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16 Reviews on T-Mobile

  1. Karin Jones
    1 rating
    Jun 3, 2023

    The service is horrible

    T Mobile committed blatant fraud. When I contacted them towards the end of 2022 to switch between Verizon and T Mobile, the crooked sales agent stated that if I changed services, they'd pay me the 1000 dollars I owed on the phone, thereby paying Verizon. After that, I switched to T Mobile in the following months. I received a check from Verizon about the $1,000 and contacted T Mobile. They said I needed to complete a rebate. Still, the unprofessional agent from T Mobile never once brought any information about refunds. They promised to examine the issue. After that, Hurricane Iran arrived and caused a flood that damaged my home. In the meantime, I was receiving mail from a collection agency. After the smoke had cleared due to the hurricane, I called back to find that T-Mobile said they would not make the payment for my phone. Some people should be in jail because of fraud within this business. My credit card is in collections, and I have recently switched to Xfinity, getting rid of the corruption of T Mobile. The service they provide is horrible and very corrupt. Please stop this sham.

  2. Ronald Whelan
    1 rating
    May 3, 2023

    It unreliable and inconsistent

    I've read about T-Mobile around four times and will continue to do this until they improve their service. After merging with Sprint, their coverage is poor. They claim it is unlimited 5G; however, most who use it consider it unreliable and inconsistent. One of the issues recently that has never occurred before the merger is that when I try to email a response using my smartphone, sometimes it doesn't go through. This happens in several emails, most likely the server and not my email account. It is necessary to check my send file account to ensure it appears; however, it often doesn't, and I must type and then send it again.

  3. Beth Anderson
    1 rating
    May 2, 2023

    Don't believe every salesperson

    Do any employees from the company understand what's happening with the rebates? I've been calling characters reading department peons who do all they can say is to apologize. There was no answer to the painless transition to my current service, and I'm re-signing when they can live by their words. Don't believe every salesperson because they cannot keep their comment.

  4. Carla Dover
    1 rating
    May 2, 2023

    A real fraudster

    I had been with T Mobile for seven years before leaving because the cost grew. After switching to Verizon, I received an invoice of $358. I immediately contacted Verizon to talk with a manager who informed me that I had fallen behind by a month. I explained to him that this would not be likely because my cellphone was turned off. After that, "supervisor" says, "You have to pay the bill. "supervisor" says, "Either you pay the bill, or we will put it on your credit." Naturally, it's a scam, and their customer support has been slammed. They claim that the "supervisor" could not explain why their business could come up with this number. It's a shame that my mom warned me against Tmobile a while ago; the company put an additional charge on her after she changed to a different carrier. You can save yourself cash and the time it takes to be a victim of this scam. Tmobile is a deceiver and a real fraudster.

  5. Katie Windsor
    1 rating
    May 1, 2023

    Low cost

    As faithful customers for more than 20 years, they treat them exemplary. They give new customers more promotions and discounts than us. Expect Bs Bubble Gum t-mobile Tuesday to show appreciation for customers. Low cost. It's not even a damn thank you, but they're quick to change their mind to get services you do not need.

  6. Martin Palmer
    1 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    The US service is not good despite their 5G claims

    Please don't use these until they have worked out the kinks in joining Sprint. The US service is not good despite their 5G claims. I always reply to customers via phone, and many emails are not delivered. It was always the case before the Sprint merger. I think there are too many people and not enough towers. Whichever the reasons, they've got to work.

  7. Lorraine Paine
    1 rating
    Dec 13, 2022

    No response!

    I just relocated to Germany and moved to Denmark. T-Mobile wants to charge me for an additional year, and I am now facing an amount of 475 EUR in total! But they have shut down my mobile phone service, which means I cannot use it. The last time I called to fix this issue, I had to wait 25 minutes in a waiting line to call at 19 cents/min. I spoke for 15 minutes on the phone; then, the person could leave the bar. Since then, I've been sending 30 emails. I have not received a response! No response!

  8. Roger Woods
    5 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    Excellent service over the phone

    Excellent service over the phone. While waiting on a representative to solve my issues for four days, I called back. My problem was solved immediately, and I got an entirely new phone the following day. The staff in the store appeared more concerned about helping customers with their phones. In the end, thanks to mobile.

  9. Michael Neumann
    1 rating
    Dec 6, 2022

    Do not use T-Mobile as they're poor and their customer service awful.

