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38 Reviews on Varo Bank

  1. Sketchy Liberty
    Jan 20, 2023

    Forget even considering varo. It isn't easy to reach customer service over the phone

    Forget even considering varo. It isn’t easy to reach customer service over the phone. They also burned my referral and me out of the bonus funds by changing dates…they constantly sent emails reminding them of the deadline for the referral for him to spend $20 on his new account, which was what he did (I even sent varo copies of my receipts and reminder emails). However, they also sent unanswered questions that didn’t address my query. I’m aware that it’s not much. However, they’re scammy as they may be……closing my account. The next step is to investigate a class procedure is next following

  2. Michael Frith
    Nov 8, 2022

    Then the account is locked

    I’ve been banking with Varo for about a minute, but this week, every purchase I make is debiting the account twice. I called to fix the issue for four hours and was told I had to file a claim. Why should I wait for the money back, which they did not take out correctly? Then I let it go and woke up the following day with the reversed money and withdrew again, only to find that one of their employees informed me that I must be able to prove that I could receive the refund. What is the likelihood of that, considering you can examine my accounts and identify the problems in the present? I requested her name, employee details, and corporate details, but she could not provide the information to me. Then the account is locked. What type of bank?

  3. Nickola Gray
    Nov 6, 2022

    was charged twice for the same purchase...

    I had five stars on my review and will change my rating to five stars if they can fix the problem. Then they took the money from my credit card to pay for each purchase and moved my purchases to the pending category. It was nothing to worry about, but suddenly, I noticed that all my funds were gone. I was charged twice for the same purchase…

  4. Robert Hadley
    Nov 5, 2022

    They are accountable for the damage they have done to my credit!

    Could you not do it? If I had the chance to give them negative marks, I would! They are accountable for the damage they have done to my credit! My credit score fell 134 points overnight due to how the company reported my issue to credit agencies, and they’re not taking on the responsibility for my credit and forcing me to go to court! I have tried their belief card, a secured credit card since I’m building credit, and they offer the feature of safe pay, which means you don’t need to consider paying the invoice. The money is removed from your account in a matter of minutes. I’ve never turned it off, and they told me I had a debt on my trust card. So it reduced me from 648o 515! I can’t even get a damn cell phone in my name now! Could you not do it?

  5. Michal Myers
    Nov 3, 2022

    Don't use this bank

    Don’t use this bank. I’ve had 1600 dollars taken from my account, I made a claim, and they refused to accept the claim. I’m owed 1600 dollars due to a person using Venmo on my card, I don’t have a Venmo account, and I filed a fraud report; they do not take care of the client and aren’t investigating the matter. If they did and called Venmo, they would have discovered that I didn’t have a Venmo account and had not even heard of it. They’re not doing anything to assist me in obtaining my money back from fraud activities; they have shut me out of my account. They’re rubbish; they can’t even communicate with you in a way that you understand their language; they’re saying that they will appeal the decision, so why would you appeal a decision that you didn’t examine. ?

  6. Jim Cozens
    Nov 2, 2022


    Beware! I was a victim of fraud on my account. I was assured that if the copy were found, they would reimburse my money regardless of the date. I received 260.00 from the 2,100.00 dollars due. They then claimed that it occurred three months ago and would not return me since when I first called, they assured me that it didn’t matter in the event of fraud. They will reimburse the entire amount. They are a terrible company and not for customers like banks are supposed to be. They’ve stolen my money, and I’ve tried to appeal but have not received any assistance. I’ve had to engage a lawyer to get my money back. I have also made contact with the BBB. The reviews that they have received are written by their staff since they reward their staff for those who post here and write about them. The problem is that they are taking customer money and trying to assist customers instead of damaging them.

  7. Dene Olley
    Nov 1, 2022

    Varo is a terrible bank

    Varo is a terrible bank. They took money from an account I transferred to and held it for seven days. They got the. Cash on the 2nd day and lied that it took seven days to move. They’re an unnecessary waste of time. You can try making a cash deposit, and you’ll have to pay $5. The bank is a joke.

