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165 Reviews on Total Adblock

  1. Robert K Tompsett
    Sep 22, 2023

    Total Adblocker SCAM!!!

    Signed on to Total Ad blocker through PayPal, I tried to cancel, with no results. I'm being charge $9.95 per month with no results.

  2. Yvon boisclair
    Sep 22, 2023

    Total adblock se désactive

    je pense à désinstaller total adblock,il se désactive régulièrement,(il passe au rouge)donc ne fait plus son travail, c'est comme ça depuis l'installation, merci

  3. Frank Ciccone
    Sep 18, 2023

    Can't do anything with it or contact them for a refund.

    Paid $19.00 SEPT. 14, 2023 and still can't install AD BLOCKER. Just comes up DRAGONORDERS.COM or can't connect message.

    No phone contact number

  4. Eve Stretton
    Sep 17, 2023

    Iv been silly

    it got worse and worse' ever 4 minits more pop ups had to shut bank detailsdown block emails. deleat app. should have know better' if summet to cheap it's not right...

  5. Ronald Grimm
    Sep 15, 2023


    Unwanted messages and billing for something I never ordered.

    Go not use it as it is a scam.

  6. VALENCIA M Pringle
    Sep 12, 2023

    I wish I there was a 0 star!

    They are a pure scam. I have been enrolled in rhis program to pay 9.95 a month to block ads. They will only refund one month of the 4 months. Please do not enroll in this program. All they want is your money.

  7. Robert Campbell
    Sep 11, 2023

    If you're considering don't it'll be the worst decision you've made

    I only had this service on my phone for less than 20 minutes and I've been getting charged for over 6 months paid over $100 plus for something I don't use and is staying there and possible to get canceled I had to sit there and argue once I did finally get somebody on the phone once I found a number and they just kept trying to get me to continue paying and I said I don't want it and they said but and I said no and then it take him an hour just to get me the link to be able to cancel it and they're still trying to charge me so unless you're wanting to give money away for nothing don't do it

  8. Sandy Robertson
    Sep 1, 2023

    The irony

    These people keep sending me emails despite the fact I never signed up to their service and have used the unsubscribe button several times. I put a review about this on Trustpilot and their response was to say they want to find out why I'm not happy about my billing! I have no billing!

    The irony of a company that is supposed to free you from the hassle of unwanted ads themselves pestering you with ads to your inbox is off the scale.

    1. Robert Campbell
      Sep 11, 2023

      I can relate and totally agree with you 100%, worst company ever

  9. Laurie Paradis
    Aug 31, 2023

    A BIG SCAM!!!!

    this is totally a SCAM They took all this money out of my account which so far $80.00 plus it never STOPPED THE ADS LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO I WANT A REFUND ASAP I AM SO PISSED OFF !!!!!!!

    1. Robert Campbell
      Sep 11, 2023

      💯 agree they are so horrible

  10. Geoff
    Aug 31, 2023


    Total waste of money. Well done...You scammed me.

  11. Glenn
    Aug 29, 2023

    Rip off scam

    It’s a scam avoid I just got scammed was supposed to be 1.99 a month now 9.95 a month just canceled card these companies that do this are going to be ripped off for what they sow to us the lord Jesus Christ is going to sow to they what so ever a man soweth that shall he reap the Bible says you can take that to the bank!!!!!!!!

    1. Becky
      Sep 13, 2023


      these people are just taking money more and more until you have to just cancel your credit cards yo keep them from charging you over and over. it's a great shame what they are doing to Android users. and the android people are still letting them advertise on our phones. that's who is to blame
      the makers of android should screen these people better before letting them scam their users. don't worry cuz God will get them sooner or later. Amen

  12. Maria Gomez
    Aug 28, 2023


    They are a scam. the charges goes quickly into your account but to cancel is a nightmare. I couldn't even make it to work.
    I spent hours on the phone and the different reps all hung up on me.
    Make your self a favor and don't get involve this this company.

    1. Robert Campbell
      Sep 11, 2023

      anybody who reads this should take the message to heart and hopefully learn the lesson without having to pay out there bung holes

  13. Laureen Roberts
    Aug 27, 2023

    Annoying!!! denmead!!! So annoying, I cant find them to cancel and I keep getting popups from the red shield adblock!!! I'm really over this and will have to talk to the bank I guess

    1. Pat Sanders
      Sep 8, 2023

      Total scam

      This is a scam. Supposed to be £1.99 . They took £40 .99 out of my account! I cancelled it. Still waiting for a refund. ! I am a pensioner. Sick of being taken advantage of. Everyone is on the fiddle, in this dishonest world. Don’t waste your time and money!!

