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43 Reviews on Total Adblock

  1. Michelle Barredo
    September 19th, 2022

    Customer service is terrible

    The most tedious cancellation process I’ve experienced. I had to send four emails informing them of my intention to cancel, after which I had to wait for an additional email from them that contained an option to cancel. You need to confirm your account when it finally takes you to that link. Then you’ll be asked four times if you wish to cancel. That’s not even waiting for 10 minutes to verify my account. Customer service is terrible.

  2. Pam Constable
    September 19th, 2022

    It would be fantastic

    I like Total Adblock as ads are incredibly frustrating, flashing while interfering with a computer activity. It would be fantastic if a block were in place to prevent Microsoft Edge from interfering with work because pop-ups can also be annoying.

  3. Eric Larini
    September 15th, 2022

    Be careful!

    Be careful! This might seem like a bargain, but before you realize it, you’ll be billed an amount of money per month that is higher than you thought. Be aware that this service only works with Safari, which no rational user would ever use.

  4. Dolores Pinard
    September 9th, 2022

    I had a bad encounter with the company

    I had a bad encounter with the company. Customer service was not able to respond to my concerns. Instead, they gave typical responses unrelated to my problem. The numerous people who responded understood the issue, and even when I provided images of my problems, they did not reply to my emails. Despitmultipleus emails in 8 months, I’m getting constant, disruptive shots everywhere on my PC without any explanation for eliminating this. I find the continuous bombardment of these images to be an extremely frustrating and apprehensive experience. Find myself constantly being harassed every day regularly.

  5. Diane Rehm
    September 4th, 2022

    I'm very annoyed

    The app was deleted over six months ago, but I am being charged monthly, as I mentioned. I’ve been asked to do so and repeatedly have. I’ve asked and requested to cancel my account as well as to stop withdrawing money from my account. I’m very annoyed.

    1. Robert Young Home Inspector
      September 17th, 2022

      I suggest: Go to your bank to stop this from happening ASAP. They will ask you if and when, how long ago and how frequently, you reached out to the vendor. What was their reply? Print out any correspondence and bring it to the bank with you. They should be able to stop the next payment from being processed. Be warned. You might have to do this monthly.

  6. Disappointed Customer
    September 2nd, 2022

    Not Ready For Prime Time

    No No No. After reading some the Reviews, I’m not taking chances. They got my $2.99, but I will not download the app. Got a feeling it not worth the cheesiness of a half-baked app. I rather be safe than sorry. Does Google own this app?

  7. Walter Stetser
    August 31st, 2022

    I am very disappointed

    I bought Ad Block about a month ago. It was not working for me at all. I still kept getting pop-ps. It was my first attempt to contact customer support, and was directed to an email address. I wrote them, but nobody responded. In the end, I had no other option other than to contact the credit card provider to ask to get my money to be returned. The next moment, I began getting pop-ups asking me to cancel my account. What’s the point of doing this when it’s not working? I am very disappointed.

  8. William Collins
    August 31st, 2022

    It's great!

    It’s great! It seems to be having an issue with my Android. When I try to watch an online video that says Fox news, for example, the video won’t begin until I turn off Total Ad Blocker. Then, the video will start playing. So far, so good on my laptop. Some apps will not play the video until that advertisement is played first. The circle spins until you shut off Total Ad Blocker. Weird!

  9. Mark Lambrecht
    August 27th, 2022

    Overall, it was easy

    Overall, it was easy. Total Adblock offered me a discount price, which I appreciated. Total Adblock could be an infection, too, as it is always prompt to buy, which is very irritating, and I decided to purchase it regardless.

  10. Nathan Foster
    August 26th, 2022

    I do not possess Total Adblock

    I do not possess Total Adblock, and every when I log on to the internet, the company shows an advertising blocker that ultimately interferes with my computer’s screen. So I called my sister, who works in the Attorney General’s office, and my nephew, who works as a detective in the police department, and they advised me that I must file a formal claim of invading my privacy. I’ll file an official complaint if you do not cease infringing on my privacy.

