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2 Reviews on USAEuroSkateshop

  1. Kathleen Walden
    July 23rd, 2022

    They were fantastic

    When I bought the electronic scooter, I encountered issues with the connection between the store, my bank application, and my email. I was extremely concerned that I was being scammed. After a couple of weeks, I was able to contact an individual from Euro skate.

    The computer of GLS seemed to think the two cities, Genk or Gent, were in the exact location. They were fantastic and had five ratings… I’ve had an electrical issue on the scooter handled swiftly and effectively. I’m waiting for it to arrive.

    This was also a bit frustrating, but after a couple of days, the issue was resolved… What if I purchase a new scooter on the internet? There are way numerous computer glitches and most importantly, I would like to to fix my scooter in the vicinity … But the people I spoke with were fantastic knowledgeable and friendly… could not be better.

  2. Randy
    April 21st, 2022

    First experience and many problems

    I purchased a scooter online for the first time. The box arrived damaged when I opened it to give it to my daughter. The handlebar moved up and down when she tried to drive it. 1) You can’t open or close the box. I asked two men for help, and they advised me to return it.

    I checked that the button was in the right place and heard a click. The scooter arrived in perfect condition, but it had been built with defects. I tried to contact the store via mail, but they did not respond.

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