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  1. Gregory Pease
    September 21st, 2022


    I use my iPhone to repair my back and front plates, which cost me more than $500.00. After receiving my phone back, I could receive calls or not or make calls. I returned it, and they informed me that it was due to a SIM card issue. My provider contacted me to get a new SIM card, saying this was not the issue. I was back in the break, and they broke more, and I informed them that they were aware of this. So they ordered a new part which took a week to receive. However, I needed to call to check if the item was available. They didn’t contact me; therefore, if I did not get them, I don’t know whether they would have gotten me. Hell, I didn’t have to pay $500.00 to break my phone any more than I broke further at no cost. This is the most horrible customer service I’ve seen, and I will never use their services again. STAY AWAY!!! THIS IS A WARNING

  2. Margaret Cotten
    July 22nd, 2022

    What is the reason that no one was in the queue

    I’m not sure if this is the specific location or break-fix. However, I was able to make an appointment online at 10 am this morning. I attempted to enter just after 10 am.

    The lights were on, and the TV was on, but no one was there. I waited 20 minutes and called the door several times, trying to reach twice.

    If the “queue is full,” as the sign stated, why did I not get an appointment? What is the reason that no one was in the queue to explain the situation to me?

  3. Ray Gonzales
    July 13th, 2022

    I'd like to share 2 of my experiences using Ubreakifix

    I’d like to share 2 of my experiences using Ubreakifix. The first time was in mid-February. The second time yesterday. The first time and the second, the representative stated that it could take several hours to identify the issue and determine whether the part was available.

    If not, or if the amount was not able to fix the problem, the associate explained their procedure of how my phone would be shipped to Samsung for further testing and if it was selected or given another phone that was refurbished.

    It was a blessing that in both instances, within 3 hours, I was contacted to inform me that my phone was fixed and the repair was covered for an entire year. I am highly impressed by their expertise and customer service. A final note: Ubreakifix is licensed to fix Samsung phones.

  4. Michael Connell
    June 6th, 2022

    Excellent customer service and excellent work

    Jacob was an absolute pleasure to guide me through my issues with data recovery while assisting other customers. Jacob has a positive attitude and is a great communication expert.

    He was friendly to everyone when he was handling multiple projects. I’ve had repairs done at this location previously. I’d be happy to come back.

    Excellent customer service and excellent work each time. We are glad to know that they can repair all electronic components today. Keep up the great work!

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