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44 Reviews on Up North Sports

  1. Ross Jordan
    May 3, 2023

    Not happy

    I've been trying to contact anyone in the past two weeks for a return of pants that I'm not happy with. The website won't let me return. I can't contact anyone by telephone and haven't received a response to email messages!

  2. Tiffany Delgado
    May 1, 2023

    Not exactly

    I would have rated it five stars, but the system allowed me to purchase an item I wanted but was unavailable. I was notified via email that the order was cancelledcanceledcalled to verify that I could buy the things I liked that were identical but not exactly what I was looking for. The person I spoke to was friendly and willing to assist. She is an essential resource for northern sports! I want to thank her and thank her for the praise and increase.

  3. Brooklyn Ralston
    Apr 14, 2023

    I appreciate your kindness.

    Fast shipping and the item are exactly what we needed. I was forced to return an item. The return box was damaged to the core. I am glad that nothing was destroyed within the box. I want to share an image from the package. It's crazy that I had to shell out for returning shipping on this box. The box looked like it took three boxes for one. I would have given it five stars. However, due to the packaging, I'm not. I appreciate your kindness.

  4. Sergio Berlin
    Jan 20, 2023

    Thank you very much for Up North Sports

    The boots I purchased were a little small. However, I'm going on an excursion in about a week and a half, and it cannot take much time, so I was unsure whether I should alter them to work or exchange them for getting a larger size. I chose to return them. They were swift in the exchange. Seven days after sending the items back, new ones arrived. Thank you very much for Up North Sports.

  5. Lucy Polhill
    Nov 4, 2022

    So far, nothing very good

    The website is slow, and difficult to find the information you require. So far, nothing is perfect. I've lost half my order and haven't heard anything from customer care. The w

  6. Chantelle Clayton
    Nov 2, 2022

    They were extremely helpful and accommodating

    They were beneficial and accommodating. They did more than they could when I had a change of heart and required a different item; in no time, they halted the original order and shipped the new order, and I received it within two days. This kind of service is often.

  7. Elizabeth Townsend
    Nov 1, 2022

    I purchased the wrong size helmet and boots

    I purchased the wrong size helmet and boots. Small. They had to be returned, which was much more convenient than buying them from Amazon. The two individuals who helped me were very nice as well. They're my type of people. You can buy it here, and you'll never regret it.

  8. Jane Hanton
    Oct 28, 2022

    This company continues to be awe-inspiring

    This company continues to be awe-inspiring. I have ordered Xmas presents for my family, who have fished on ice over the last few years. Excellent support for customers, with no hassles and a natural human voice! The prices are competitive, and the shipping is quick. I'm not usually one to write reviews, but this company merits my consideration!

  9. Alan Aucott
    Oct 27, 2022

    Great service

    Great service. Fresh air and worthy of respect in a period when I'm done doing business with companies that don't even care about the value of your return business. It's as if they value you as a client. Matt is a great guy.

  10. Ryan Hussey
    Oct 25, 2022

    I strongly recommend this company and their product!

    The Bibs I purchased exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend this company and its product! I drove my Harley through the torrential rain for just 37 degrees. I was dehydrated and warm. The road was 85 miles as it is.

  11. Amanda Walton
    Oct 22, 2022

    Their customer service is excellent

    I received my Klim F5 and wasn't happy with how it shaped my head. Their customer service is excellent. I tried to access their website, but it was not working due to some issue. Then I called them to inquire about their services. They completed the exchange of F3 Pro over the phone.

  12. Tracey Stratton
    Oct 19, 2022

    Delivered my purchases quickly and efficiently

    Up North Sports had the inventory and delivered my purchases quickly and efficiently. It was my first purchase with Up North Sports, and I bought additional items within several days.

  13. Sharon Matthews
    Oct 18, 2022

    Great website that has a wealth of info

    Excellent website that has a wealth of info. I enjoy videos on YouTube. YouTube videos to ensure I purchased the correct item. Quick delivery and excellent communication after purchase to check order status

  14. Eileen Brett
    Oct 17, 2022

    Excellent service

    I was desperate to find an FXR monosuit suitable for children, and it appeared that the entire nation was utterly sold out. I contacted Up North, and the customer service rep could quickly browse through the available inventory and locate my options that were in stock. He also requested when I would need to have it delivered and gave me regular shipping updates to let me know it was on the right track. I could not have asked for more excellent service!

  15. Gordon Catto
    Oct 17, 2022

    Excellent job

    I purchased FXR Helium BOA boots in October 2021. I used them throughout the season long, 3000 miles, without no issues. On my last trip, my left foot began to get wet. I dried them overnight using the boot dryer, but my left foot soaked the following day. After returning home, I wrote Up North Sports about the problem and included some photos. They quickly responded and even replaced my boots. I received my new boots within three days. Excellent job, Up North Sports! I'll try the silicone spray on my old boots and inform you how it goes next time.