  8. Sham Rujudawa
    Oct 28, 2022

    I have filed complaints with FDIC to recover my money.

    I went to Walgreens All point Atm to withdraw $100. The Atm did not take my funds and then said thank you. I called Varo, and they told me you should call All point Atm Aft. Er, I tried calling All end Atm, and they told me you should call Varo. This is the second time within a year that Atm took my money. I’ve decided to stay at Brick and Mortar bank; Varo is an online bank and has no responsibility for the customers of their bank. I have filed complaints with FDIC to recover my money.

  9. Rene Stevens
    Oct 26, 2022

    I'm in the middle of a series of dispute over charges on my account

    I’ve been a faithful client of Varo’s since they obtained the charter for their banks. I have decided to close my Varo account following my latest experiences. In a way that is not clear to me, Varo chose to “remove” my capability to transfer funds out of my account and take ACH withdrawals. The problem is that when they did this, they didn’t inform me that they had done so, and I spent hours contacting customer support to find out why the transfer button gave me a generic error. Varo is now officially a part of the”F#ck you” club of corporations that focus more on accomplishing their goals than their customers who have made them a business in the beginning.

  10. Karen Gilbert
    Oct 23, 2022

    The Baking App is a nightmare.

    The Baking App is a nightmare. This company provides the most unprofessional customer service I’ve had. I’ve just received a random message that my account is shut. They blocked my account when I was purchasing food for myself. Do not sign up for an account with this business.

  11. David Collis
    Oct 22, 2022

    I'm not getting compensated by Varo

    Today is my first official payday at my company. However, I’m not getting compensated by Varo. The early payment was not paid to the bank. The bank is now unable to pay my bills or fuel my vehicle. The bank’s rep I was advised me to wait for 24 hours. Wow, I’m blown away. Don’t open their account, and you will regret it.

  12. Malcolm Young
    Oct 18, 2022

    With Varo from the beginning, not anymore.

    I’ve been a faithful client of Varo’s since they obtained the charter for their banks. I have decided to close my Varo account following my latest experiences. In a way that is not clear to me, Varo chose to “remove” my capability to transfer funds out of my account and take ACH withdrawals. The problem is that when they did this, they didn’t inform me that they had done so, and I spent hours contacting customer support to find out why the transfer button gave me a generic error. Varo is now officially a part of the”F#ck you” club of corporations that focus more on accomplishing their goals than their customers who have made them a business in the beginning.

  13. Carla Thornton
    Oct 15, 2022

    A very unhappy customer

    Suddenly, they refused to let me make an account transfer to my bank, which is linked to varo. I’m unable to find the reason .. I’ve had this bank account for quite a while now and continue to transfer money to it every month … terrible customer service – it feels as if they’re going through the script. The first phone call came on October 31st, then twice at the beginning and second days of this month, and there is no explanation. A depressed customer

  14. Kirstie Sommese
    Oct 12, 2022

    Why doesn't this link up the plaid app

    What’s wrong with this connection to the plaid app in the Coinbase app? After logging into my varo application information, it does not connect with its Coinbase app. Varo does not allow me to capture a picture of my driver’s license in the app. It says CANCEL or SETTINGS. GO TO SETTINGS TO ALLOW CAMERA PERMISSION. The app will not permit this. The app requires a lot of improvements for users to make use of as their banking app. The bottom line is that varo app isn’t compatible with Coinbase for bitcoin payments via the Coinbase application.

  15. Martin Brown
    Oct 7, 2022

    This is not a reliable bank

    I was able to refer someone, to open an account. I was enticed into opening the Varo account, promising me a 50.00 incentive for referrals. They paid the 20.00 to earn the 50.00 bonus. It’s been three weeks since the referral, and Varo has not yet credited my account or the account I referred. I’ve contacted them daily for over an entire week and have received the runaround. This is not a reliable bank. You can bank elsewhere.