  11. DENIS
    August 18th, 2022

    chose not to use

    This blocks everything. i chose not to use.


  12. Barrett
    August 16th, 2022

    Take a Hint

    I was thinking about installing this product. But wanted to read reviews first. Difficult to Uninstaller and actually causes more pop-ups than it blocks. I took the hint and never installed. What will you do?

  13. Dalantae Hicks
    August 8th, 2022

    The screen is blocked due to advertising!

    I tried a brief free trial but decided not. I decided to sign up. It is now an Adblock promo that completely blocks the screen each when I open Chrome. They’re doing exactly what they claim they are solving!

    I cannot figure out how to stop this invasiveness that has the characteristics of infection. I’d never consider using them again after this intrusive and intrusive marketing.

  14. Pennie Miller
    August 6th, 2022

    There are a lot of ads popping out and obstructing

    There are a lot of ads popping out and obstructing what I am trying to accomplish, and it’s tough to ignore. I’m glad that there’s something to stop it. Thank you.

  15. Terri Bertone
    August 5th, 2022

    I really enjoy the complete advertising blocker

    I enjoy the complete advertising blocker. I am sick of all the ads I was getting. Now I can stream videos with no interruptions. Thank you for the total ad block. Keep up the great work.

  16. Donna Knight
    August 4th, 2022

    A shameful, sly business strategy that sabotages the value of their products

    I don’t know what this company did to convince my mother-in-law to sign on a monthly subscription for PS9.99 per month. However, like the other reviewers, the most challenging part is the difficulty of getting rid of it. After three emails that were not answered to their “help” contact email, I discovered the hidden link in the upper right-hand corner of the manage your subscription’ page.

    I’m pretty IT proficient, but it took me hours to figure out the method to unsubscribe. When trying to figure out the best way to do it, I had to push three buttons to verify each time,e getting a push for the possibility of a better price to maintain my subscription. A shameful, sly business strategy that sabotages the value of their products.

  17. Robert Pringle
    August 3rd, 2022

    I'm not interested in this service

    I’m not interested in this service; however, I’m unable to locate the unsubscribe option, and the continuous intrusion of this product on the top right corner of my screen, which seems to go on for hours, is making me crazy. I’d like to see someone from this business help me end your annoying pop-ups.

  18. Debra Davis
    August 1st, 2022

    The general adblock function works extremely well

    It. The general Adblock function works extremely well, but it can be turned disabled when you least expect it and without notice or warning. It would be great to have something similar to the VPN dot that informs that you’re not linked to your VPN by changing color and flashing.

  19. Aaron Reed
    July 30th, 2022


    CON…this does not appear to be a real firm. When I discovered that the service was not accessible as they had initially claimed, I decided to end my business with them. A person wrote me, but I refused. Today, the money was taken out of my account. The addresses and emails have disappeared. Disappeared. Could you not USE THEM? I will file a report with them to recover my money.

  20. Valerie Thomas
    July 28th, 2022

    crashing after I installed Total Adblock

    I’m not able to speak for all; however, Netflix, as well as YouTube videos, kept crashing after I installed Total Adblock. Also, for the program which claims to remove pop-ups, T Adblock pop-ups were highly annoying.
    It was removed. It was removed. Tube and Netflix aren’t crashing anymore.

  21. Chris Taveau
    July 27th, 2022

    Problem solved by Total Adblock.

    I used to be bombarded with pop-up ads on my mobile phone. There is nothing more annoying than beginning to read, and ads pop up continuously. It’s gone. Problem solved by Total Adblock.

  22. Julie Newland
    July 27th, 2022

    The only pop-up ads I've seen recently came by Total Adblock!

    The only pop-up ads I’ve seen recently came by Total Adblock! It appears on every webpage I visit. I have complained regarding it. If I do get an adblocker, it will not have this feature.

  23. Cathy Wackerle
    July 26th, 2022

    I love Adblocker

    I love Adblocker since it helps me eliminate every advertisement on my computer! I am awed to log on to my laptop without having to delete all ads inserted. Thank you, Ad Blocker, for saving me lots of time!

