Mar 24, 2023

    Every time I've had a conversation with Veritas, I have felt that they have allowed me to think that I'm being taken care of, and they are always willing to assist me. When I require a vehicle repair, I can trust their insurance strategy to help me out.

  21. Vicki Gray
    5 rating

    I strongly recommend

    Mar 22, 2023

    They managed to transform an unpleasant circumstance into a fantastic experience. My car hadn't been in my possession for long, and when I required repairs, I was uncertain whether I'd be able to pay for the cost. The repair shop I took my vehicle to successfully approved my claim and started more quickly than I anticipated. It saved me the cost of what I believed would be a hugely expensive repair. I strongly recommend that anyone who owns a car or wants to buy one talk to them.

  22. Philecia Shanks
    5 rating

    I am incredibly grateful

    Mar 21, 2023

    I decided to buy an insurance plan to protect my vehicle from them after my car began to wear out. My car recently stopped working, and I'm so glad to have it repaired using the insurance plan I paid for. I successfully got my vehicle to a repair shop to be back on roughen. Then I reached them. I roughened them; they were extremely accommodating and considerate of my circumstances. Ad in a short time. I am incredibly grateful for their assistance.

  23. George Priggins
    5 rating

    I purchased it brand from a dealership

    Mar 18, 2023

    I've owned my car for two years and am at its end. I purchased it brand from a dealership, and the car was in excellent condition, but you must be too cautious when purchasing a vehicle, and I've got my kids to consider as well. I had a reason to go with my plan a few weeks ago, which was great. The expense was covered, and my mechanic had a relaxing time. He's not a big person who is a bit of a snob, so for him not to be a complainer means there's no reason to complain. It was a simple experience.

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Veritas Global Protection is an international company that offers warranty service agreements, extended warranties, and various F&I services to dealerships throughout the United States and the world. Veritas Global Protection Plans cover virtually everything that has an engine. We offer coverage for all electronic vehicles, luxury cars, motorhomes, and other power sports vehicles. We aim to achieve an "A" rate in everything we do, from customer service, claims, and customer support to our insurance providers and other partnerships. Veritas Global Protection prides itself in being a business that strives to be the most effective.

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