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25 Reviews

25 Reviews on SuperStrong Fitness

  1. Saif Rahman
    Jan 20, 2023

    Very professional service

    Very professional service. I purchased Olympic weight plates, and they’re fantastic! I would have liked to have bought more, but they’ve been sold out.

  2. Tony Morley
    Oct 17, 2022

    Standard weights of 10kg according to the description

    Standard weights of 10kg according to the description. The prices for dumbbells have increased after the lockdown closed the gyms. However, with a 10% coupon discount, these were the most affordable price I found—prompt delivery.

  3. Gunjan Singh
    Oct 15, 2022

    I was concerned because the price seemed too expensive to be accurate

    I was concerned because the price seemed too expensive to be accurate, but the product I purchased (wall-mounted weight horn) is of very high build quality and less costly than the price of similar items elsewhere.

  4. Cheryl Jenkinson
    Oct 15, 2022

    Excellent service

    Excellent service. The kettlebell is of excellent quality. The plates may not withstand an assault (crumbed rubber). However, that’s fine since they’re made of recycled rubber, and that’s precisely the expectation I had for great value for money.

  5. John Hancox
    Oct 13, 2022

    I highly would recommend this seller

    2.5 kg dumbells. The owner of the company was terrific to work with. Friendly and accommodating, she made sure that the products were shipped on the same day as it was birthday presents. The gifts were received as a present, and the recipient was thrilled with the skills. I highly would recommend this seller.

  6. Rob Lancaster
    Oct 12, 2022

    We are delighted with the quality, service, and value.

    I purchased a pair of Hex dumbells and rack for pro on Sunday night, and they came through pallet force Wednesday. It was delivered for free, and the delivery was free as well. The rack is too large for the space (my fault); however, it is of excellent high quality. The Hex dumbbell set I purchased, 2.5 kgs to 25kgs, has everything I require for an affordable price. Excellent quality dumbbells that are the same that you’d think to find in a top gym. All the stores I checked had them on hand or even available. We are delighted with the quality, service, and value.

  7. Rebecca Arblaster
    Oct 11, 2022

    I am very satisfied

    I am delighted with the Customer Service. They connected two orders so that I got Free shipping. They replied to my emails quickly and promptly dispatched the goods. We will use them again.

  8. Caroline Averill
    Oct 9, 2022

    I 100% recommend it to anyone

    I emailed the company at 9 pm on Sunday. I received a prompt reply. They gave me a quote on the weight of 195kg on their proud plates that they gave me discounts on immediately. Also, on Sunday night, I made an order for the consequences, and they delivered them promptly and precisely as promised. Although they may be a brand new company, my experience was perfect from beginning to finish. I 100% recommend it to anyone.

  9. Vesna Krasna
    Oct 9, 2022

    The item was delivered quickly and quickly

    The item was delivered quickly and quickly. It’s the most affordable I could find on the internet and is identical to the higher-priced ones I have purchased elsewhere. They are already in use in my fitness/rehabilitation area. I will be looking to buy again if I require similar products.

  10. Kelly Gordon
    Oct 6, 2022

    I can't recommend them enough!

    I discovered this company accidentally; I was pleasantly surprised to find the item I was looking for in stock and for an affordable cost. I placed an order and received it within just 48 hours (and I placed an order on the weekend)! They responded very quickly, and then they have excellent customer service also! The products are of excellent quality, and I’m eagerly looking to my next purchase! I can’t recommend them enough! It was so amazing that I wrote them to say thank you…

  11. Christopher Benson
    Oct 3, 2022

    Fantastic company

    Fantastic company. I made a mistake with the order online and decided to collect the wrong item and was about to finish sending them an email with my mistake before they called me and worked everything out over the phone in just minutes. The items I ordered were delivered the next day. I’m unable to assess the things because they’re a present for Christmas to my wife, so they are all wrapped up, but since they weights and feel heavy, I’m sure they’ll be as good as the company. Excellent great customer service. I highly recommend the best I’ve experienced in the last couple of years.

  12. Rachel Mcdonald
    Oct 2, 2022

    A great price for the dumbells bought

    An excellent price for the dumbells bought. The delivery was swift and straightforward, and I received top-quality equipment. Communication was terrific, and SuperStrong worked with me to find a convenient delivery time. I will buy from SuperStrong shortly.