  14. Herb
    Aug 27, 2023


    Like all the others, on Aug 5th I signed up for a $1.99 free trial. They charged PayPal the $1.99 and two separate $39 payments on the same day. Have so far not been able to get PayPal to do anything. Will go to the credit card company next.

  15. Michael Badham
    Aug 25, 2023

    Total adblock is total crap

    do not use total adblock, it does not work, and they will keep stealing your money every month. absolute total crap is what it is

    1. Laurie
      Aug 31, 2023

      yes I also was scammed I paid 39.90 plus 29.00 plus 11.99 plus 1.99 It was suppose to be only 1.99 I am so pissed off right know & also it never stopped all the ads it was suppose to I get AD after AD after AD Do you have there customer service number? Please email to me IT IS DEFINITELY A SCAM!!!!!!

  16. Sabine
    Aug 23, 2023

    SCAM, They ignore your cancellation and ¨answer¨ with braggging about the company won prizes

    Seriously scam and malware, they avoid to confirm the cancellation with not answering.
    I sent a third cancellation today and going to inform authorities.
    My creditcard is blocked and my bank is ready to go further,
    since they are criminals.

    1. Richard Oxley
      Aug 23, 2023

      Sounds very similar to my situation after they continued billing after an email notification of cancellation

  17. Sheryl Funderburg
    Aug 22, 2023

    Total scam

    I signed up for a one month trial. I agreed to a charge of $23.80 if I decided to keep for one year. This company charged a total of $133.85 to my bank. In the process of trying to get my money back.

    1. Alfred
      Aug 29, 2023

      Ouf, j'espère être arrivé pour de bon à résilier mon compte adblock.
      Ca a été dur, une partie de la matinée puis de de l'après midi. Il faut quand même dire qu'ils ne vous facilite pas la chose, bien au contraire.
      2.39€ juin, 9.59€ juillet et 9.95€ en août.
      Aucun lien direct pour se désabonner, je me fous du remboursement pourvu qu'ils me lâche.
      J'avais déjà effacé ce logiciel de mon téléphone depuis des mois.
      tout ce temps pour annuler l'abonnement....
      C'est de la pure arnaque!!!!

  18. Jukie
    Aug 22, 2023

    Absolutely shocking, invasive and bullying

    invasive ad trying to force me to pay to stop seeing it. disgusting. google U ought to b ashamed

  19. Josie Briwn
    Aug 22, 2023

    This invading as is trying to get me to pay $10 a month to try and block it. I will not be harassed.

    this invasive ad is trying to force me to pay $10 a month to stop it from popping up in the middle of videos every 2minutes. it's criminal. I will not be harassed.

  20. Mac
    Aug 17, 2023

    Horrible Software

    Advise you not to download this software, if you stop using it, they won't leave you alone. I dropped it four months ago and ever since then every time I open a new page a popup appears for Total Adblock and I have tried everything I could think of to get rid of it. I hate it and will never use it again!

      Aug 22, 2023

      Scammed Scammed Scammed!!!

      This company is so dammed unethical. They have charged my cc three times on the same day!! I would like to see them in prison. And they're located in the UK. Thieving fuckers!!

  21. Esther Daoust-OTTO
    Aug 12, 2023

    Wanted to close account

    I tried talking with you more than 5 times. I got 1 answer! Saying you would send me a confirmation of my cancellation within 30mn to 1hr...
    it's been more than 24 hours and nothing!
    I tried getting in touch again today... ALL DAY. I couln't.

    I am made and I think you're a scam... oh! I, before, canceller 3 times and you kept chargent. you were suppose to refund me... will you do it?


  22. Robert D Oliver
    Aug 11, 2023


    My wife signed up for a $1.99 free trial. They charged PayPal the $1.99 and two separate $39 payments on the same day. Contacted ADScam to cancel. Contacted PayPal to reverse the payments and even canceled our credit card and reported the company for fraud. Then ADScam charged PayPal two more $39 payments on our new credit card on file with PayPal. Again, tried to cancel the subscription through ADScam and PayPal. I finally contacted both credit card companies and filed claims. One company has already reversed the charges with PayPal, hopefully the other one will soon. Don't use this company. We are going to quit using PayPal too because it just adds another layer of problems if you ever contest a charge with a company.

