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  1. Mark Meizner
    September 24th, 2022

    The haircut was uneven

    I would suggest Smartstyle to anyone in Clinton Ms for hair. I opted for a basic haircut. I took a photo to demonstrate what I wanted. The hairdresser assured me that she would cut. My hair was messy. The haircut was uneven. The next step is to cut my hair short to make it even

  2. Jim Beerens
    July 20th, 2022

    The manager Beth isn't professional and very rude

    The manager, Beth, isn’t professional and very rude . I called her to inquire about scheduling an appointment to see Rita (she’s been doing my hair for many years)
    She was smart, told me that Rita was gone, and then hung up on me. I WILL NEVER go back.

  3. Susan Hall
    May 18th, 2022

    Invisible Extra Charges: Ask Before Hand

    This is the address for Walmart at 2401 Augusta Rd in Columbia, SC. I selected $19.97 shampoo and a cut. The service was good until I was told that I would have to pay nearly $50.00.

    I was told that I received a $10.00 discount but that the additional fee was due for my hair length (to mine).

    The stylist did not mention any extra fees for long hair on my selected pad. A simple trim (no complicated style, just split ends) has never been charged an extra.

    Long hair is an excellent example of why it’s reasonable to charge more for color or perm. A trim is not necessary. It takes longer and requires more product.

    I guess I was shocked (I didn’t complain then) and paid…even felt obligated to tip. I sent an email complaining to the company (no reply yet), but I will never use them again.

  4. David Boatright
    May 5th, 2022

    Horrible Person

    I called bright style today, the store in Cartersville Walmart. Kate answered the phone. I immediately felt her attitude, and I asked her about retwists. She cut me off before I could answer and said she didn’t have any. I would have known that I wanted to make an appointment next week if I had finished. Kate is a horrible person.

    Kate’s attitude is so nasty that it smells like smoke. She has a bad mood, and I can’t do my hair. I stopped going to bright style because of her. Tanisha pulled me in, but I won’t spend another dollar at this place.

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