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Is US Mobile legit?

US Mobile has 52 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach US Mobile customer care?

You can contact US Mobile customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 878 205 0088

Where is US Mobile located?

US Mobile is located at address 11 E 44th St, New York, NY 10017, United States.

52 Reviews on US Mobile

  1. Andrew Matolka
    1 rating

    Nightmare Transfer Experience

    Dec 24, 2023

    The most difficult moment transferring my account to this business. The first time they blamed the issue to the organization I was transferring to. They asked me to call them, and ask them to give me my phone number. I obliged, the company told me to try again.

    My old phone company canceled my contact number and I went without a cell phone for two days. I had to phone to email, chat and call US Mobil for hours. They blamed the problem on their owner company Verizon.

    I told US Mobil how I have relatives outside of the country and how employees trying to contact me. They couldn't help me. each time I called their customer service department, I was made to feel more angry. While you may make money, the effort with the transfer process is too much.

  2. Stefanie Fellows
    1 rating

    Unprofessional Customer Support

    Jun 3, 2023

    Unprofessional Customer Support and lies. I WAS TOLD IT WASN'T when I filled in my credit card info; Support is outsourcing with terrible spelling and grammar. This service used to be excellent, and I would like better service next time. When I signed up for the trial, I was told that my device was suitable.

  3. Marcia Jackson
    5 rating

    A fantastic customer service

    May 3, 2023

    I mustSincerst time using US Mobile has been an absolute pleasure! I'm trying to sign up for a new account and still waiting for my SIM cards. Ph Aziz has been a fantastic customer service rep for me to talk with. He answered patiently and clearly and explained how to import my phone into US Mobile. I spoke to an English native speaker right away, which was the best way to assist me and provide me with the expert advice I needed. Low prices usually mean low-quality customer service; however, I've given US Mobile top ratings for quick service and high-quality customer service this time. I'm hoping all of my experience will be as great! Thank you, Abdullah!

  4. Sharon Meyer
    1 rating

    It was a waste of time

    May 2, 2023

    It was a waste of time in this company. I created an account, filled in my contact information and other information, and answered numerous questions to get the 8.00 monthly plan I had for my kid. CheckI checked,d the plan changed between 8.00 to 12.00 per month. I'm so mad! .... Make sure you choose the most reputable business. I wouldn't say I like being misled. This is only half of what they stated it was. 12.00 for text and talk is absurd.

  5. Kimberly Boswell
    5 rating

    Very affordable

    May 2, 2023

    I don't even know why the company is operating. They are very affordable! The prices you can't find elsewhere. Our Mobile is the only company that will provide all the services you require and deserve. I used multiple different carriers, and there is no other company that can beat them. They offer the most affordable prices. Excellent customer support 24/7 with great discounts on multiple lines and free perks. They offer the most coverage, and the service is prepaid and without obligation to commit. You can try them entirely for free and then leave at any time, which I'm not sure you'll do.

  6. Jennifer Garcia
    5 rating

    A customer service representative

    May 1, 2023

    Iqra Ahmed responded to me quickly and clearly. It was easy to get through or "unfortunately, we can't do that" for simple requests, only excellent, efficient customer service. US mobiles are new to me. But you're at the top of your game when you have a customer service representative like Iqra.

  7. Alexis coggins
    5 rating

    Highly accommodating and helpful

    Apr 13, 2023

    I am 100% happy with the system, as well as all the representatives for service have been so far!! Ayesha Rehman was highly accommodating and helpful as I learned how to work on the new platform. I did make a mistake, and she assisted me in changing the error I made and also helped me rectify it.

  8. Josephine Leahy
    1 rating

    This is a horrible business

    Mar 2, 2023

    This is a horrible business. I am from Indiana and was not served from the moment I was a mile away from my house. When I requested an outport pin and account, they wouldn't give it to me until I could explain why I did not leave! I was concerned that this was an attempt to keep me "hostage," so to speak. It took two weeks for me to find this information following threats and phone calls to FCC. This is a hazardous location.