    I signed up for their services some time ago, but the customer support and network are terrible. I bought a phone from them, and their mobile network was unreliable. I tried returning the phone, but it took me three months to receive the money back! It was not due to my own. There were many false promises, with one hand unsure what the other was doing. This was a major headache and a mess for the company because they were too inefficient. If I hadn't kept notes of my transactions and conversations, I wouldn't have received the money I paid back. Do not use T-Mobile as they're poor and their customer service awful.

  10. Richard Goddard
    1 rating
    Dec 3, 2022

    They allowed a falsely claimed lost telephone to pass through

    They allowed a falsely claimed lost telephone to pass through. The victim was a different person with another name and address. They did not verify anything and just changed my email and then sent the replacement phone to a different address. Also, they blocked my cell phone and refused to restore service for three days. It's hard to believe, but it was what happened to me.

  11. Brenda Davies
    1 rating
    Dec 2, 2022

    T Mobile is not a good company

    T Mobile is not a good company and should be sued for marketing the top 5G service. Do not buy T-Mobile. They are the worst business. Their customer service is also a joke. My phone isn't working, and they constantly say it is a tower working. There's always something.

  12. Thomas Gleason
    3 rating
    Sep 21, 2022

    Were more focused on helping a customer with an iPhone

    I've been a customer for more than four years, purchased three phones, and have insurance. A year ago, I bought an HTC desire, and it's no longer functioning. I contacted T Mobile, and she apologized. Specific steps need to be taken; it could take several days before they know what they can do to help. I am insured, and after four days, I called back. The person who assisted me apologized and promptly sent me an alternative phone. The women in the shop where I changed my phone were okay but were more focused on helping a customer with an iPhone. Even though I had visited the store before, there were only four employees and no other customers.

  13. Albert Reed
    1 rating
    Jul 22, 2022

    I was employed by Mobil for over 12 years

    I was employed by Mobil for over 12 years and bought all of my cell phones the full each when a new model was released.

    I realized that when I decided to change to Verizon, all my phones were unlocked until I could switch. Now they have the final bill in collections.


  14. Leigh Hofman
    5 rating
    Jul 13, 2022

    My new iPhone

    My husband's and my phone were getting old because we both had 3G and iPhone five old telephones. My phone wasn't transferring my voicemails, and I was concerned about the possibility of losing some voicemails of my sister, who had died.

    We stopped by the T-Mobil in Eastvale, CA and Aaron, Ricky, and Mercy were very helpful during changing phones. They were kind to us and asked what we were up to. Aaron and Ricky decided to share my voicemails onto my new iPhone, and they succeeded.

  15. Sonny Corbin
    1 rating
    Jun 28, 2022

    Poor customer service

    Poor customer service and terrible service too. I was a long-time sprint customer and had no problems before switching to T mobile. The service has been spotty since the switch, but lately significantly worse. It took me over 3.5 hours on support chat, and I constantly get told my lines work flawlessly. Most of the time, there is 0 or just 1 bar at the city's heart.

    The only tower it can connect to all the time is the US cellular LTE. The customer service was rude and rude. If you send a letter, it will arrive quicker than you could call using a mobile. Then I will have to purchase three more phones and then go to the store to have them unlocked to select a plan that works. I'm sure it'll be a long time in the store, just like when we had to change to sprint. If I could offer zero, I would. It's a crime to steal my money for this.

  16. Lynn schulz
    5 rating
    Jun 6, 2022

    Highly recommend the T-Mobile

    I entered the T-Mobile store without much hope. My initial plan was to buy an iPhone 8 and X through Best Buy. But, when I arrived, they did not have any available.

    Dejected, I looked into giving T-mobile another chance, but the price was higher than I had to pay.

    As I was looking over the iPhone price, The store manager Moe came up to me and asked to assist me in finding something.

    I explained the situation to him, and he was pleasantly surprised to say, " Yes, no problem. I'm sure we'll locate something that will help you.

    Let me finish the customer, and I'll give you a phone number to call back to the store.

    About 15 minutes later, he rang me in and began to find a way to meet my budget by examining the current promotions in their stores.

    They came up with an incredible promotion that enabled me to purchase the iPhone 11, one generation above the one I had been expecting :), and a $300 credit that could be used to buy an Apple Watch SE!!

    This was the most fantastic service I've ever received from phone carriers.

    I can confidently say from personal experience that no other phone carrier would have probably allowed me to see the sun.

    In addition, the primary service and data are more than I had expected too. In conclusion, I would highly recommend the T-Mobile I have in my area!

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