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4 Reviews on Supersmart USA

  1. Christian Lepage
    September 23rd, 2022

    Super Smart is a great store with amazing products!

    Super Smart is an excellent store with unique products! The product I was interested in was out of stock. After contact with them, they responded within a reasonable time and informed me of how soon it will be available again. It worked flawlessly. Great products and great support!

  2. Jim Dorsey
    July 11th, 2022

    NOT customer service material

    U.S. customer support (Dania, who claims to be”the “only” person in charge and is also the one who manages an email for support? Really? There is no one else working there? The company is not trustworthy) This is ABYSMAL. Incredulous, arrogant, and rude. Up on arrogance and disrespect by repeating the same bad behavior of not allowing you to voice your concerns, and misunderstanding your problems when you attempt to clarify the issue, likely because she’s to be fighting and arguing with the other person and not letting you talk the way you want to, then she dismisses you trying to talk to her an edgewise manner! And then she claims you’re the rude one! She’s rude, crude, and insensitive. NOT customer service material.

  3. Kenan Aydin
    May 20th, 2022

    Everything is exactly

    Everything is exactly as described—second order for BCP-157.

    The wife is a long way ahead in her recovery from ACL surgery.

    She doesn’t know why but has been using this peptide since she returned from surgery.

  4. Skye Jones
    May 9th, 2022

    Unusual packaging

    Although the probiotics I purchased are good, Supersmart’s shipping process is terrible. I get the products in crushed boxes and envelopes that are not designed to protect them from anything.

    The envelopes arrive dirty and ripped, which could or might not be due to the damage done by Supersmart. However, they could have used boxes and not cheaply sent them in padded envelopes. This is why I will no longer shop at Supersmart.

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