  9. Armando Riccio
    1 rating

    I have been using US Mobile for several years

    Mar 1, 2023

    I have been using US Mobile for several years. Service worked with our alarm for the house, but it is slightly slow. It only requires basic GSM texting for alarm communication. First, the counting of text messages system isn't working, so we needed to upgrade our services to allow unlimited texts to function. I would send N texts to the alarm station, and the system would report the message was sent 4N or 3N texts. I finally stopped because they claimed I had converted this base station into an internet router. Of course, I'd not even touched the base station, and since it is only capable of sending/receiving messages (no information), the notion of routing does not make sense. I'm guessing they wanted me to leave since I didn't spend enough on their service. Of course, I'm being paid for no services at the moment. The correcting hoops could not be completed, and I had to disconnect the service and remove the credit card number ....we will find out what happens next!!

  10. Frank Versaggi
    1 rating

    There is no way to know if these reviews are genuine

    Feb 28, 2023

    There is no way to know if these reviews are genuine. Us Mobile is, without a doubt, the worst phone carrier. I've never had service even though I'm in a vast city. It may work for 3 minutes, but within the space of three minutes, it's been out six times, and I've had to restart my phone four times. I'd rather have stayed clear.

  11. Catherine Procida
    1 rating

    Do yourself a favor by saving time by not going to this site.

    Feb 27, 2023

    This is by far the worst telephone company that I've dealt with. I'm receiving between 20 and 30 calls a day with incorrect numbers. It can take as long as 24 hours for me to be able to receive text messages from Las Vegas. I tried to contact them, but the person who answered was, "Hi, What's up?" He had no idea about phone numbers or how to assist me. I felt that the customer service at their company was like Beavis or Butthead. I'm returning to At&t, where I can receive the best service and be treated with respect. It's worth the extra $5 each month. Do yourself a favor by saving time by not going to this site.

  12. Reginald Robinson
    1 rating

    Yikes! This company is a joke

    Feb 26, 2023

    Yikes! This company is a joke. I'm unsure how US Mobile would even have two, let alone nearly five stars. They've had me for five days of their free 10-day trial, which I haven't even finished. The speed isn't even close to what they say on their website. Don't expect to receive videos as they are limited, and if the text is over the limit, you'll get an image of the first video image. The audio portion of the video is included. This is a joke. Customer service is a major one! Unprofessional and rude. Five days of the customer. I won't be there for six days. I'm going back to my previous provider.

  13. Michael Lauriola
    1 rating

    There's nothing more damaging than a scam.

    Feb 24, 2023

    It would help to think twice about porting your phone number to this company. The cuThis company's customer service is good, 24 hours a day. Yes, they are connected to India. Resolving issues for a long time reviving the company is a nightmare because they request details back and forth instead of simply giving you the account and pin needed by the new organization you'd like to change. Be cautious. There's nothing more damaging than a scam.

  14. Ferrell Gray
    1 rating

    Very poor customer service

    Feb 22, 2023

    The site said to register in under 2 minutes. I was there for four hours with three chatters, three email addresses, and a representative via phone. They must have followed the same manual for troubleshooting as they kept repeating the same error, resulting in an identical error. I'm proficient in computers but couldn't sign up—inferior customer service.

  15. Philip Marinelli
    1 rating

    10/10 wouldn't recommend.

    Feb 20, 2023

    I've struggled with Us Mobile to get essential services for a while. I shifted to mint mobile as it was less expensive, but I will switch back. The customer service was terrible, and most of their representatives were rude and unprofessional. I've spent much time on the customer service phone, typically only to be disconnected by the person I spoke with. 10/10 wouldn't recommend it.

  16. Michelle Russell
    1 rating

    There's no supportavailable

    Feb 18, 2023

    Beginning with them isn't easy. There's no support available; it's just chatting, and it will end when you're bored for the time they are. They lie about compatibility IE. Fold four shows compatibility. When you enter into IMEI indicates incompatible. Although the network will be stable once you are connected, the speeds I managed to receive aren't even 5G. I set my phone manually connected to the 5G network, and I cannot connect. The same happens with my Tmo Esim, which I get download speeds of 300 Mbps. It's time to put it working before I can recommend them. A terrible experience onboarding so far.

