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2 Reviews on Smoking Outlet

  1. Ray Bernstein
    September 22nd, 2022

    The concept and the design are excellent

    The concept and the design are excellent. However, the product isn’t worth the price, in my opinion. The “locking” mechanism doesn’t lock in any way and constantly slips. The magnets aren’t set correctly, and two have already been ripped out. There’s no locking mechanism or screw, meaning it’ll fall apart if you drop it. This advantage is the key that can be removed from the basket. That’s all there is to it.

  2. Emma Lipson
    May 21st, 2022

    lower price and of better quality

    The glass in the shipping box was protected with a well-wrapped package to prevent any damage. It was fast shipping and a great product. I also like that you can add shipping insurance to protect it from damage for $1.50.

    This made it easy for me to order a glass product online. It is thicker than Pyrex and would probably not have broken otherwise. If your local head shop does not have the effect you need, at a lower price and of better quality, I will buy again

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