  16. Michelle Wakeley
    Aug 17, 2022

    Varo is among the top online banks available

    Varo is among the top online banks available. There are no monthly fees for any item. Money is never available. and I’m aware of where my money is going. Everything I require is within the app. My only issue is the poor customer service and the absence of assistance from Varo. They have disabled my check deposit but haven’t provided me with the reason and said they won’t be able to enable it until they deactivate it. It’s a complete nonsense. How do you deactivate something and then make it available again. I’m not sure. Most of the time, they correct the issues that I face with no problem however this is one thing they were not clear on. Making changes to my account , without informing me about it or even stating the reason for it.

  17. Ubaldo Morales
    Aug 13, 2022

    it's excellent overall

    I’ve been using Varo for quite a while and must say it’s excellent overall. I couldn’t rate it five stars due to the minor difficulties in becoming members of the Varo trust. Savings accounts and the possibility of earning interest from that savings account make banking much more accessible.

  18. Craig Fiedler
    Aug 9, 2022

    I was awed by the Varo Bank until

    I was awed by the Varo Bank until I was told that I was unable to access the advanced feature. I have no idea why. Nothing has changed that I can tell, but I’m not able to receive any explanation on the reason. Apart from that, it’s an excellent bank that I will always recommend it anyone seeking a reliable bank that isn’t a burden of fees.

  19. June Mason
    Aug 5, 2022

    The transaction isn't listed in the app

    The company has been stable. However, recently they’ve been canceling transactions and even stating “overpayment.” It’s impossible. Black Friday weekend and they took my final $50. The balance is taken out immediately regardless of pending transactions. The transaction isn’t listed in the app any longer. However, I have an acknowledgment from the seller who took the money and returned some.

  20. Steven Walker
    Aug 3, 2022

    Varo was an incredible online bank

    Varo was an incredible online bank until they acquired this “believe credit account.” I set up auto-pay for my account. Every time Varo transfers money from my checking account to the report, they believe the funds never show into the credit card. This isn’t very pleasant when it’s not your responsibility. I’ve called them numerous times regarding my account, and all they’ve been able to say is… I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and your account was increased. It’s the third week of my account, and I’m yet to receive my money.

  21. Lori Kellum
    Aug 1, 2022

    Varo is a bank that's easy to use

    Varo is a bank that’s easy to use, for the most part. It’s also safe. I’ve had only one problem since I’ve had the account for a couple of years. The only issue is that I wasn’t given any assistance in getting my money back for a $300 transaction that was removed from my bank account through Google. I’ve never been able to get my money back from a statement I’ve never signed up for.. nor Google nor varo has been able to help me with anything for some reason.

  22. Chris Bryant
    Jul 28, 2022

    I am a huge fan of this bank

    I am a massive fan of this bank. I’ve had the privilege of working with Varo Bank for a few years and have never had a problem or charge in the process! The customer service is fantastic because they don’t have physical branches.

    Best online bank ever! They constantly add new perks, including cash back options and early direct deposits. I have recommended the bank to numerous friends and family members, and many have dropped the other options they offer for banking at Varo Bank.

  23. John Hung
    Jul 26, 2022


    This is a good option when you use it to backup your bank account. THERE ARE NO WIRE OR SWIFT CODES! Don’t expect any service from the customer. In my experience with this particular bank, when they do not respond to emails. Their customer service staff does not know what’s happening. There are different reasons for this from various people, but little uniformity. It’s pretty average. A good savings account, but when you go over 5k, you’ll lose their rates of interest (which is currently five percent). Savings accounts are good, and checking accounts are outstanding, but you should not forget about them.

  24. Kay Gidley
    Jul 23, 2022

    Do not use this company

    My son needed cash in a hurry and lives across the border from me, so I told him I’d give it a shot with Varo since his girlfriend also has an account with Varo. Big mistake. I could have sent them a check, which could have been cashed before Varo took the money directly from the bank. Excellent customer service also. Do not use this company.