  17. Eric Tabary
    1 rating

    It's all a cost of time and effort because of the inaccurate claims made by the company

    Feb 17, 2023

    US Mobile has terrible coverage in my area. ,—a bIn addition to the continuous dropping of calls and dead zones when I attempted to obtain a refund within six weeks after activating my lines, the company claimed that was not feasible because there was a specific use of the line. This doesn't make sense since they claim they have similar towers with Verizon, and that's who I switched to—a big mistake. The system is prolonged. It's all a cost of time and effort because of the inaccurate claims made by the company.

  18. Denise Beckmann
    5 rating

    Very pleased with our experience with customer service!

    Feb 15, 2023

    We encountered some difficulties when we set up our service. My wife's phone could receive calls, but the text messaging and mobile data weren't working. Qirat Masood assisted me in figuring out the issue following exploration and troubleshooting. And the service is now working flawlessly. Very pleased with our experience with customer service!

  19. Janice Jones
    1 rating

    This is the most unprofessional cell phone company that exists

    Feb 13, 2023

    This is the most unprofessional cell phone company that exists. Avoid using anyone other than these guys. Customer service is a joke. I've had three people contact me but refuse to allow me to speak to upper-level people.

  20. Ana Bertero
    5 rating

    I didn't need to wait long for responses and results. Thank you, US Mobile.

    Feb 9, 2023

    I've been using US Mobile for years now. In the last few weeks, I opened a new line, and in the previous few days, I needed to consolidate my bills. Two company support representatives helped me port the second line and bill consolidation. Both were pleasant and quick responders. I didn't need to wait long for responses and results. Thank you, US Mobile.

  21. Walter Lange
    5 rating

    The man is impressive

    Feb 7, 2023

    I want to create a story about your brother's name Salman Ghori. I am very thankful to have come across a fantastic representative who is from US mobile. The man is impressive. He helped me solve a problem I had since last year, and no agent could assist me! He deserves an increase and promotion!!

  22. Lynda Millspaugh
    5 rating

    The best customer service experience repeatedly

    Feb 6, 2023

    My experiences with customer service at US Mobile have been nothing less than impressive. Every person I've worked with has been courteous, skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, and simple to comprehend. I've previously worked with customer support of two other wireless companies. However, US Mobile has them beaten by LIGHTYEARS. It is a great relief to experience the best customer service experience repeatedly.

  23. Darice Gooch
    5 rating

    He knew the correct answers and helped me select the best plan.

    Feb 5, 2023

    I spoke to a representative, and the person who answered was beneficial. He waited for me to respond instead of answering all my questions simultaneously. He knew the correct answers and helped me select the best plan.

  24. Eileen Stapleton
    5 rating


    Feb 3, 2023

    I joined this site to speak to a representative using a bot. However, I ended up being directed to an employee... Following some exchanges of information, the agent got not just two lines, but one activated and could work easilyateful for the work they put in for me, and I'll be at this firm for quite a while. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  25. Jay Temple
    5 rating

    I couldn't be more pleased

    Feb 1, 2023

    So far, I have not had any complaints about the text-to-chat assistance has been fantastic. They have helped me with the process of activating one of my phones, and I couldn't be more pleased.

  26. Eileen Doran
    5 rating

    Congratulations, and thank you for your continued support!

    Jan 28, 2023

    At times, I was constantly amazed by the support staff's professionalism. Tonight's chat support staff member called HANIA was beyond my expectations: Extremely fast, knowledgeable, and courteous: A delight to work with! It is important to note that my request was not a typical one. I wanted to transfer my existing White Physical SIM into a WARRP SIM without losing my prepaid fees and remaining data. This was not an issue for Hania. Congratulations, and thank you for your continued support!

  27. Gale Keller
    5 rating

    It's always pleasant with no waiting!

    Jan 27, 2023

    While we may encounter problems with service on occasion but it's always pleasant (with no waiting!) and productive to speak to an employee from US Mobile to resolve them. We've had them for nearly two years, and they're superior to all other telephone service providers we've used before them.

  28. Jon Bonetti
    5 rating

    I am a massive fan of US Mobile due to its fantastic customer service.

    Jan 27, 2023

    I spoke twice—with the gentleman who assisted me with my password problem. I couldn't renew my expiring line. After that, I did not continue with my password and thought it was locked—I believed I could pay the bill once I logged in to my online account; however, it would not allow me to pay. The second gentleman Ashhad helped me get my plan back. Both were excellent. However, Ashhad was the best! I am a massive fan of US Mobile due to its fantastic customer service.

