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4 Reviews on United Medicare Advisors

  1. Linda Marshall
    July 19th, 2022

    She was fantastic!

    Sara helped me switch my coverage straightforwardly. I will move to a state with the same range I currently have.
    They explained new policies and coverage and made it easy to comprehend.
    She was fantastic!

  2. Teresa Clutter
    June 27th, 2022

    Bret did a fantastic job

    Bret did a fantastic job finding me a supplement insurance plan that saved me much money while still covering my requirements. I am so grateful I had him as my agent.

  3. Charles Robinson
    May 19th, 2022

    extremely patient and knowledgeable

    United Medicare Advisors was pleasant. I was skeptical about dealing with the perceived inconvenience after hearing horror stories from people who had Medicare supplemental insurance.

    Michael Dunn, your representative, was extremely patient and knowledgeable. I felt respected and treated with professionalism.

    Thanks to Mr. Dunn, I now have the additional insurance I needed. He explained all options and the pros and disadvantages of each choice. United Medicare Advisors is a company I highly recommend.

  4. Anonymous
    April 14th, 2022

    Television commercial for Medicare Advantage was confusing

    The TV commercial for Medicare Advantage was confusing, and I was misled. They don’t provide the correct information. I thought the medicare benefit was to have a second insurance policy to cover what medicare 20 percent doesn’t pay. You can choose secondary insurance, but Medicare will still be primary. My primary insurance became Medicare secondary.

    I was a billing clerk at a hospital, and medicare was always billed first for seniors. You bill other insurance as a second. I don’t work anywhere. I have had medicare since my 65th birthday in 2018. United Advisor helped me choose supplement insurance. The only thing I have to pay monthly is my premium, as I am on a fixed income.

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