  13. Gary Brown
    Oct 1, 2022

    I was pleasantly surprised

    I bought the barbell gun rack. I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy an item of kit is compared with the same price from a massive, orange-colored brand. It is much more sturdy and durable, made of rubber or plastic. Protections also.

  14. Andy Watts
    Sep 28, 2022

    Superstrong is a top and completely reliable company, from my experience. They deliver everything quickly and have it within a few days after placing an order. They are high quality, and their bumper plates are top-quality and affordable. I’ll purchase from them shortly.

  15. George Stowell
    Sep 27, 2022

    Excellent Service & Products

    Michael & Richard at Superstrong Fitness were accommodating in finding the fitness products I was looking for at a reasonable price. We will return to them.

  16. Wayne Sussex
    Sep 25, 2022

    I am very pleased

    I am happy with the rack and weights, precisely as I expected. An outside hauler did the delivery because of the weight, but they were not very helpful when getting the pallet off the road, leaving it in a spot that made it difficult for vehicles to get through and out.

  17. Ben Livings
    Sep 24, 2022

    This is an advantage since every piece is reusable

    Super strong fitness! I haven’t put my rowing machine together yet, but I was shocked to discover how many components there are. This is an advantage since every piece is reusable. I will tell you one thing: my 53-inch pop belly isn’t going to be a fan of it.

  18. Jeremy Housden
    Sep 22, 2022

    Super strong fitness!

    Super strong fitness! I haven’t put my rowing machine together yet, but I was shocked to discover how many components there are. This is an advantage since every piece is reusable. I will tell you one thing: my 53-inch pop belly isn’t going to be a fan of it.

  19. Tracey Davies
    Sep 10, 2022

    Delivery and order process was extremely smooth

    The pricing is excellent for this type of kit. The delivery and the order process were incredibly smooth, so I give 10/10 for this. A minor issue is that the foam padding underneath the backrest part close to the top is poor. I was also slightly surprised by the small size of the back portion and my thorough reading of the product details. The final issue is that the footrest remains motionless even after tightening the bolt until the support frame is bent inwards. This seems to be one of those things that one must learn. Overall, it’s an enormous improvement over my previous bench that shook and is solid and exhilarating. I am impressed with the non-slip surface that works ideal for heavy loads. All in all, I’d rate it an 8/10.

  20. Alan Marsh
    Sep 9, 2022

    Speedy delivery

    Speedy delivery. I purchased 100kg of black rubber bumper plates for the lowest price (an incredible price compared to the prices currently being sold on the internet). The order was delivered within 24 hours of the Scotland depot to the center of London. Very amazed. High-quality plates. I used the leaves a few times and have no regrets about the purchase.

  21. Amy Hanson
    Sep 8, 2022

    Excellent rubber mat

    Excellent rubber mat. I gave it a four as it’s not entirely flat on its underside, but it has cutouts. I’ll miss it in 4 and then place them under the feet of the washer for added stability.

  22. Sharon Wilson
    Sep 7, 2022

    Excellent equipment and excellent communications

    Thank you for everything! Excellent equipment and excellent communication from Michael. There were some issues with the delivery that was the courier’s fault, not SuperStong fitness’s. Michael took care of it and kept me informed.

  23. Daniela Petre
    Jul 23, 2022

    the product I selected isn't registered

    When you do a Google search, it will show with a 15% discount off your first purchase after you have signed up.Having completed it, I selected my item, put it in my shopping basket, then go to the checkout page to receive a message that the product I selected isn’t registered, and nowhere on the site mentions that the offer is only for qualifying items, but it clearly says 15 percent off your first purchase.

  24. Coretha Bruce
    Jun 30, 2022

    Fast service

    Fast service. The item arrived in good shape and appeared sturdy. After ordering in the early evening, the order was delivered very early morning following. We also received updates from the courier via texts.
    I’d recommend Super Strong again!

  25. Anonymous
    Apr 14, 2022

    Incredible products and services

    I ordered a complete set of hex dumbells and pro rack, and a pallet force. They arrived Wednesday. The frame arrived via pallet force Wednesday. The hex dumbbell set ranged from 2.5Kgs to over 25Kgs. It meets all my requirements at a very reasonable price. They weren’t in stock at all in other places that I looked. The Excellent service.

    Excellent quality plates for floor and hex dumbbells. They are worth every penny. These dumbbells are comparable to those you would find in a gym. Excellent customer service and high quality. This company provides excellent service! They are highly recommended.

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