  25. Judy Diamond
    Jul 22, 2022

    I was awed by Varo at first, but everything seemed to be okay

    I was awed by Varo at first, but everything seemed to be okay. However, I travel for work, which is my second bank account. I have started using this account than one account to be my primary one; however, if a hotel or other event places a hold on your account, they won’t take it off until ten working days. They will require evidence of the fact that the bill for the hotel was paid. In most banks, it’s a three-day hold, not a 10. They keep your cash on hold for ten days, and they are unprofessional when you try to take the handle off. This has occurred in my case twice. I keep sending out the receipt, but I keep getting pathetic emails asking for proof of purchase that I have sent several times. We are ready to move on from them.

  26. Betty Odom
    Jul 17, 2022

    They didn't make this clear

    They didn’t make this clear in their offers until you read the small print. Be on the lookout for your maximum ACH transfer of $200. If their high-yield account attracts you, you’ll be spending all your time moving your cash each time.

  27. Marco Hernandez
    Jul 13, 2022

    You can run as fast as you possibly can

    I had signed up for a Varo account. I was looking forward to my permanent account arriving through the post. Please tell me the reason. I received my card, called to activate it, and was informed that it had 200.00 to the downside. I had not even received my card. No, I didn’t use my card as a temporary purchase. The phone rang, and I spoke to Daylin. She not only spoke to me as if I wasn’t at her level but also told me that I would get my cash in my account within three to four business days. It wasn’t deposited into my account since she had shut the account the moment we ended the call. My lawyer, however, is excited about this matter because he’s sure to be paid!

  28. Suzie Wagner
    Jul 11, 2022

    Varo bank is a joke

    Varo bank is a joke. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I’ve been trying to bet by contacting customer service for a few sometime now. They placed a hold on my card until I confirmed the details. Then I did not use the accounts for about a month because I opened a local checking account. My stimulus money was transferred to the card. I’ve tried to WITHDRAWAL it, but it will tell me that call financial transaction were denied. I spoke to my lawyer to take care of the situation since I’m close to snapping.

  29. James Clark
    Jul 8, 2022

    Terrible Customer Service

    Varo Bank has a prolonged response time when you make a call. The response time was much better before their merger with Varo Bank. My March statement was in some way compromised in the process of transition. Therefore, I am unable to see any transactions from March. I’ve been on hold for nearly four hours. This is not acceptable. Employ more employees for phone banking. I’ve had a relationship with Varo since the beginning of 2018. The worst experience I’ve ever encountered with Varo. Terrible Customer Service.

  30. Angelo Gabriel
    Jul 7, 2022

    the most unpleasant banking experiences you can imagine

    You can look up the Varo money subreddit to see precisely what I’m talking about. Since most of the reviews have to be automated and paid for through Varo management, I’ll say it plainly and plainly… Do not OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT HERE. Support for customers is virtually absent. The wait time is 60 minutes plus. The possibility of a two-day advance paycheck is not worth the hassles associated with this bank. It’s best to select the local, well-known branch. If not, you’ll be in for one of the most unpleasant banking experiences you can imagine.

  31. Mike Machonkin
    Jul 3, 2022

    I'm experiencing problems with my account

    It started well; however, now I’m experiencing problems with my account. My card was stolen, and I ordered another one. That’s where my issue began, they did not close the old account but instead transferred d.ds to the current version, but this month, they are lying to me that they returned it to the bank. However, they say they’ve seen that it was processed through Varo. However, I’m unable to get someone on the phone.

  32. Wilda Dennis
    Jul 1, 2022

    The customer is the one who must deal with the result

    I’ve heard good positive reviews regarding this company. But, I was told that they were unable to confirm my identity. I was not given an upload link for my driver’s license or other documents. There could be a problem with their server. The customer is the one who must deal with the result.