  16. Gary Cook
    Oct 16, 2022

    Excellent Service

    I bought Klim Resistor heated gloves that were shipped without a battery charger. I was scared to return them, and my size was unavailable to order a new pair. I contacted UpNorth Sports; they sent the charger and the second pair of Klim Resistor gloves I ordered for my wife. Excellent Service, Amazing gloves, and fast delivery!

  17. Kate Jackson
    Oct 14, 2022

    I live in Alaska and Ordered a jacke

    I'm from Alaska and ordered an item through UP North Sports and other items from other retailers within the Lower 48. I received the jacket at Up North first, before any other purchases, but it was too big. Therefore, I placed an order for a second smaller one and was able to receive it before other items I purchased from different stores. They also made returning the jacket easy. I'm not a consumer of shopping online, but the up North service takes the stress away.

  18. Hugh Bunten
    Oct 13, 2022

    These guys do a great job

    These guys do a great job. I worked on the side of one of the sales reps at the event to get myself set up with a brand-new helmet and goggles kit. He was highly skilled and helped me set up. It's hard to come by nowadays; however, it's an essential factor in this area. I've recommended them to my friends and have experienced excellent experiences too. The first choice for power sports!

  19. David Metcalfe
    Oct 12, 2022

    Ordered an item that was supposed to be in stock and wasn’t

    I purchased an item that should have been available but was not. I re-ordered two cheaper ones. The balance was expected to be due $3, and I was charged $10. I contacted and was told that the $7 was to be returned to my credit card, but it was not.

  20. Wendy Bascal
    Oct 11, 2022

    The experience of working with Up North Sports was quite excellent

    The experience of working with Up North Sports was quite excellent. I experienced a minor issue with my transaction. However, the customer support was fantastic to communicate with and resolved the matter swiftly. The product delivery was swift. I will purchase from them next time without hesitation.

  21. Bev Wakelam
    Oct 10, 2022

    They were EXTREMELY helpful

    I'm still learning about fishing on ice, so I contacted the sales representatives for advice. They were EXTREMELY helpful in getting everything I required (and keeping me from unnecessary gimmicks). I placed an order for an ice shelter and other items and received everything in less than one week.

  22. Anthony Griffiths
    Oct 10, 2022

    I had a pleasant shopping experience at haydays

    It took about half a week until my bike was delivered, and I live two hours from the factory. However, I had a pleasant shopping experience at haydays.

  23. Nancy Sinclair
    Oct 6, 2022

    Fast delivery!

    Fast delivery! Fantastic selection and excellent online reviews of the products! The gift card I received from the jacket I bought last year was a nice bonus too! Great job, ladies and gentlemen! I'll be repurchasing it! Consider snow! Upstate NY, Dave!

  24. Ray Duggan
    Oct 5, 2022

    I am impressed with the staff

    I am impressed with the staff. It was the first time having a face-to-face conversation. I typically purchase my items on the internet. I was at HayDays, and I stopped by the tent. I appreciated that even If they didn't know the answer, they knew someone who did. Quick and efficient.

  25. Alfred Pratt
    Oct 4, 2022

    Friendly, professional, and accommodating

    I ordered a jacket for my son. The coat was not the exact fit for him, so I contacted Up North Sports, and the lovely lady was able to help me locate the jacket that the boy wanted and assisted in returning the item. Friendly, professional, and accommodating. She even waived the shipping cost because I'm in Alaska.

  26. Louise Webster
    Oct 4, 2022

    I purchased a coat for my husband

    I purchased a coat for my husband. He wears snowmobiling clothes, so I ordered an XL, but when he received it and put on the layers, the skin was still significant. I phoned to schedule the return and exchange it for a larger size, it was easy to set up, and the person who took the phone was excellent. Still, he didn't like the return label since I downloaded it but couldn't find it, was it was no problem and m, and e process went smoothly and swiftly. I .am now waiting for a new coat, and I'll be purchasing one for myself shortly.

  27. Chelsea Wellings
    Oct 2, 2022

    Amazing experience

    The process of ordering to purchase the Togwotee gloves was simple. The person I spoke to was amiable and helpful. I was offered a discount for military, and my gloves were delivered to my house two days after. Amazing experience.

  28. Christopher Thomlinson
    Oct 1, 2022

    They were patient and were extremely knowledgeable

    Upnorth Sports has the BEST customer service I've had in the past. I recently placed an order for an unusual one and thought it was not in short length, but I did so, thinking that I'd test it to determine if they were too big as I'm close to the edge of. I decided to try an entry in the comment section to determine if a short was available. The customer service team contacted me to go over my order and were very helpful in helping me find the right direction. I can't praise enough the service provided by the customer. They were patient and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you!

  29. Keri Stephenson
    Sep 29, 2022

    Was disappointed

    I was not happy with the boots I purchased, but it was not even an Up North Sports issue. I had a hard time returning the shoes. The label would not appear, and it took several phone calls to get the title sent to me.