  29. Steve Etimos
    5 rating

    Excellent support

    Jan 26, 2023

    Excellent support. Seven minutes of chat time to fix the issue. Chat support from various other companies can take between 15 and 20 minutes for them to grasp the problem, let alone to do anything. US Mobile Chat is always outstanding. There is no need to call support with chat agents like this.

  30. Russell Johnson
    5 rating

    Everything was handled quickly and in a pleasant manner!

    Jan 25, 2023

    I contacted Adnan, who assisted me in fixing my Wi-Fi call and then with visual voicemail, as a bonuensurede sure my account had a trial period of 100 days. Everything was handled quickly and in a pleasant manner! I recently transferred my number, and I have several questions.

  31. Wesley Woods
    5 rating

    I spoke to customer service

    Jan 24, 2023

    I transferred my number to another and screwed up activation. I spoke to customer service. Zohaib Iqbal was on chat with me for about 2 hours, and he helped me through the process until I got it to work. I'm still a new customer, so I can't comment about the service yet; however, I am delighted with their customer support so far. The plans are much more affordable than the ones I used to use.

  32. Alejandro Marfil
    5 rating

    This company for telecommunications is the most reliable one I've utilized, without a doubt

    Jan 22, 2023

    This company for telecommunications is the most reliable one I've utilized, without a doubt. Their customer service is outstanding. They are always available on the chat line. I joined the line when they first began, and they've been paying the same over the years. Unlimited is unlimited. I haven't been slowed at all. I would highly recommend them over any other company. One hundred percent Soniya B. is the best customer service rep in the world. I assure you that you'll be very pleased when you talk to her. She's on point! She is swift to accomplish things! Thank you for all your help—Soniya, thanks for your assistance. I'm not going to switch companies or another. They provide the best service and also. Thank you for your mobile.

  33. Peter Montross
    2 rating

    Customer service is never easy when using US Mobile

    Jan 21, 2023

    Customer service is never easy when using US Mobile. Automated customer service isn't always helpful. Chat is prolonged. It appears that reps are looking through a manual to locate the answer. They don't seem to be well-educated. The site is not well-designed. Determining the steps to take is challenging; some essential features appear obscure.

  34. Randall Thompson
    1 rating

    The phone I was using on the internet said that the phone was compatible

    Jan 20, 2023

    The phone I was using on the internet said that the phone was compatible. I bought the sim, transferred my number, and followed the entire process online...then they told me, "Oh, sorry, your phone isn't compatible." Then I'm left without a phone for several days while I try to sign up for a new account other and get the sim delivered to me. F the company. Oh my, and no apology or explanation, only "Well, your device isn't compatible, nothing we can do."

  35. Stuart Hutslar
    1 rating

    A poor customer experience and they're not even interested in a single thing

    Jan 19, 2023

    I need to regularly review the texts and calls I've received or made. They will keep you waiting for 20-30 minutes after much stress and waiting. Then, today I could not connect with them, and they did not provide me with any details! A poor customer experience and they're not even interested in a single thing. Caution!

  36. Lonnie Plunk
    2 rating

    I did a lot of research and was thrilled to discover US Mobile

    Jan 17, 2023

    I did a lot of research and was thrilled to discover US Mobile. However, the "ludicrous" data speeds are slower than my previous Verizon service. Their website is the most annoying and boasts international e-sim capabilities. But as of mid-January 2020, they haven't announced the service. I wish I had known this earlier. I decided to leave Verizon because I'm traveling for two weeks. It's easy to conclude that the features aren't fully functional yet. However, to claim otherwise to gain clients is a ploy to deceive.

  37. Don Nguyen
    3 rating

    So far, the technical support for getting things up and running has been fantastic.