  33. Lydia Waller
    Jul 1, 2022

    I'll never use their mobile deposit services again!

    I am from Colorado, and I made an amount ($32) reimbursement check through the State of Colorado Treasury Department by using a mobile deposit on August 1st, 2022. The following day, I received an email confirmation from Vero bank stating that my check was accepted and that the money would be available by August 11th! I’ll never use their mobile deposit services again! Why is it almost two weeks for a government check (not an individual one) less than $50 to be cleared?

  34. Jessica Ledesma
    Jun 28, 2022

    I'm not happy with Varo Bank

    I’m not happy with Varo Bank. At first, I was thrilled by their humble beginnings in the form of an internet-based bank. But, despite having a Varo account (without difficulties) for more than two years, Varo shut down my account within a short time after I completed a substantial cash transfer. However, I could recover my money back, but I think I was fortunate. Let me warn others about this – Varo is not a good choice for customers. I suggest other major players – like American Express and Ally Bank that are more reliable and provide better customer service and guidelines.

  35. Ricky Harris
    Jun 27, 2022

    this bank won't let you deposit more than $2000

    It was a good account that I started. However, this bank won’t let you deposit more than $2000, which is absurd for a bank. An online bank is closing the account I’ve had for over three years, so it’s time to complete this bank as an unreliable institution.

  36. Hala Zanoun
    Jun 27, 2022

    Varo isn't a safe bank to work with

    Varo isn’t a safe bank to work with. I’ve talked about the bank for about a month and have recommended people. After I was done, they shut my account, which had hundreds of dollars, without any explanation. After I call, I’m informed, ” you’ll have to wait for an email, and unfortunately, your account has been closed and cannot be opened again.

    After that, I ask about the status of my account, and they hang at the end of the line. I then called Varo twice, insisting on the issue and trying to find out why they had to close their account even though there was nothing suspicious going on but the same results. It’s better to go to a bank you can walk into and talk to someone to take your money. Otherwise, you’ll stress yourself out trying to recover your money, especially if your real money is in a Varo account.

  37. Joshua Hecht
    May 14, 2022

    Varo was a great place

    This is my second bank account, as I travel for work. Although I used more initially, they won’t remove a hold for your account for 10 days if placed by a hotel or other entity. They will need proof that the hotel bill was paid. It’s usually a three-day hold. Varo was a great place to live, and everything seemed perfect initially.

    They will hold your money hostage for ten days and be rude when you request them to release the hold. This has happened twice to me. I keep sending the receipt, but keep getting crap replies back asking for documentation. This has happened multiple times. I am ready to move on.

  38. Emmett
    Apr 20, 2022

    Varo Believe card

    To rebuild my credit, my money was put into a credit line. I then used it to purchase $900, and I paid it back into my account. For example, I made a $1000 deposit and used the card to buy $900, and the statement I received required me to pay $900 back. Varo will keep the $900 you have paid, but your money of $1000 won’t be credited to your account once you have made the payment. So Varo reported to Transunion Bureau that I had paid $900. Varo could take a portion of $900 from me as a service fee.

    Varo would charge $400 from $900 for their service. They take the entire amount, and I theoretically gave them money. This is how it helps me build my credit. It wasn’t Varo’s money that was deposited in the beginning. It was mine. It should have been returned to me, and a part of it put into my credit card. Varo didn’t give me any credit lines. This is not something I would recommend to anyone.

    Although the intention is to rebuild credit, it is not all that seems. While I understand that the Varo Believe Credit Card will have to make money, keeping the entire amount paid towards the account should not be possible. I learned my lesson. I will no longer use the card, but it will remain my last resort. Varo Believe Credit Card is a great way to rebuild your credit. If you decide to use it, make sure you don’t deposit more than $100. When it comes time to pay, you can say goodbye to the card. That $100 will not be returned to your credit card.

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