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  1. Justin Shirley
    September 23rd, 2022

    Trellis has been a great help to provide

    I didn’t know this space existed until I walked by and did a double take. What a gorgeously constructed, large workspace! It’s great that they let users use the area in various ways without commitment. When I first went there, I was looking for space to hold 30 minutes of Zoom calls, and they could accommodate me with hours of co-working, which was a breeze to get quickly in and out. Since my team does not have an office of our own, we occasionally require an area to gather and have meetings, which Trellis has been a great help to provide. We’ve used their meeting rooms and office spaces for teams (bookable in advance) at least a couple of times and are now considering the possibility of making Trellis our office of choice shortly.

  2. David Stanley
    July 25th, 2022

    Trellis is my favorite Coworking Space

    Trellis is my favorite Coworking Space that I have found in San Francisco! The space is gorgeous with that wood and brick look, huge ceilings, and various workspace configurations (I always prefer bar-height seating for working). However, I like the coffee or sofa areas to have informal gatherings.

    Trellis’ meeting spaces Trellis are among the most popular. They’re trendy and equipped with modern technology and soundproofing so you can hold an enjoyable meeting.

    There’s a great coffee bar in the lobby and an on-site beer and wine bar so that you can enjoy it on the spot and not have to fight for a seat when you wish to celebrate your day with your group in the bar.

    I could go about it. However, if you request a workspace for your team, coworking membership, or meeting space in San Francisco, please check out Trellis. They set a high standard for the quality of the coworking space.

  3. Keith Bowie
    May 26th, 2022

    It's a beautiful spot!

    It’s a beautiful spot! It was Covo when I first visited, and I didn’t know what updates would be made.

    First, the staff seems friendlier to me. It could be the same staff, or it could be something else.

    They were so lovely! They were so kind and helpful!

    It was simple, with lots of space, booths to make quick calls, and quiet people are working.

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