    Jan 16, 2023

    So far, the technical support for getting things up and running has been fantastic. The chat service has been very knowledgeable. The only downside is that responding occasionally takes an extended time, which can be a bit frustrating. There's a lot of data at an affordable cost, but they don't get taken in by the information on their website. It's said to be $20 per price to get "unlimited" data. However, it's not unlimited. It's only 30GB for their basic unlimited plan and 100GB for their more expensive plan. This is quite a bit of information. However, it's also not unlimited. If you use more than that limit, they will slow down your speed, making your connection impossible to use, which means it's not unlimited. I'm fed up with companies who lie about this. Also, the prices on the website aren't true, nor are they accurate. The site says it's $20 per line, but after tax and fees, it's more like $24, which is quite annoying. Many other companies include taxes and charges in their rates, but US Mobile does not. Don't be deceived by the speed at which they advertise on their website. It is all dependent on where you are located. I'm in a 5G zone with Verizon, but I'm not seeing 5G speeds, not even close to them. So far, the best I've experienced has been 180mbps which seems sufficient, but not the 3000mbps they've listed on their website. So far, I'm pleased with their service but not as happy with their thththeirsite'sxaggerated and inaccurate information. However, I'; I'me we'll be able to survive. (:

  38. Missy Chandler
    3 rating

    He was a great helper who quickly and professionally assisted me in returning to normal

    Jan 15, 2023

    I want to express a Thank You a LOT to Asif. He was a great helper who quickly and professionally assisted me in returning to normal. I was unable to access my phone using US Mobile for several days (had I been running out of time? Unfortunately, I'd not been able to text despite having not been able to use the 100 messages that I paid for; however, I received only one or two). I'm a brand new customer, unsure how the service works. For instance, I'm unsure why I could use over five gigs in the first couple of days after I started using your service. Since I've been associated with Sprint for several years, I have a clear idea of the amount of data I use yearly (never more significant than four gigs, including streaming and watching films). Therefore, I have stopped purchasing data from Sprint. After you remove my messenger, I won't use it or pay for it soon. I attempted to contact US Mobile by email after discovering that my mobile had been disconnected. My only response was an auto-produced "thank you for contacting us" email. No explanation was given to me why I'd been didivorcednd what I should do.

  39. Laura Winowski
    3 rating

    Calls and texts work great but don't forget data

    Jan 13, 2023

    Calls and texts work great but don't forget data. Their insane speed is just half the speed of Verizon. My wife is connected to Verizon as a parent, and her download speed is 21 Mbps. I'm using US Mobile, and mine is 7 Mbps; however, 90% of the time, it's less than .5 1 Mbps. I believe it's because of the reduction in priority on Verizon towers, even though they're unwilling to admit it. The buildings are mostly inaccessible. Customer Service did their best to blame the network issues in my region. However, I'm sure that's not the case since I swapped the sim card with my wife and received identical results. 20 Mbps on the card I have in my phone and only 4 Mbps when using her US Mobile sim in her phone. The numbers were higher because the tests were conducted at 4 am. In the day, the highest speed I could get for US Mobile was .67 Mbps.

  40. Hiram Larriuz
    3 rating

    I've used a US mobile for the past six months.

    Jan 12, 2023

    I've used a US mobile for the past six months. It's good and is cheaper than other providers. My husband and I have never decided to auto-renew our plans. However, today we discovered that my husband's previous data purchase was withdrawn directly from his bank account. When logging into his US smartphone account, we noticed the plan auto-renewed. The attendance informed him that the change was made through my husband (but it was not! ) and the money would be reimbursed to us. In defiance of this, I also logged into my US mobile account and found that my plan was auto-renewing .It was a sham! If the pans change again, I will switch to a different provider. I'll keep an eye on this.

  41. James Layne
    2 rating

    I've been a USMobile user for three days and want to switch to another network

    Jan 11, 2023

    When I first heard about USMobile, I was convinced it seemed too promising to be accurate. It turns out that I was right. I decided to give it a go to see if I could cut part of the monthly phone cost. Although I am awestruck by the possibility of tailoring the exact features I need each month at highly affordable prices, the map of coverage they offer on their site cannot be more off. I checked all my regular locations and routes to ensure I had range and, according to their map, I'd be able to get the best coverage. However, once I had my new phone and planned to function, I realized those "best coverage" areas were actually "no coverage" areas. I've been a USMobile user for three days and want to switch to another network. Yes, they have outstanding customer service, but they won't be able to help me when I require my mobile number in an emergency and don't have coverage.

  42. Matt Bergey
    3 rating

    I cannot participate in many essential group chats.