  30. Michele Wheeler
    Sep 28, 2022

    I'll buy From Up North Sports again

    I purchased my Striker Ice Hardwater Jacket after finding it for $100.00 lower than any other. They arrived promptly and were well-packed to ensure no damage was caused during the shipment. I'll buy From Up North Sports again.

  31. Laurence Smith
    Sep 27, 2022

    I have been a long-time customer and will continue to work with them

    Up North, sports is the best company to work with. They are accommodating, very rapid delivery and the variety of clothing, camping, fishing, and more is fantastic. The company is a local company that I will be supporting before placing an order with other retailers. Their prices are much lower than other stores—my favorite business due to the helpful staff members who work there. I have been a long-time customer and will continue to work with them.

  32. Ben Kirkpatrick
    Sep 27, 2022

    Quick and efficient

    I'm impressed by the staff. It was my first time having a face-to-face conversation. I typically purchase my items on the internet. I was at HayDays, so I stopped by the tent. I loved that If they didn't know the answer, they'd know who did. Quick and efficient.

  33. Amanda Brennan
    Sep 26, 2022

    Up North Sport had a fantastic selection of top-quality equipment

    We needed to purchase equipment for my two boys to join me on a backpacking ride out to the west this season. Up North Sport had a fantastic selection of top-quality equipment. Everything I required was delivered on time.

  34. Kaylee Weaving
    Sep 23, 2022

    Your staff was accommodating and pleasant

    I attended my first Big East sports show. Your staff was accommodating and pleasant. The name of the person was Cole. Cole was very knowledgeable and assisted me in selecting the best helmet.

  35. Mary Rossitter
    Sep 17, 2022

    Great customer service!

    Great customer service! I bought the wrong size for my girl at a trade show, and they shipped it to me in under one week without any hassles! My GF is thrilled with her new helmet.

  36. Rob Owens
    Sep 12, 2022

    Their excellent customer service

    I've had only a few issues finding the proper hats, apart from the fact that they're fast delivery. I order everything FXR from their excellent customer service when I contact them with a question.

  37. Sheree Murray
    Sep 8, 2022

    The site is well-organized

    The site is well-organized and has a variety of items at a reasonable price and fast delivery. The only issue is that I could not create an account for myself. I tried several times but was taken to a blank page.

  38. Diane Armstrong
    Sep 4, 2022

    Excellent buying experience

    When I made the purchase, I was notified via email of the order's status. This included a link to UPS tracking. The package was sent out immediately. Excellent buying experience throughout! as carefully packaged and delivered quickly.

  39. Kevin Deacon
    Sep 1, 2022

    My order arrived the next day! Nothing to complain about!

    I bought a brand-fresh winter coat for my child. Upnorthsports offered it for sale, and it was in stock! I was thrilled to find the item I was finally looking for, but it was not ready for shipping. My order arrived the next day! Nothing to complain about!

  40. Richard Bennett
    Aug 28, 2022

    This company is extraordinary!

    This company is extraordinary! We've purchased a lot of things from them. They will ship the item as soon as they receive it. The staff is amiable and makes it easy to order. They are knowledgeable about their products well. I have no complaints about this company and am confident that we will be calling many more times. Fantastic company!

  41. Annabeth Horsley
    Aug 22, 2022

    The shipping times they offer are incredible!

    Up North, Sports has been our "go-to" store for various items. For everything from snow machine performance clothing to ice fishing equipment. They have videos of all the products they offer to give you an idea of what you will purchase. The shipping times they offer are incredible! Most retailers in the lower 48 states will not deliver to Alaska. However, Up North Sports not only can ship to Alaska but will arrive in a matter of days, and they offer the regular price. There are even some "goodies" in the box, dependent on the items we purchase!

  42. Robert Bogema
    Jul 23, 2022

    Excellent buying experience from start to finish!

    When I made the purchase, I was notified via email of the status of my order, including links to UPS tracking. The order was delivered immediately. was well-packaged and delivered on time. Excellent buying experience from start to finish!

  43. Grace Carey
    Jun 30, 2022

    Up North sports is best company to deal with

    Up North, sports is the best company to work with. They are accommodating and have very rapid delivery, and the variety of clothing, camping, fishing, and more is fantastic. It is a locally-owned company that I'll support when I purchase online from other retailers, and their prices are much lower than other stores. They are my top choice for a company due to the warm and friendly employees there. I have been a long-time customer and will keep doing business with them.

  44. Jimmy
    Apr 14, 2022

    Order from outside the USA

    This company was contacted to help me return the wrong size snow pants. Because a return would have been too expensive, Fed Ex charged me $270 to send the pants and jacket back. I was sent another pair of pants that I did not order in their predicted size, and they charged my credit card without my authorization. This was a financial disaster that cost me over $1100.00.

    I am Canadian and made the terrible mistake of ordering from a US company. Although I returned the pants, I was not reimbursed for the shipping and the cost of the pants, in Canadian $$$. I would have appreciated better customer service if they had at least returned me for shipping costs, regardless of the exchange rate. Lesson Learned.

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