    Aug 10, 2023

    Please submit a fraud report to FTC

    Hey guys, I have been where you are. Speak directly to your bank and have them either block the company or get a new card, but ALSO, please submit a fraud report to the FTC so we can make sure this company gets shut down, and we can get compensated for this.

  24. S. M.
    Aug 4, 2023

    F'ing FRAUD!!!

    Their free trial ad was a pop up, which I refused. I now have pop ups that i never had before. Then, with the new pop ups comes an attached ad for (no surprise) Total Ad block. I hope a remedy to stop this harassing ad invasion CAUSED by Total Adblock is available. An Attorney General should sue them and the FCC should have them arrested. .

  25. Christopher Taylor
    Aug 3, 2023

    Steer clear of this con.

    This is to all intents a con or scam. It doesn't work and is almost impossible to cancel. Once you download the trial app and find that it doesn't work, you uninstall it and write it off as a bag of sh*t and remind yourself it could have been worse at least you've only been conned out of £1.99.
    This company will claim that by downloading their trial you opted into paying them £9.95 a month directly from your bank. Only scammers practice automatic opt-ins. Then try to opt-out. Good luck with that. They will try every subterfuge under the sun and insist you opted in when you didn't opt-out.
    Take my advice. Give them the following ultimatum. Return my money or I will take legal action.

  26. Linda Davis
    Jul 29, 2023

    Doesn't work and cannot cancel

    Would not work on an IPhone. Attempted to cancel within 2 days, but it's impossible to cancel, so I get a recurring $9.95 charge. Will check with my bank and the state Attorney General"s consumer protection office.

  27. Malissa Breyley
    Jul 20, 2023


    I bought into the 7-Day free trial & then I (w/out knowing) was being charged 3×'s a month. I was being charged 2 of the times $5 & the other time I was being charged $7. I tried canceling, I tried calling customer service ( all they wanted to do when I called them every time was give me different offers & I told them I didn't care if they gave it to me for free for the rest of my life, I didn't want it!), I sent an email, I went on the website I tried it all. I would take screenshots every time I did anything online trying to cancel just for some proof.I turn around every time I called customer service I made notes about it I did everything I could to keep track of all of my correspondence with them & it took me 4 months & they still kept taking the money out of my account. I went to my bank I showed them everything I had of me trying to cancel & for them to stop taking the money out of my account. So my bank thank God gave me all of that money back for those 4 months & they shut my card off completely & gave me a new 1, which then stopped them from taking any more of my money, but they're a scam. They don't do anything for you. They slowed my tablet & phone down. My phone got a couple different viruses on, it after I got them. I had just all kinds of problems. After I got it, it was the absolute worst experience ever with every aspect of it. Stay as far away as you can. You will be in lots of trouble if you try to deal with these people. they're a scam, scam, scam, scam!!! I really hope this helps somebody & I really hope that this stops somebody else from going through the problems, heartaches & headaches that I went through. It was horrifying, it was destructive & it took time for me to get back up, & dust the dirt off my knees & stand tall again.

    1. Robert Campbell
      Sep 11, 2023

      this person speaks the absolute truth take it to heart because that is exactly how this company is 100% scamming criminals

  28. Monica
    Jul 19, 2023

    Do not use TOTAL ADBLOCK

    This never worked. Said it’s for iPad which is Apple. It won’t work with android downloads. Trying to cancel annual subscription because it’s due again soon. Can’t do it. They keep sending me on a wild goose chase. Latest is have to log into account to cancel but I never created an account. Every emails gets sent to someone else who never replies. I don’t know how are still in business.

  29. Fred
    Jul 18, 2023

    Their website is the worst.

    My wife and I have both attempted to cancel total ad block on their website.
    try it, it is useless and weird. It did NOT stop ads on her phone.

  30. K McGrew
    Jul 13, 2023

    Total Adblock

    Very BAD news!! This S__Ting company is a very bad ! The product does not work and support agents will not work with you. However, they will take your money again, again. and again. Do not do any business these people if you do you will Reget it.

    1. Darrell Younger
      Aug 4, 2023

      Totally agree with the previous complaints you have already received. Your comments led me to believe that you are a good thing, but I am convinced you are all crap, and nothing but a scammer.

  31. Kenneth McGrew
    Jul 13, 2023

    Total Adblock

    Very BAD news!! This S__Ting company is a very bad ! The product does not work and support agents will not work with you. However, they will take your money again, again. and again. Do not do any business these people if you do you will Reget it.

  32. M. Little
    Jul 12, 2023

    All these one star reviews are true.