  24. Dana Harrison
    July 25th, 2022

    stressful experience

    Internet browsing is now enjoyable. It was once a stressful experience with endless advertisements on my screen. I can search online without constantly popping up ads, which can be both irritating and time-consuming to remove.

  25. Eden Scharfe
    July 23rd, 2022

    An amazing app

    A fantastic app that blocks all ads on smartphone android. Thanks for all the blocking. Applicable on email and all media applications. Give the app a go; it’s worth the price, I’m sure of it. Adds speed to the use of your mobile, definitely without distraction.

  26. Julie Henderson
    July 17th, 2022

    The app is more effective than I anticipated

    The app is more effective than I anticipated. Initially, I was worried about the security of my phone playing with it. But after no time, I realized my phone was safer thanks to blocked ads and trackers. 100% recommendable.

  27. Felicia Summers
    July 16th, 2022

    I'm happy with the application!

    I play online games. I play various games online and am constantly bombarded with advertisements in between sets, rounds, contests, or games.

    When I installed and downloaded Total AdBlock, I haven’t been greeted with annoying ads or calls that were spamming or messages! This is typically when things begin to go wrong. So far, I’m happy with the application! I’ll upgrade again when I receive updates…

  28. Susan Pledger
    July 16th, 2022

    Total Adblock is the cause of more than 80% of pop-up ads I get

    Total Adblock is the cause of more than 80% of pop-up ads I get. It’s like me taking gas from your tank, then selling you gas.

    They downloaded their web browser plug-in to block their pop-up ads, and I must not have set it up correctly because I see their ads popping up on my screen constantly.

    I visited their website and completed their support form, and when I hit submit, I received an error message telling me that my message wasn’t accepted.

    I removed the program. I’m not sure I can trust a business that creates the issue they claim solutions to.

  29. Jennifer Roberts
    July 15th, 2022

    They haven't responded to my inquiry via email

    I signed up for an offer that was special at PS19.00. They took the amount out of my PayPal account. However, they also took PS39.00 as a one-year subscription.

    They haven’t responded to my inquiry via email. To make matters worse, the app is not working on my device, and they are not able to solve it.They have resolved the issue and reimbursed PS39.00.

  30. Kenneth Johnson
    July 15th, 2022

    Their VPN is part of the package and stops access to numerous fraudulent websites

    A full airlock can block many irritating and interactive advertisements and lets you continue with what you need to do. Their VPN is part of the package and stops access to numerous fraudulent websites. This can sometimes be frustrating as it prevents you from getting the information you need to share.

  31. Michelle Triplett
    July 14th, 2022

    Accidental ownership

    This is among the few Android adblockers I’ve come across that can eliminate those irritating tiny rectangles placed just above the bottom of your phone’s screen to ensure that using the controls will take you to places you didn’t want to go.

    Alternatively, as I was, it’s possible to be entangled in programs that you didn’t have any plans to purchase but have been able to click the button to buy a product the program – and even pay for! My suggestion? You should delete Google Pay (that’s Pay, not Play) and then upload Total Adblock. Best of luck!

  32. Tonya Jolly
    July 12th, 2022

    It provides all the information that's happening with pages

    It provides all the information on pages and blocks advertisements (in my opinion). I love the UI very much and appreciate the fact that you can click a switch to disable it on specific websites. My only issue is that it can sometimes display excessive “Ad Block Info” popups which can be annoying, but it’s not a significant issue.

  33. Kathy Coots
    July 11th, 2022

    This would be wonderful and normal when it worked

    This would be wonderful and normal when it worked. It’s too complicated for anyone who doesn’t know computers to follow directions. I paid the money, and then it became difficult. I keep receiving messages saying I have to renew. I’m kind of lost. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  34. Debra Roysdon
    July 9th, 2022

    Annoying Pop-ups

    I continued to use my service this year, and the advertisements were disabled. However, I continue to receive “Remove Ads” pop-ups on my screen every single day. I’ve contacted them via phone and email but haven’t been able to get an answer as of yet.