    Jan 10, 2023

    I picked US Mobile as it provided the lowest monthly cost for text, data, and calls I was seeking. I also appreciate that I can buy more throughout the month if I run low. However, I am dissatisfied that messaging via the MMS (group messaging) isn't supported, and I cannot participate in many essential group chats.

  43. Leroy Valley
    2 rating

    I need to cooperate with Big Brother to have telephone service.

    Jan 8, 2023

    I've used this server two times, with a break between. At first, it was fantastic (which I don't often review any business). The only issue was that the rates they promoted weren't accurate since, along with them, EVERYONE is charged a $2 cost for a phone. The most impressive thing was the chat customer support which relies on people from Pakistan. They were on high alert and gained my business as other cell phone companies on the internet could not come close to the mustard. However, about a month later, things went wrong with their customer support. The management must have changed. I've had several phone calls that have led to wasted time, poor communication skills on their side, and questions that remain unanswered (like, why does their website only operate with Google Chrome when I want to sign in? ?!). The last time I called, I was treated as a five-year-old. The problem is that the website will not let me sign in or view my account in Mozilla or Internet Explorer. I wonder what kind of a kickback they're receiving from Google and why I need to cooperate with Big Brother to have telephone service.

  44. Brian Hudson
    2 rating

    Their low-cost options are excellent

    Jan 7, 2023

    Their low-cost options are excellent; however, don't buy unlimited plans. The term "unlimited" is misused; it's a complete scam. Data usage is capped at 15GB per month (although it's an excellent job of concealing this critical fact from the customer when they advertise or when you purchase). If you exceed the 15GB/month limit, they'll constantly reduce your speed to such a low and cannot perform anything on your data connection for a long time.

  45. Ambica Sandhir
    1 rating

    It was the most frustrating experience

    Jan 6, 2023

    I carried my iPhone 12 with me. It was the most frustrating experience I've encountered with a phone company. I retained my phone number, but there was no service within a mile of my home, and when I wanted to transfer my account to another company, they were inflexible. They refused to provide me with an outgoing pin or account number until I had a reason for my departure, and it took two weeks and a lot of falsehoods (by them) before I could finally let go. They, indeed, were awful.

  46. Marcia Hanberry
    3 rating

    Look out, US Mobile Customers

    Jan 5, 2023

    Look out, US Mobile Customers. Another promising provider is becoming greedy. I researched this price increase and discovered that the FCC reduced fees in the past few years. We hope that they resolve this issue. We are already paying Service Fee, a Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee, and an Access fee. These fees are not the actual fees or (costs). They are the costs that US Mobile or any other company pays for this MoneyGrab!

  47. Branch Kloess
    3 rating

    It took Bismah some time to get me the information I needed initially

    Jan 3, 2023

    It took Bismah some time to get me the information I needed initially. However, after I explained the issue more clearly, Bismah understood and knew what needed to be accomplished. I am thankful to Bismah, who left me satisfied and with a potential future client. Apart from my timing Bismah is a pleasure to work with and extremely kind.

  48. Shannon Lawhorne
    2 rating


    Sep 21, 2022

    The information offered was misleading by claiming to provide a 10-day trial period. The activation kit sent upon requesting the trial included two SIM cards: one for the 5G network and one for 4G. After activating the 4G SIM and asking for cancellation, I discovered that only a 5G SIM was offered as a trial. Beware.

  49. Allan Hebb
    4 rating

    The team at US Mobile didn't understand this issue as the cause

    Jul 22, 2022

    I was having difficulty having the 2nd line of my account to be activated. It was transferred to me via AT&T. The issue was that the phone locked.

    The team at US Mobile didn't understand this issue as the cause. We had to solve the problem through AT&T's support department.

    Once we had figured it out, aUS Mobile could assist us in getting the second line to work.

  50. Michael Wagner
    5 rating

    He is a great representative of the company

    Jul 13, 2022

    I ran into a problem when I transferred. I had a problem sharing my iPhone services with US Mobile. Shah Nihal, the customer I spoke with, was professional, friendly, and well-informed. He was quick to resolve my issue. He is a great representative of the company. Being a brand new customer, I felt confident that I had made the right decision in changing to US Mobile.

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