    Complete scam. Even though the product does appears to block add for me, once installed on your computer it will show ads for their other products from their firm right in your face - the very problem you paid to avoid. Furthermore, cancelling the subscription is very difficult if not impossible. Total Ad is far more annoying and time consuming then the add themselves. It is like a virus once installed.

  33. Anon
    Jul 11, 2023


    Product does not work I canceled and they keep billing my card. I contacted the again via text and got transferred twice and no one gets on the line.

  34. MM
    Jul 11, 2023

    BAD NEWS!! Do not use Totadblock. They will take your money and you get nothing this a BIG SCAM! Try to cancelled and get my money back bad look.

  35. Laureen Roberts
    Jul 7, 2023

    Total waste of money

    I've been trying to cancel, to no avail, so I will cancel my credit card!

  36. MMc
    Jul 7, 2023

    Doesn't block ads, unauthorized monthly deductions, can't cancel

    What a nightmare - a service that doesn't work to block ads, and has zero customer service to help or cancel subscription. Website doesn't work to cancel online.
    Emailing [email protected] to request cancellation results in an automatic email directing you to go to the website and cancel. No chat. No phone #.
    I'm going to get my credit card to block them, because I don't think there's any other way to stop the monthly payments.

  37. Ninetynineconsumerdotcom
    Jul 6, 2023

    Paid my "stupid tax". Is it over?

    As the title implies, I signed up for a one time 1.99 as an experiment. And guess what? Today, a month later, PayPal alerts me that they paid $9.95 to totaladblock on an automatic monthly subscription. I'll accept the $1.99 "stupid tax" for falling victim to gotcha capitalism. However, am I unsubscribed? I don't know. Right now, after clicking "cancel subscription", instead of automatically sending a cancellation verification, I was sent to "live chat" with AI, apparently, who sent me to an "agent" who just came on. will report back...OK, agent on after 30 minutes. Didn't verify. Instead, "let me check your acct". I asked, why is this happening? Why did I not get automatic receipt of cancellation when I clicked "cancel" he's asking for a reason, which I already provided (surprise 9.95 autopay charge). Want to know what "gotcha capitalism" and a wasted morning looks like? THIS. It still ain't over. Agent is refusing to send a simple receipt of cancellation, instead requesting a "WHY" from me. And he said he will send an email for me to start all over with the cancellation. I asked again, why can't you just verify that it's cancelled? That's what live chat is for. Instead, "new offers" kept popping up. I said "not even if its for free"....Finally, after a morning, another email came with a link to cancel (again). This time, after yet another offer, I clicked no, and got a confirmation. LESSON, don't clink any links from facebook or youtube. Instead, if you think you may be interested in an item that pops up, open a new browser, type in a website, read lots of reviews, and proceed if still interested. This was an experience that I had a very difficult time shaking. That's no way to live. If this review helps one person, then it would have been worth the time to write.

    1. No Way!
      Jul 12, 2023


      It helped me decide to forget about signing up for it. Sorry you had to “move mountains” to get what should have been a simple cancellation.

  38. Ann
    Jul 5, 2023


    I bought into that $1.99 deal also and then noticed I was being charged $9.95 for April, May and June so I called and said CANCEL my account. Got the ame offers for $7.95, then $5.95 and finally, $2.95. I said NO cancel and then came $1.99. I said CANCEL. I'll just have to wait and see if it did get cancelled but yes total ripoff. DON'T DO IT!!!

    1. Eula M Sullivan "Sissy"
      Jul 30, 2023

      I have called and cancelled my subscription every month, I'm constantly telling you not to take any more money out of my account, well right now totalblocker is trying to take $9.95 out of my account and I have no funds in my account to cover it but my bank is steady letting me know everytime you try running it through. I have cancelled AdBlocker and I don't know what's wrong with you people that you keep doing this every month,but do not take any money out of my account this month or any month! I'm not going to keep going through this hassle every month with you people so I'm telling you for the last time (don't touch my account, don't even try to attempt to touch my account, my account is OFF limits to you and this is the last time I'm going to tell you! If it happens again I will turn it over to the Attorney General!!!

  39. John J Dyal
    Jun 30, 2023

    Nothing for something?

    install and billing problems based on incomplete or misleading ratings from links not altogether objective?
    How am I supposed to document my phone crashing?!

  40. John Ellis
    Jun 27, 2023

    Impossible to cancel - will charge you forever

    Prevented access to legitimate websites and then close to impossible to cancel the recurring payment as cancel links and codes don’t work, no phone or email contact, and the support chat makes you wait an inordinate amount of time.