  35. Norman Patty
    July 9th, 2022

    I am a huge fan of Total Ad Blocker

    I am a huge fan of Total Ad Blocker. I’ve been able to avoid blocking out annoying ads from slowing my computer. It’s been a blessing considering that my laptop is often extremely slow in the first place.

  36. Sherry Fannin
    July 8th, 2022

    I was disappointed

    I’m sure it’s a fantastic product, but I altered my mind and decided to cancel on the day I placed the order. I was disappointed when my emails requesting the order cancellation were not considered, and I was even asked to fill in additional forms! After three weeks, I was able to receive my refund. Thank you.

  37. Brenda Scott
    July 7th, 2022

    I bought Total Adblock several weeks ago

    I bought Total Adblock several weeks ago. However, the moment I start my computer, I am greeted with one advertisement after the next. They pop up so fast that I must be sure to touch an “x” to clear them. I’m having trouble getting the program I need due to the advertisements. Why do I continue to see these ads?

  38. Shane Jordan
    July 6th, 2022

    A poor service

    I asked them to stop completely Adblock on June 19th, and they’ve taken two payments from our account twice. They’re nothing but crooks. Do not play with them with the barge pole! A poor service.

  39. Linda Rogers
    July 5th, 2022

    It seems to have a mind of it's own and will work and then not work

    If this is going to work one day and then the next is uncertain at the very least. It appears to be on its own and can be working and then stop. I have to walk every week and switch the device on manually.

  40. Jennette Miller
    July 4th, 2022

    Beware, I've released your ad more than 30 times!

    For a business that advertises their product to get rid of ads, I’d think differently should you not put your advertisement on my computer each when I turn on my computer’s screen. This doesn’t make me want to sign up. And, it will not allow me to remove your advertisements permanently! Beware, I’ve released your ad more than 30 times!

  41. Lisa Payne
    July 4th, 2022

    This comes from someone who isn't computer-literate person but do have practical knowledge

    Some of us make us confused and eager to get rid of the entire Ad Blocker issue. This is from someone who is not a computer-savvy person, but I do have practical knowledge. You’re adding so many details in your sales pitch that it’s challenging to determine which point the download of an ad blocker is and where the sales pitch starts or ends. If you only take only one step at a. Let’s hope that this goes just as you think it will.

  42. Caroline Howard
    July 2nd, 2022

    WOW! What a massive transformation!

    I was using Blokada for quite a while until it stopped working. I sought help from their customer support but didn’t receive any support for several days. As all ads were appearing again, I stumbled across an advertisement for Total Ad-block.

    I paid for a month, knowing that I’d get Blokada back. WOW! What a massive transformation! Just five minutes after I tried it, I increased my subscription to one year. This is by far the best Adblocker you’ve ever had! Download it now!

    1. Kathryn Peters
      September 15th, 2022


      I signed up for a trial period at 2.99 + .10 international fee. After about a week, it still wasn’t working so on 5-19-22, I sent them an email asking them to cancel. On 6-8-22 they charged my credit card again but this time it was $9.95 + .10 international fee. They responded by email asking me to allow them to work on it. On 7-12-22,I was charged again $9.95 + .10. I responded by telling them that this was my third request to cancel and I wanted them to cancel immediately and refund everything that they took from my credit card. They did not cancel but still kept charging me. I finally found a phone number and called them. I asked them to let me talk to a supervisor but of course there was no one there. The lady argued that they only gave refunds if you cancelled before 14 days of the month passed. She finally agreed to send me a refund for the total amount which was $38.80. Well, when I checked my bank online today they had sent me $9.95. Unbelievable! I called her back and she said that she had sent the correct amount and that my bank was probably holding the rest until a 7 day period was past. A complete lie but that is how it stands now.

  43. Candyce Antley
    May 30th, 2022

    Still getting charged!

    The program didn’t work on my phone when I tried it. I sent an email asking for unsubscription. The account was closed and my subscription refunded.

    Three months later, I’m still being charged for a program that I haven’t used, can’t access on my phone, and have repeatedly asked to close my account. The bank will likely take action. They promised to deal with it.

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