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  1. Alejandro Marfil
    Jan 22, 2023

    This company for telecommunications is the most reliable one I've utilized, without a doubt

    This company for telecommunications is the most reliable one I’ve utilized, without a doubt. Their customer service is outstanding. They are always available on the chat line. I joined the line when they first began, and they’ve been paying the same over the years. Unlimited is unlimited. I haven’t been slowed at all. I would highly recommend them over any other company. One hundred percent Soniya B. is the best customer service rep in the world. I assure you that you’ll be very pleased when you talk to her. She’s on point! She is swift to accomplish things! Thank you for all your help—Soniya, thanks for your assistance. I’m not going to switch companies or another. They provide the best service and also. Thank you for your mobile.

  2. Shannon Lawhorne
    Sep 21, 2022


    The information offered was misleading by claiming to provide a 10-day trial period. The activation kit sent upon requesting the trial included two SIM cards: one for the 5G network and one for 4G. After activating the 4G SIM and asking for cancellation, I discovered that only a 5G SIM was offered as a trial. Beware.

  3. Allan Hebb
    Jul 22, 2022

    The team at US Mobile didn't understand this issue as the cause

    I was having difficulty having the 2nd line of my account to be activated. It was transferred to me via AT&T. The issue was that the phone locked.

    The team at US Mobile didn’t understand this issue as the cause. We had to solve the problem through AT&T’s support department.

    Once we had figured it out, aUS Mobile could assist us in getting the second line to work.

  4. Michael Wagner
    Jul 13, 2022

    He is a great representative of the company

    I ran into a problem when I transferred. I had a problem sharing my iPhone services with US Mobile. Shah Nihal, the customer I spoke with, was professional, friendly, and well-informed. He was quick to resolve my issue. He is a great representative of the company. Being a brand new customer, I felt confident that I had made the right decision in changing to US Mobile.

  5. Virginia Rodriguez
    Jun 28, 2022

    cannot even answer simple questions

    Customer service and support are ineffective and cannot even answer simple questions. They’re basically a real-world version of those “We’re sorry” companies from South Park. They lost my number in the process of porting.

  6. Anonymous
    Jun 19, 2022

    the excellent service

    I’ve been an US Mobile customer for months and just made a mistake on my plan and required assistance to correct it.

    Shah Nihal was fantastic in responding to my inquiries and resolving my issues, and making me feel like I was a valued customer.

    They solved my problems within a quarter of the time I had expected and gave me the best customer service I’ve had from a telecom provider.

    Due to my excellent experience with their customer service in the past, my expectations are very high, and they’ve been met every time.

    If you’re one of those, who hate dealing with your phone company, I would strongly recommend US Mobile as I genuinely am a fan of their customer service and love the excellent service they always provide.

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