    1. Stephen Tregloan
      Jul 8, 2023

      Very shady operation

      Yes I tried the $1.99 version and I too got scammed into unauthorized monthly auto payments. Useless PayPal would not refund new unauthorized payment. I cancelled auto payment. What a scam. And above all this, It does not work. Read all the real reviews before falling for this.

    2. June Wiley
      Jun 30, 2023

      No Ads blocked

      I am being charged with NO ads blocked

    3. Teresa Walters
      Jun 28, 2023

      I totally agree! Tried to cancel and the link they send you says this site can't be reached. Poor customer service. This is a Total Fraud!!!!

  41. Cindy
    Jun 25, 2023

    Rating should be 0 not a star.

    Don't download the free trial app because Total AdBlock actually becomes a CONTINUAL pop-up ad.
    Exactly what they claim to get rid of. Terrible behavior for a company and that is why I definitely would not become a customer.

  42. Bette Ewing
    Jun 23, 2023

    Cancellation Issues

    Besides the fact that this doesn't block most ads, I have been trying to cancel this account for almost a year without success.

    1. Judy T
      Jun 25, 2023

      it appeared during a computer game I was playing and I could not click it away. I've never accepted it, never wanted it, and have never paid a cent. There seems to be no way on earth to remove it, I even did a 'wayback' process, and it just overrode even that.
      I can play through it, and when it comes on I click it off, but there seems to be no way to make it let go.

  43. Charles A Steele
    Jun 22, 2023

    Poor Total adblock Customer Serive

    Contacted Billing to cancel my service and get a refund per the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
    Billing would not respond nor would they give me the Help center phone number. Multiple requests, they finally close the case without assistance or refund. VERY HARD TO DEAL WITH11

  44. Vivian Davidson
    Jun 21, 2023

    Scam with automated payments.

    it doesn't install. please refund my money

  45. Des Platt
    Jun 20, 2023

    Complete scam

    Avoid this like the plague. I accept it is my stupidity . I thought it was worth risking £29 to take ads off . I then came up saying make it £39 which I just thought was an extra £10. In the summary I saw that both were there so I did not complete the purchase and logged out. However, the sums were taken which I noticed a few days later. I then got an email asking me to download it which I did but three weeks later , it is completely ineffective.

    Companies like these should be closed down and directors imprisoned. No chance of that however when we have a Government of criminals who probably regard this as enterprise.

  46. Mark Levine
    Jun 15, 2023

    Is it protective racket?

    Some time ago, I responded to an AdBlock information offer. I didn't get right away, but began to notice a number of disgusting ads popping up, especially one with hairy noses. Then, recently, I signed up for a $29 introductory notice. The ads went away. Then I notice that I two additional $39 AdBlock
    "purchases". I cancelled everything. Just now I find that the hairy nose ads are back. In my opinion, AdBlock is not a scam it's a racket!

  47. Bob
    Jun 7, 2023

    Charged me $23.80 for free app?

    They sent me an email saying I could get free ad blocking but then I got an email from Wells Fargo saying that total Adblock attempted to charge $23.80

  48. Tom D
    Jun 6, 2023

    Hassled at cancelling

    I asked to cancel my account. All I got was 30 minutes of commercials then a web site.

  49. Anthony Lentini
    Jun 5, 2023

    Total FRAUD

    I started to sign up but stopped when my wife read me their terrible reviews. They signed me up anyway and it is nearly impossible to cancel them. And. I have completely ne types of ads showing up on my phone now. This is a major SCAM and they should be shut down with their management Sent to prison. I would give ZERO STARS if I had that option. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT SIGNING UP.

    1. Sixxkiller
      Jul 11, 2023

      I don't know why the Attorney General doesn't start an investigation on this company. if you tell them to cancel your subscription, then by law they have to cancel it. And your bank or credit union should stop paying them every month. All you need to do is have a new card issued and it can have the same 16 digits but you will have a new 3 digit security code and then they can no longer charge your card. I hate scammers like thisvand I would think that web hosting site would pull there ad but they probably get their palms greased for hosting it.

  50. Huston Wheeler
    Jun 5, 2023

    Total scam. Zero stars.

    Where are all these great reviews coming from? Spent over an hour trying get get the app to work, but all I got was a message saying "You're not blocking ads in web browsers on this device." WTH? That's their job!!
    Zero customer service. They make if impossible to cancel a subscription. They bombard customers with promos for their myriad other blocking services.
    What a joke.
    Don't believe the hype!!

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