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Is USTVnow legit?

USTVnow has 20 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach USTVnow customer care?

You can contact USTVnow customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 917 746-8788

Where is USTVnow located?

USTVnow is located at address 28 West 27th Street, Suite 404 New York, NY 10001 U.S.A..

20 Reviews on USTVnow

  1. Janice Greenwood
    1 rating

    Be Safe from USTV

    Dec 29, 2023

    Buyer Beware. I will not be involved with this company ever again. They kept contacting me. I asked them to let me be. They tried to process my credit card at least 10 times. I'm grateful that my bank has stopped charging them.

  2. Mike Bigel
    1 rating

    Long-Term User's Disappointment

    Dec 20, 2023

    Have been with them for many years great service even when I was overseas I have enjoyed the recorded programs Over time, this has only gotten more difficult The technicians are pleasant but it's not like the problem gets better.

    When asked, the staff says when asked, the staff say This service is does not work the same way, and the majority of my shows are prerecorded the show, and then you're unable to end, return when you are ready, the old system had the location where you could resume.

    Looking to join YouTube TV, reached out to them again, and it's not clear if anything has been resolved. I'm also unclear how frustrating it has gotten.

  3. Ellen Connolly
    3 rating

    Excellent to fantastic!

    May 26, 2023

    Overall, excellent to fantastic, but you must address this "send one-time password" issue. I've asked many times on Gmail for a single password, but I haven't received one sent, so I cannot reactivate the account or gain access to your website or content.

  4. Lauren Brown
    4 rating


    Apr 12, 2023

    After one month of stream issues and the inability to stream UStvnow on any channel, Lilian got involved and organized meetings between the technical staff and us. Within a few days after that, tech staff added code that was successful in streamable videos once more.

  5. Colin Seow
    5 rating

    Highly recommend

    Jan 18, 2023

    I recently had an issue that required assistance from the team, and I was highly impressed with the level of listening and quick response I received. The team member took the time to understand my problem fully and provided a solution promptly. I am very grateful for their help and highly recommend the team for their exceptional listening and problem-solving skills.

  6. Pam Jane
    4 rating

    USTVnow is among the top streaming platforms

    Oct 12, 2022

    USTVnow is among the top streaming platforms in terms of variety, quality, and menus streaming USTVnow LIVE. A great feature for recording favorite never miss shows! It offers everything.

  7. Johnston Walker
    1 rating


    Oct 12, 2022

    I signed up in November last year to stream US TV streaming from Europe. I had issues with freezing the stream initially, but it was resolved initially. However, the stream has now become entirely unwatchable. Whatever live program I choose, I receive a constant "uploading" message with the image frozen. This has been going on for the last week without interruption. The service is now completely unwatchable. I contacted support four days ago but got NO RESPONSE. I tried to contact support with no response. Therefore, I view USTVnow as an unnecessary expense. It's fantastic when it works, but it just does not function. The issue persists regardless of my device, whether a TV or a laptop. Both display constant frozen streams.

  8. Helen Smith
    1 rating

    My password won't work

    Oct 11, 2022

    My password won't work. I select send one-time password, but you must now not send me the password one time. I've tried this many times and haven't received any email from us directly.

  9. Peter Mickleburgh
    5 rating

    I am very grateful for this program

    Oct 9, 2022

    I am very grateful for this program. My family and I enjoy the channels we love and keep up with the news while away in a different part of the world. Their customer support is helpful and quick.

  10. Caroline Foley
    5 rating

    Rapidly respond and offer suggestions to solve the issue

    Oct 6, 2022

    Rapidly respond and offer suggestions to solve the issue. Suppose you contact them via email or phone. Always ready to provide service and decrease downtime. Ultimately the solution was found that be satisfactory.

  11. Jeton Humolli
    5 rating

    My reception was down

    Oct 5, 2022

    My reception was down. I contacted support, and they gave me an alternate link. I could not watch the program I wanted to watch, but thanks to the link, I have a backup should this happen again.

  12. Simeon Belle
    5 rating

    I am thrilled with the service

    Oct 4, 2022

    I am thrilled with the service. I can access everything I want, including all local NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, for a reasonable cost. Thank you, USTVnow and Teleup, for offering such an excellent service. I'm hoping it will last for many more years. :)

  13. Andrew Malins
    1 rating

    As I’m writing this no channels

    Sep 29, 2022

    As I type this, there aren't any channels on or available. It's inferior! Even using the lowest quality settings, I am having issues. I'm not sure why USTVGO has outstanding quality and is available for free, yet it's an expensive service with a poor grade! Don't bother casting unless you need a slow, staggered signal. Make sure to sort the first stream out so we can have high-quality images!

  14. Alastair Farwell
    5 rating

    Underrated and expensive

    Sep 28, 2022

    I am a massive fan of the streaming service. It offers local channels and the bounce channel that most cable providers don't provide. At $19.00, you can't beat the cost. Xfinity or DirecTV, as well as the dish. Underrated and expensive.

  15. Brian Rafe
    1 rating

    They only offer a scripted reply and do not consider your concerns

    Sep 19, 2022

    Several channels experience issues streaming or give the error code. Many problems also occur, affecting the DVR. It's a bit disappointing. Update: Someone finally contacted me. When I reach out to support, I get an extremely scripted response, even though I've demanded to speak to an individual higher up within the company. However, the issue in streaming or DBR has not been resolved. The support team is helpful, but they only offer a scripted reply and do not consider your concerns.

  16. Richard Bates
    1 rating

    Lost password frustration

    Sep 12, 2022

    I've registered, but my password isn't working. I click on the send one-time password, but it must now never sends me the one-time password. I've done this many times and have not received an email from you directly.

  17. Gemma Halford
    5 rating

    Service was restored

    Sep 5, 2022

    My credit card was due to expire, and USTV informed me that the payment had been declined. I changed my payment information but still had access to the channels. I wrote, and in under 10 minutes, my service was restored. I was extremely pleased with the quick and efficient actions that USTVNOW executed. In the past, any inquiry or problem was handled in the same manner......instantly.

  18. Suzanne Lockwood
    1 rating

    I'd recommend staying away from the company entirely at all costs

    Sep 3, 2022

    I registered for a free trial for five days while I was in Mexico. The problem was canceled before the five days but was in the process of being charged. I called to try and resolve the issue and was told I had been lying to a rude lady from another country. I wasn't able to get anything done. I finally found an email confirmation that said. Customer service is terrible. It's not a trustworthy company at all. I'd recommend staying away from the company entirely at all costs.

  19. Gina Roberts
    5 rating

    I am a huge fan of the streaming service

    Jul 25, 2022

    I am a massive fan of the streaming service. It comes with local and bounce channels, which many cable providers don't offer. And at $19.00, you can't beat the price. Xfinity as well. DirecTV as well as the dish. Underrated and priced too high.

  20. Barbara Brown
    5 rating

    The streaming has been excellent

    May 26, 2022

    DVR is my favorite feature on USTVnow! I can record shows and view them whenever it suits me!

    My husband can also set his favorite shows! It truly meets all of our family's needs.

    My 3-year-old daughter also enjoys her shows. So far, the streaming has been excellent.

    I think you get what you pay for with streaming. The pricing is excellent. But, I prefer more movies.

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