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6 Reviews on VaporFi

  1. Jeanne Kelford
    Jan 24, 2023

    Thanks to vapor! I'll be back with you once more.

    I stopped at my local Grove City location on Stringtown road and bought vape juice. I ordered them to mix cheesecake, cookies, and milk, and it was awful! It tastes like vegetable oil! I’m not going to be back. therefore, I’m rewriting my review. I called vapor to discuss my issue, and they were able to help my issue 100! It was mainly my fault as I’d not tried customizing blends. Thanks to vapor! I’ll be back with you once more.

  2. Rebecca Mizsei
    Dec 22, 2022

    Do not order from this business.

    I ordered an e-cigarette from Vaporfi; since I am in New Zealand, I ordered the Tobacco and Menthol flavored cartridges that accompany it. I wouldn’t recommend this business or product to anyone else; the product was delivered two months later than they claimed, and they were so ineffective regarding the process of shipping that I was worried it wouldn’t arrive since I was unsure of what it was and when it was expected to arrive. I received it just today and was disappointed with the flavor. They were horrible. The menthol flavor smelled like plastic, while the tobacco flavor was unappealing. Do not order from this business.

  3. Neian Danugo
    Dec 17, 2022

    Buyer BEWARE!

    Buyer BEWARE! I purchased my one purchase from this company, and it was a complete nightmare. The first time I received an aanCanadader, stapled to the other part of my purchase, I had to pay for shipping. If you dial the number they have provided, you’ll only get a voice message, and they’ll call you back, but they will never return your call, no, however numerous messages they leave. I wrote to comet service regarding another person’s purchase, and they,y said that the order was replaced and I could keep it, but then I was contacted again and asked to send the item back, which I did. I received my package consisting of two identical pens and four batteries. The pen I did open leaked so badly that I could not open the other one. You must return it to the company within a month, but you’ll need an RMA code to send it back. I waited three weeks before I received this number, after ten emails and a phone call one day. I returned the product at my expense, and nI never heard from them again! The transaction took place in January. Anand’s now May. I haven’t heard from them, and I’m now out $100.00. I’ve emailed them and left messages on their phones for months, but they never respond and have taken my cash! I’ve never conducted transactions with such a fraudulent company, and you shouldn’t. They’re very accommodating to you via email after you purchase, bu if you attempt to return something, you’ll never hear from them again. My advice is NEVER to use them; you save a lot of time and cash.

  4. Claudia Hernandez
    Dec 10, 2022

    The untrustworthy company won't be able to keep my business.

    I purchased a SMOK Nord 2 along with two sets of replacement coils. I paid an additional $20 to get it shipped two days later. I received the waves, but they were not on the device five days later. I contacted Support to ask for a refund of the express shipping I did not receive. Direct Vapor refunded my $20 and offered to expedite the delivery of the device in orto up for the delay. The device is delivered five days later. They deceived me. The untrustworthy company won’t be able to keep my business.

  5. Paul Alessi
    Sep 22, 2022

    The product was purchased almost one month back

    The product was purchased almost one month back. Tracking information was updated within a few days, and it stated it was delivered. After a few days, tracking information was updated to say that delivery of the parcel. It was NOT. They’re not able to prove the delivery on time. The initial response was 3-5 days for management to investigate. After that, I requested an update but didn’t receive any response. They told me to wait and that it would take up to 14 days to get a response. Unacceptable. They tried to offer me an explanation of the new rules creating destruction… Yada Yada… The regulations came into effect a little more than a year time ago. Make sure you have everything in place, VaporFi. Other companies offer.

  6. James Williams
    May 24, 2022

    Not good customer experience

    This company has been a great deal of help to me until recently. Although I am aware that vaping products are not delivered quickly, I do not find it acceptable for them not to take my money and wait for my product.

    My first order was received within one week. It has been 14 days since I placed it. Since May 3rd, there have been no updates on the tracking site. I was told to wait 21 days for any assistance. If I get it, this will be my last order. Not good customer experience. Buyer beware.

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