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5 Reviews on SunState Aviation

  1. Roger Dexter
    September 23rd, 2022

    Be alert, and be careful!

    Be alert, and be careful! They’ll tell you what you want to hear, but they will also accept your money, and then you’ll have to fight with your teeth and abrasiveness to complete your education. Do not come here for their “accelerated training” They don’t even have an interest in that since there’s more money to drag it out. I spent five months preparing and then flew to Singapore to stay for two months. 3-4 hours of flight instruction cost me nearly $3000 within the first week, and I quit the course when I was lagging. Nothing was planned, or the schedule was accelerated. The “two students per instructor” is five to six. I could change my dates if they were honest and informed me of an instructor shortage. They were now looking for recommendations.

  2. Karen Walsh
    July 21st, 2022

    I am very pleased with the customer care

    A trip to Disney, and I thought Kissimmee was a perfect spot to do my hour of instruction. Mornings are indeed in Florida, but they stay all day long and comply with my family’s routine. I am delighted with the customer care and the quality of their training. They have my approval.

  3. Bruce Sunde
    July 12th, 2022

    Sunstate aviation is an excellent

    Sunstate aviation is an excellent pilot training academy. They’re highly professional in their pilot license acceleration training program. Course instructor Kyle W Tucker was my instructor. He is a highly loyal, committed, and dedicated CFI.

  4. Cassandra Thomas
    July 4th, 2022

    Sunstate offers acceleration of pilot training for future pilots

    Sunstate offers acceleration of pilot training for future pilots with previous training hours and experience. I took advantage of this training to earn my PPL. The primary contact for you with Sunstate is Mike Camelin, who is highly communicative and pleasant to deal with. But, remember that the instructors are not always on par in their communication with Mike. Hence, it’s crucial to have all documents, plans, and checkride dates established before beginning the accelerated course. I ended up attending twice because the paperwork for starting took longer than anticipated, and in the end, the instructor was not scheduled and in the office. I completed my PPL this week, having set all dates, including the booked checkride, before my trip to Kissimmee. This second well-planned-and-agreed-on week worked out fine but also is a reason for me to note this to others wanting to do the same program. Overall I’d suggest Sunstate for the pilot program that is accelerated. Program.

  5. Tony Pool
    June 13th, 2022

    the most brutal working-knowledgeable instructors

    I attended SunState Aviation to complete my Commercial ASEL certificate and could meet the process in 10 calendar days by using their accelerated training program (Most of the requirements for the solo flight were fulfilled before my departure).

    The cost of the training is more expensive than other flight schools; however, that additional cost goes into their aircraft and to some of the most brutal working-knowledgeable instructors in the industry.

    The school makes sure that students are prepared for the practical FAA exam before they even take the plane.

    SunState is not a place where you could use the money to “buy” a license, as instructors cannot conduct a practical test unless the student is prepared.

    But, if students arrive at SunState intending to work hard and practice the maneuvers to fly before taking the controls, SunState will help them accomplish their goal of flying.

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SunState Aviation flight school's accelerated flight instruction is the most time and cost-efficient method to prepare for a pilot rating or license. Our flight training courses are designed to pull your student out of their daily routine and put them in a space that allows them to be fully engaged in their subject matter - completely free of distractions and ensuring that the student's development is high throughout their advanced flight training.

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